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From the SEOgadget presentation archives: Getting SEO done against the organisational odds.

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  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Getting SEO Done - SEOmoz Pro Training

    1. 1. GETTING SEO DONE AGAINST THE ORGANISATIONAL ODDS Richard Baxter Founder / Director SEOgadget Limited
    3. 3. THIS IS ME Here’s me: A good many years of in-house – Technical SEO – Keyword research methodology – Business modelling – Team creation / training / recruitment A good few years as an agency SEO
    4. 4. HISTORY Started a blog in June 2008 40,000 monthly visits and growing Started building a client base in January 2009 Started the company in September 2009 Thanks to the support of friends and subscribers Speaking / coverage:
    5. 5. QUESTIONS We’d like you to get a lot of value from the next two days Write down your questions Tweet: #SEOpro Ask during Q&A
    6. 6. WHY ARE WE HERE? We’re all here to do this: Search Engines
    7. 7. FRAMEWORK Planning Tools Organisation Management
    8. 8. Setting objectives Strategic planning Gap assessment Planning
    9. 9. SET OBJECTIVES What are your objectives? Make them compatible with a business case Visibility % Conversion % £Revenue Traffic • Target relative to competitors • Keyword category • Daily / Weekly • Volume of link acquisition • By content type • By keyword Categories • Measure anomalies • Annual • Monthly • Weekly • AER (Average exit revenue) • Entries • Exits • Organic CTR
    10. 10. STRATEGIC PLANNING Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Link building Project title Project title Project title Project title Technical SEO Project title Project title Project title Project title Content / Social Media Project title Project title Project title Project title Analytics / research Project title Project title Project title Project title Define success metrics EG: Success criteria X% increase in site visibility Site traffic growth Revenue
    11. 11. GAP ASSESSMENT Gap assessment framework for team capability Link building Technical SEO • Communications • Research sources • Targets • KPI’s • Seasonal Themes • Projects • Contact management • Support / resource for content production • Skills / Knowledge • Initiatives • Testing • Monitoring • Recording changes • Industry research / rationale • Back end tools • Front end tools Content / Social Media • Integration • Content for links • Content for traffic • KW research • Awareness of internal link strategy • Awareness of KW strategy Analytics & research • Rankings data • Competitor data • Analytics tooling • Keyword research • Category research • Traffic reporting • Social media monitoring • Business case preparation Work out where the gaps exist you’ll be pitching for them to be filled at some point What’s next?
    12. 12. DRILL DOWN ON THE DATA Photo credit: Mark Heard
    13. 13. OPPORTUNITY Drill down on the opportunity by understanding your commercial ecosystem Understanding the value of a campaign helps get the message across What data do you need? – Total available traffic (Keyword research) – Total CTR share based on est. ranking position – Your conversion / revenue metrics • EG: CPC Model on a price comparison site
    14. 14. UNDERSTAND CTR 45.00% 1.00 40.00% 2.00 35.00% 3.00 30.00% 4.00 25.00% 5.00 20.00% 6.00 Organic CTR% Avg. Ranking June 15.00% 7.00 10.00% 8.00 5.00% 9.00 0.00% 10.00
    15. 15. REVENUE CASE Research and gather your keywords Take the total search volume Calculate the business benefit across a range of scenarios EG: Monetised Clicks = (Search Volume x CTR%) x Conversion% £Value = Monetised Clicks x £AER Now you have a business case
    16. 16. EXAMPLE Take your keyword research data and mash it up with rankings data Including competitor rankings can be very useful too
    17. 17. EXAMPLE Create a pivot table (Insert > Pivot Table)
    18. 18. EXAMPLE Drag your keywords in the row labels box and your local search volume in the values field Drag here
    19. 19. SO FAR SO GOOD
    20. 20. CALCULATED FIELDS You can’t just edit a pivot table but they are very powerful calculators Add calculated fields to show potential revenue by keyword for our CPC / CPA model Options > Calculated Field
    21. 21. CALCULATED FIELD Calculate the value of a keyword assuming CTR% Insert calculated field – appears in pivot table
    22. 22. CALCULATE REVENUE Sort by value and opportunity (low hanging fruit)
    23. 23. TIPS Group your keywords together in categories – EG: “Broadband” – generic – EG: “Best Broadband” – research – EG: “Broadband deals” – purchase Be conservative! Do your own CTR research + don’t assume the same CTR for different keyword categories
    24. 24. I HAS A MONEY
    25. 25. SEO team management Plan a team Job descriptions Recruiting The internal agency Reviews and targets Organisation & Management
    26. 26. SEO MANAGER SEO Manager roles – Training and developing – Recruiting – Being accountable / setting targets – Reporting to senior management – Modelling traffic budgets – Bottom line accountability Oh, and doing SEO
    27. 27. MANAGEMENT FTW Being the umbrella Directional strategic steer Commercial awareness Credit: atomicjeep Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your team Set appropriate development tasks and targets
    28. 28. PLAN A TEAM Build a good SEO team – Technical – Content / Social Media – Links – Metrics / Analytics / Reporting SEO Manager Technical Content Links Metrics / Analytics / Reporting
    29. 29. JOB DESCRIPTIONS Job descriptions need to sell the role and relate to the task you really need done – – – – – – – The organisation The team The role itself How the role will develop Personal qualities required The remuneration Process & timescales How to recruit an SEO:
    30. 30. RECRUITING Start with group interviews – Use one recruitment agency if you can Advertise in the right places Credit: Joe Shlabotnik
    31. 31. BULD AN AGENCY The “internal agency” cycle Communication and Awareness - External knowledge sessions - Briefings to section leaders Reporting Engagement Monthly follow up - Departments “hire” SEO department SEO report containing traffic and rankings - Each area becomes customer / account for in house agency Delivery - Keyword research - SEO Team form strategic plan - Ranking report created and scheduled Consultation - SEO Review
    32. 32. QUICK RECAP... Photo credit: Hryck
    33. 33. REVIEWS Prepare – Check actions from last meeting – Consider staff strengths and weaknesses – Your own objectives Meet – – – – Your SEO should come prepared with their figures Review each target (hit or miss?) Agree actions and plan for next two weeks Set deadlines Document – Your SEO should send you a write up of the sessions with agreed actions and targets
    34. 34. SEO TEAM TARGETS What are typical monthly targets? – Visibility % (AWR) on top 200 keywords (Seasonal) – Link acquisition by value per month • 25 mR 4 links or 4 mR 5 links – Traffic X% growth year on year • Requires a steady flow of new rankings • Therefore links • And new content...
    35. 35. Excel [and other cool] Tips Really nice ranking / keyword research charts TOOLS
    36. 36. TABLES IN EXCEL Cell references can break Use Tables for agility Replaces: – =VLOOKUP(A2,‘KW rank'!$A$2:$E$11,5,FALSE) – With – =VLOOKUP(Table1[[#This Row],[Keywords]],Table5[#All],5,0)
    37. 37. MS EXCEL TIPS Why is that good? – “I moved a column of data somewhere, and now my entire spreadsheet is screwed” (ETC) When you change data elements, the queries change with them
    38. 38. MS EXCEL TIPS An example query: Then you change a table name somewhere: Changes to: Ends with:
    39. 39. MS EXCEL TIPS An example query: Then you change a column name somewhere: Changes to: Ends with:
    40. 40. QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR All Commands... Awesome shortcuts
    41. 41. QUICK ACCESS Your most important commands One more sweet tip: right mouse click Right click here...
    42. 42. THE COOL THING The cool thing about MS Excel tables is... Paste in more data to the bottom of a table and the tables and references ALL update Very cool table by: In Case Designs
    43. 43. OOH RANKING CHART 250000 1 3 200000 5 150000 7 Sum of Local Search Volume: August 100000 9 Sum of Google Ranking Sum of Google Ranking 11 50000 13 0 15
    44. 44. RANKING CHARTS An example, table driven ranking chart using AWR and GKWT data (FTW) You will need – Your keyword list – Your rankings data – Excel spreadsheet
    45. 45. RANKING CHARTS Paste your raw data into sheets Highlight data, hit CTRL+L
    46. 46. RANKING CHARTS When you have your data, create VLOOKUPS to pull everything into one table: =VLOOKUP(Master[[#This Row],[KWs]],Rankings[#All],5,0) Name your tables nicely (design tab):
    47. 47. PIVOT CHARTS Create a PivotTable on a new sheet Keywords here
    48. 48. RANKING CHARTS
    49. 49. RANKING REPORTS Sort by KW volume Filter out the “-1’s”
    50. 50. RANKING CHARTS Put your rankings data on secondary axis Use the format tab Select your data
    51. 51. RANKING CHARTS Change both rankings datasets to line “chart types” Use “no line” in “format data series”
    52. 52. RANKING CHARTS Format the secondary axis Axis options: – Minimum – 1.0 – Maximum – 15 – Reverse the values
    53. 53. OOH RANKING CHART 250000 1 3 200000 5 150000 7 Sum of Local Search Volume: August 100000 9 Sum of Google Ranking Sum of Google Ranking 11 50000 13 0 15
    54. 54. ANOTHER COOL TIP Ever had that thing where you paste data into Excel and this happens? 
    55. 55. GET DAFIZILLA Dafizilla Table2Clipboard – Copies data from tables in web pages and pastes perfectly into Excel
    56. 56. PASTE TO EXCEL You end up with this: Or you could export via CSV adding “&limit=5000” into the Google Analytics URL
    57. 57. MY SEO TIPS Have a plan Understand your gaps and pitch for the resource Manage your team well – they make the magic happen Get to grip with the commercial impact of your SEO initiatives Organise your team and keep focused on the end result Become an Excel Ninja!
    58. 58. TEMPLATES Free templates: – The pivot chart (and data) used in this presentation – SEO Department Budget Manager – SEO Consultant Job Description Business cards / email me
    59. 59. THANK YOU @richardbaxter SEOgadget is a niche SEO consulting business focused on helping people and organisations succeed in search. Did you like the presentation? Find out how we can help you with your technical SEO, Keyword research, Link building and Social Media strategy by asking us to talk to you.
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