Mark your tm and patent as per ip rule
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Mark your tm and patent as per ip rule

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IP services brings you with set of rules and guidelines in respect of trademark, patent, copyright and lots more that you can follow to make lawful and licit business operations.

IP services brings you with set of rules and guidelines in respect of trademark, patent, copyright and lots more that you can follow to make lawful and licit business operations.

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  • 1. trademark registration, iso registration, logo registration, law firms in india, llp registration
  • 2. Trademark is not simply a mark but its a key forcommercialization and growth of industry. It is a connectinglink between the manufacturer and consumer. Reputationof a product is not built by the manufacturer but it is thetrademark which signifies the quality performance of aproduct and depending on the satisfaction which aconsumer derives from that particular product, the demandfor the product gets affected. A consumer may not evenknow who the manufacturer is but it is the trademarkwhich influences a consumer’s decision to buy or not to buya particular product. Trademarks establish goodwillbetween the source of a product or service and theconsumer and enable the consumer to make quickpurchasing decision based on trademarks. trademarkregistration in india
  • 3. Registration and protection:For the success of any manufacturer, it is very importantthat consumers should be in a position to differentiategoods manufactured by him from those of othermanufacturers. This is facilitated by trademarks becausetrademark identifies the source of goods and services.Secondly, a consistent quality guaranteed by atrademark allows consumers to associate goods orservices offered under a particular trademark with astandard of quality. However, for your name to be legallyavailable in the market it is very much important to getyour trademark registered. logo registration in india
  • 4. Registration confirms ownership over a particular nameand brand and empowers the owner to stop others fromusing the same name for similar goods and services.Also, after registration the is risk of you infringing someoneothers trademark and of course somebody else infringingyour trademark is reduced to great extent. So once you haveidentified a legally available name for your business youshould not delay in filing a trademark application for itsregistration otherwise somebody else may take advantageof this opportunity and file earlier than you. And if acompetitor succeeds in getting your name registered as histrademark you may be compelled to stop using it. llpregistration
  • 5. According to the Trademark Act, no trademark shouldbe promoted or copied by anyone unless they have fullrights or owner’s permission . Trademark acts like aweapon in the hands of registered proprietor or theowner of the mark to stop others from unlawful use ofthe mark of registered owner. The proprietor of atrademark has a right to file a suit for infringement ofhis right and obtain: law firms in india1. Injunction2. Damages3. Account of profits
  • 6. In a matter Supreme Court has held that in an action forinfringement if the two marks are identical, then the infringementmade out, otherwise the Court has to compare the two marks, thedegree of resemblance by phonetic, visual or in the basic idesrepresented by the registered proprietor, whether the essentialfeatures of the mark of the registered proprietor is to be found usedby other person than only the Court may conclude the matter. isoregistrationThe main objective of trademark law is to protect the interest ofconsumer by preventing from being mislead as to the origin orquality of a product or a service. Because trademark facilitatesidentification of products and services which meet the expectationsof consumers as to quality and other characteristics. It is very muchadvisable to get the trademark registered as soon as possible so asto protect it from any unauthorized use and hence in turn protectthe quality of the goods and services and reputation of the owner.