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Following the deployment of their liquid template, I have reviewed Nokia web site just to check whether their team did something wrong.

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  1. 1. Areas of SEO improvement
  2. 2. “Compare phones” & duplicate content
  3. 3. Fixing the duplicate content issue• By using the robots.txt file it is possible limiting spidersaccess and avoid crawling of specic areas of the site.This need to be followed up with the inclusion of themeta tag robots noindex to avoid the indexation.• Keep using Ajax to memorize the model to compare,but store the product code in a hidden field / cookie.This avoids the necessity of creating multiple URLs.
  4. 4. Complex robots.txt file…… makes difficult to manage the configuration and could causecrawlability problems.
  5. 5. Why using an over complicated robots.txt file?Is your site offering only two pages for every search whilelooking through the accessories?
  6. 6. Any other reason for this?What was the intent behind this configuration?
  7. 7. Fixing the robots.txt file• Keep the robots.txt file as simple as possible.Google suggests to not include the file at all if notnecessary.• Understand your goal and plan a strategy.The solution may sit somewhere else in your serverrather than in your robots.txt file.
  8. 8. No SEO friendly URLURLs should suggest what the page content is at a firstglance. While planning a site structure, taxonomy plays animportant role.The site seems to use SEO friendly URLs, but relevantinformation have been left aside.
  9. 9. Implement (proper) taxonomy in your URLsThe Nokia protective cover for Lumia 620 have been named ashttp://…/accessories/lumia-620-protective-cover/Orhttp://…/accessories/phones/lumia-620-protective-cover/
  10. 10. Serve the correct language URL to searchers…Worldwide company like Nokia requires to serve users withtranslated content, or targeted to users in a certain region.
  11. 11. …sending crawlers the right signals.However, there are certain portions of the sites that havesimilar content within a single language (small regionalvariations apply).For instance UK English vs US English pages.Having both versions on site is legitimate, but may lead SEsto return the wrong URL if not properly configured and alsoto raise a duplicate content issue.To solve this, it is important sending the right signals like:• Correct language code according to the ISO 639• Alternate tag (Google only)
  12. 12. Cloaking is against the Webmaster guidelinesImpersonating GooglebotImpersonatingGoogleBot from USlocations, Nokiaserver(s) perform a301 redirect beforeserving the page.480 URLs identified.
  13. 13. How to fix the cloaking issueThis cloaking is likely to not be intentional, but a “QualityRater” may flag this causing your site a penalty.“User-agent based delivery” directives are likely to reside inthe .htaccess or httpd.conf (Apache configuration files), andthat should be the primary source of investigation.
  14. 14. Improving on-site content
  15. 15. Rich snippet on pagesGreat content is the backbone of great SEO. But greatcontent needs to be appreciated by search engines, not justhumans.Rich snippets have been launched to enhance shoppingsites, but are useful also for visually improving results onSERPs, thus leveraging CTR.
  16. 16. Mixed and improperly configured rich snippetsA mix of schemas on yourpages, but regardless thetype, often the mark-up isincorrect nullifying theimplementation.Although data-vocabulary isstill valid, using would offermore flexibility.
  17. 17. Teach (your granny) how to…Create videos showing how to use phone features in step-by-step processes.Short & memorable pre and post launch videos regurlarlyadd on site leave viewers wanting more and will configureNokia as a primary source of information.On average, users spendaround 2 minute 30 secondswatching YouTube videos.People do not want to sitthrough a boring stuff.
  18. 18. From walkthrough to more specific videosA brand new “How to” section for every products wouldallow you to:a) Add fresh content on site (Google freshness algofavorites site regularly updated)b) Enhance your YouTube channels, offering anotheropportunity to monopolise the SERPsc) Provide additional content to be seeded throughoutyour blogd) Give you chances to seed the content throughout thirdparty sites.
  19. 19. Google Author Authority in users’ reviewWho are you?
  20. 20. How can this be done?• Creating a relationship between the reviewer name andhis Google+ personal page.• Delegate the entire comment management to Google+.As of today, there is not an official API support for this.However, with some coding and marketing incentivesNokia can capitalise the opportunity and lead the market.Remember, if you are not doing it first, somebody else will!
  21. 21. A proper “support section”Searching in the support section may leave your usersconfused. An internal search for the keyword “blog” returnedme two similar results but different solutions with no clearindication to which model they apply.
  22. 22. Improving off-domainSEO optimization
  23. 23. Creating marketing opportunities36%64%How people consume online marketing contentMobile producer sitesThird party sitesBeing a big brands it means have big responsibility toproactively feed the market with information to help thirdparty sites generate authentic conversations and UGC.
  24. 24. Engage users creating a widget• Mobile phone life cost calculatorA simple but effective tool to demonstrate different mobile phonerunning cost, factoring cost of accessories and application, batteryreplacement and energy consumption.• Co2 emission analyserMobile consume energy, to produce energy we produce Co2.People may be fascinated to understand how much they pollute byusing their phone.Targeting different niches is vital for the off site strategiesas it enhance the link diversity concept.
  25. 25. Producing evergreen contentEvergreen content is meant to provide information that isnot likely to change in the near future, thus offering chanceto attract links over time.Evergreen content is difficult to last longer in a fast paceniche like technology, but with very little effort this can bemaintained and help capitalize visitors and brand equity.For example a“How fast is UK mobile broadband”could represent a nice fit; this contentcan be update as soon as the releaseof a new technology changes thelandscape and requires the network tobe upgraded.
  26. 26. Case studiesProduce nice crafted and extremely informativewhitepapers / free report / research or presentation, thensubmit the document to sharing sites or to active bloggersin the industry.Having the whitepapers available fordownload on authority and high-traffic blogs can definitely give yoursite some high-value links (e.g.coming from the PDF version) andworks excellently in improving yourbrand’s visibility.
  27. 27. Tie up your Google+ page to your siteGoogle Authorship can be applied to business as well usingthe rel=publisher.Nokia can tie the Google+ page to the whole site, andenhance the SERP rich snippet showing the profile picture.Results with a Google+ profile image stand out and aresubject to a better CTR.
  28. 28. I’m a leading practitioner in SEO withover 10 years experience. I’ve beenrecognised by Google as one of theirTop Contributors on the webmaster /SEO forum.I worked on many international clientsincluding Exxon Mobil, Burberry andMicrosoft.