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Seo in the gaming industry
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Seo in the gaming industry


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A brief overview of some strategies for the SEO in the gaming industry.

A brief overview of some strategies for the SEO in the gaming industry.

Published in: Technology

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  • Gexgexand Google+ / Facebook: pages and channels have been created, audience are kept alive and the conversation is actively ongoing. However the conversations are going on separately and content is shared across the boards inconsistently.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SEO in the gaming industry Page 1
    • 2. MMO competitors landscape• Traditional Video games. Unlikely to go off the scenes because consumers want to see the physical value of what they are purchasing• Social Gaming (Google+ and Facebook integrated games) single player games predominantly that embed the social experience. They are picking up a wide market share which is expected to grow in the upcoming years Page 2
    • 3. Is marketing important for online gaming?Two examples speak on their own:• Lively, a sort of Second Life launched in 2008. Although the myriad of Crusoe that worked on the game after 6 months the game was shut down. Google failed because they adopted the same marketing model used for the Search engine: no investment to promote the products.• Dante’s Inferno, a campaign failed because of the wrong message has been conveyed to market online to gamers. The campaign failed because the idea to get people to “commit acts of lust”, take a picture and put the pictures up on social media was a shame. Page 3
    • 4. 0 marketing / wrong marketing = 0 sales• Marketing influences game sales 3,5 times more than game quality or game review• Whatsoever the industry you are working on, every new products need to be marketed. The online gaming industry is not different.• 15-20% of the revenue should be spent on marketing. Page 4
    • 5. SEO isnt just fixing technical details } Technical SEO Creative PR Social Thinking & Media & Design Outreach On Page SEOSEO it’s also marketing. Blending creativity with quality link building andsocial media signal is a win win combination to deliver dramatic uplift insearch engine ranking positions and customers across the board. Page 5
    • 6. If a tree falls and nobody is there, who cares? • Search engines have become incredibly sophisticated, but they still cant “read” aTechnical web page the same way a human does. SEO • By adjusting technical SEO aspects, a site facilitates the reading process while helpingOn Page users to locate pages within the SERPs. SEO • On Page SEO supplies a demand facilitating engines to figure out what each page is about, and users to have a clear understanding at first sight. Page 6
    • 7. Marketing rule number one: creativity• Marketers are challenged to stimulate the audience towards Creative (often complex) products that are Thinking not required at that time. & Design• How can the message go through? With creativity.• Although creativity implicitly carries higher probability of failure, if the proposition is different enough it will attract far more attention. Page 7
    • 8. Online creativity has specific boundaries• Working on the digital doesn’t allow all sort of implementations Creative• Online tools and existing platforms Thinking dictate the rules of do’s & donts & Design• A way to overcome the limit is integrating online with offlineFor instance why not providing games with “interactive”quests solvable via mobile to collect points to spend online? Page 8
    • 9. Gamers are “informavorers”• Gamers are “subjects” with a voracious information appetite, who like competitions, and they are generally very detail-oriented.• Acquire knowledge both on the niche and the product before start the conversation.• Update straight away gamers with PR & the most recent industry or product Outreach changes. Page 9
    • 10. Shooting in the field doesn’t work!• The right message need to be delivered to the right person. It’s vital to reach out and build online relationships.• ALPHA INFLUENCER: known as “core gamer” with leading social behaviors, they blend passion and the willingness to share their passions with anyone who will listen.• SOCIAL MAINSTREAM: or mass-market gamers. Gaming is just one of their many interests however they are decreeing the trend. PR &• HEAVY GAMER: For this group it’s all about Outreach gaming, all of the time. Page 10
    • 11. Brands can’t ignore social media anymore• Social media are here to stay offering numerous advantages: Some are tangible like “likes”, retweet and +1, some others are not like Social customer support. Media• Social media has proved to be a great source of traffic.• Social media and SEO should not work as separate silos. Page 11
    • 12. Social media to engage the conversation• Platforms such as Google+, Pinterest and their older brethren should be a means to opening dialogue with fans and followers Social• They offer a great way to create a Media feedback loop to feed future game development Page 12
    • 13. The marketing mix: once upon a time …… there were the TV. Now it is (pretty much) all digital!• Online gaming companies can use: PR, videos, websites, virals, affiliate, communities, merchandise, competitions, etc• The power of different elements of the marketing mix changes over time according with what you are marketing and with the nature of your creativity. Page 13
    • 14. Video: the critical mass prefer videos• Trailers, video to demonstrate advanced features can encourage users playing to grab that “badge”. In marketing terms videos are inexpensive as a person (cast), a message and the stage (screen recording, office location) is company needs In addition videos can be part of a combined answer, for example to follow up a social media message. Page 14
    • 15. Pinterest: pictures paints thousand of words• It’s the third most popular search engine in US.• It offers real SEO value as all the links are “follow”• Other users can be invited to contribute to your boards stimulating the online conversation Page 15
    • 16. People like competing each other• Launching a new game is the hardest bit. Useless to say that even the best game without players will face a failure.• With contests the critical mass can be stimulated; gamers will get involved via word of mouth.• When the product is up and running, competition can still be used. After all MMOs connect users around the world that compete on daily basis. Page 16
    • 17. Thank You Page 17