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A quick review of the recently born Swarovski subbrand: Lola & Grace. This is a site dedicated to all cosmopolitan girls who cares about their appeal and looks.

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Lola & grace

  1. 1. Who is competing against L&G?
  2. 2. Understanding the fashion e-commerce audience• Cosmopolitan women aged 18-30 who regularly buycostume and fashion jewellery as it’s fashion trend;• Cost represents a major issue and it influences thepurchase pattern;• It’s a consumer driven by desire;• If a new range is launched, your audience is curious tounderstand more and expects the site to offer plenty ofinformation and photographic galleries;• Sales/special offers always help driving women to ajewellery site rather than passing via third party sites;
  3. 3. Talullah TuAn online stop shop for trend and costume jewellery byASOS, who also makes product available on their site.Extensive range of Earrings, Bracelets, CocktailRings, Necklaces and Hairbands, most of them made withSwarovski crystal.This is your most threatening and direct competitor.SEO & SEM Visibility since February the 28th
  4. 4. Talullah Tu• ~ 256 SEO long tail keywords presence;• Top performing keywords focus on costume and fashionjewellery with top-notch positions (between 3 to 7);• No PPC presence during the last 6 months;• Discrete image optimization with roughly 2850 imagesindexed in Google Image;• 8 page view / session, with ~19.23% bounce rate;• Good activity on social media, particularly via YouTubewhere users have engaged with the brand and publishvideo regularly;
  5. 5. Strength & weakness comparisonLola & GraceStrength• Supported by a world-widefamous brand like Swarovski;• A-D NRS prices range;• 3 points of sale in London;• Web site update regularly;• Minimum PPC coverage, mainlyfor brand + exact match;Weakness• Launched in 2012;• Swarovski & L&G operate in silos;• Limited range of products;Talullah TuStrength• Driven by ASOS, a UK online fashionretailer operating since 2000;• A-D NRS prices range;• Products made with Swarovski crystal;• Photo gallery with live models;• ASOS cross-sell Talullah Tu products;• Product on sale immediately visible;• Web site updated regularly;Weakness• No PPC visibility;• Online store only;
  6. 6. AJ Fashion JewelleryAn online only fashion jewellery with a huge catalogue includingover 1500 different pairs of clip on earrings, pearl earrings andother fashion accessories.Decent but declining organic exposure; paid search kept to theminimum.SEO & SEM Visibility since February the 28th
  7. 7. AJ Fashion Jewellery• ~ 370 SEO long tail keywords presence;• Top performing keywords focus on costume and fashionjewellery with positions between 5 to 10;• ~ 50 PPC long tail keywords presence, but a campaignnot well optimized (presence from positions 10 to 20);• Roughly 20k images indexed in Google Image;• Impossible to determine both page views and bounce ratebecause of the level of traffic;• Social media activity limited to Facebook only;
  8. 8. Strength & weakness comparisonLola & GraceStrength• Supported by a world-widefamous brand like Swarovski;• Minimum PPC coverage, mainlyfor brand + exact match;• A-D NRS prices range;• 3 points of sale in London;• Web site updated regularly;Weakness• Brand launched in 2012;• Limited range of products;AJ Fashion JewelleryStrength• Operating since 2006;• Over 1500 products on catalogue;• Entirely based in UK;• A-D NRS prices range;• Amazon shopping channel;Weakness• Weak PPC visibility• Weak web site design• No call to action (Sales or promotions)• Online shop only;
  9. 9. H.SamuelA traditional jewellery with a capillary presence in theterritory, predominantly in the North.Wide catalogue with personalized items. This is not a pure fashionjewellery store; prices are in line with your audience budget.Good organic exposure (92.84% SEO Visibility), paid search keptto the minimum.SEO & SEM Visibility since February the 28th
  10. 10. H.Samuel• ~ 16200 SEO long tail keywords presence;• Top performing keywords focus on “traditional jewellery”;• ~ 800 PPC long tail keywords presence;• Huge investments on PPC branded campaign PPC;• Good images exposure with roughly 33k photos indexedin Google Image (not all of them are relevant to thefashion industry);• 9 page view per session on average, with ~21.21%bounce rate;• Limited social media activity;
  11. 11. Strength & weakness comparisonLola & GraceStrength• Supported by a world-widefamous brand like Swarovski;• Price in a suitable range forclasses A to D;• Minimum PPC coverage, mainlyfor brand + exact match;Weakness• It’s a new unknown brand (almost)• Swarovski & L&G operate in silos;• Limited range of products;H.SamuelStrength• Some product made with Swarovskicrystal;• Huge products catalogue & photogallery;• It’s an historic brand in UK;• Minimum PPC coverage for long tailfashion related keywords;Weakness• Web sit design not in line with currenttrends;• Optimization issues;• No fresh and relevant content;
  12. 12. Online fashion niche has loads of competitorsThere are many other web sites operating in the sameniche. Some web sites are more generic, other belongs tothe most well known high-street retailers.The choice has been limited to the three analysed becausethey are – in my opinion - the only fashion sites whose are:– Female oriented;– In line with the audience requirements initiallyintroduced;
  13. 13. 3 brands to use as a benchmark
  14. 14. It’s a long processEstablishing a new brand in a competitive niche requirestime and resources.Prior considering the implementation of tactics for engagingwith the audience it is important create a solid foundation.For this reason the choice of web sites used as abenchmark for your engaging and digital aspiration has beenlimited only to those areas the web site is less performing.
  15. 15. Goldsmiths- Clean interface and UX design; users know exactly whereto go without knowing anything of the hierarchy.- Nice and consistent imagery with product pictures oftenwith 1:1 ratio;- Navigation menu with contextual images and salesopportunities that changes accordingly to the menu;- Shopping cart journey clear with advanced features.Minimal interaction at every step;
  16. 16. The Jewel hut- Clean web site with product on sale available on homepage;- Faceted search on the left side to help customersimmediately identifying the product they want;- “Feefo” independent customer reviews to triggerconfidence in the brand with product reviews;- Capillary presence on the three most importance SocialMedia (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) & Amazonshopping channel to help them leveraging sales.
  17. 17. Fossil- High visual impact site with clear customer journey (Men orWomen) to be decided before the navigating goes deep;- Optimal level of details of every product on catalogue;- “Quick look” for a sneak peek into the product withoutabandoning the main category;
  18. 18. What I like about Lola & Grace andwhat I would like to change
  19. 19. The Lookbook• Simple and effective to make a bold statementabout specific circumstances and what yourcustomers can wear.• It’s a new unconventional way to propose itemswithin the same collection.What I would change:– Product details to open in the same page;– Add more live-models to show how products lookslike once wear;
  20. 20. The World of Lola and Grace• Keep stimulating the audience is a must for anew brand;• Offering ideas and suggestions is important toinspire people;What I would change:– Layout is more often than not neglected;– No visible caption for product doesn’t help customerin recognizing the product;
  21. 21. The online shop• “Why Pick Me” a smart way to stimulate andinspire.What I would change:– Faceted search;– Initial split customer journey by “event”;– Uniform photo size;– Live models to show how wear product looks like;– Simplify the check-out process;– Show the basket once an item is add to the cart;– Optimize the assets;
  22. 22. Lola & Grace 6 months roadmap
  23. 23. It shouldn’t be just SEO & SEM…Channels can play either an “assist” or a “last interaction”role. In the retail area there is tiny gap, almost an overlapbetween all of them, thus meaning they all need to beconsidered while planning the strategy.Awareness Consideration Intent DecisionDisplaymediaSocialmediaEmailAssist Interaction Last InteractionDirectReferral OrganicsearchPaidSearch
  24. 24. Achieving your objectiveBecome a global fashion jewellery & accessory brand
  25. 25. Take SEO & SEM in account seriouslyDefine prioritiesand goalsRun micro PPCcampaign to collectdata for informingthe strategyCode improvementfor site efficiencyAnalyse & refine PPC Campaign.Activate PPC advanced features(e.g. Enhanced campaigns,product listing)Setup A/B testing to help reducingchurns and increase conversionsSEO factor optimisationContent copy improvementConsider improving siteinterface (UX)Expand the PPC campaignOn-going topicalresearch to start creatingcontent to reach thecritical massContent seeding anddistributionOn-going PPCtesting andbidding strategiesCreate a robust networkof contacts to be used forpromoting site initiativesand content distributionSocial media integrationwith SEOActivate advancedtracking options for betterROI measurement(e.g. call tracking)Month 1Month 6Review of the siteReview of theonline webanalytics packages
  26. 26. PPC Daily & weekly activities details• Refresh any dynamic data that would render adsinaccurate if not updated (e.g. price, promotions);• Check the status of any ad tests currently running;• Activate tests to collect statistical data to refine adsacross groups;• Introduce new ad concepts into rotation (e.g.Selection, Low Price, Competitive, etc.);• Review promotional calendar to activate offers;• Review best sellers to improve ads;
  27. 27. PPC Monthly activities details• Check the competitive landscape to inform new adstrategies;• Review reports to determine any changes in consumerintent that would drive structural changes to account;• Create a set of hypotheses about ads that can beimplemented over the next month;• Introduce seasonal promotions where possible;• Test new core brand messaging in ad copy;
  28. 28. SEO one-off strategies• Page speed and efficiency;• Fixing duplicate content due to URLmalformation;• Review the site structure and taxonomy;• Improve content and reduce thin (useless)pages;• Implements rich snippets• Activate Google Local (Business Pages)
  29. 29. SEO on-going strategies• Publish quality content that’s creative;• Integrate and manage mobile in the strategy;• Make digital friends (PR) and expand thenetwork of peers to be used for boosting website presence;• Reviewing online mentions and linkopportunities;• Use social media to understand people desireand create a diversified traffic patterns;
  30. 30. I’m a leading practitioner in SEO withover 10 years experience with aminimal but significant exposure tothe PPC world.I’ve been recognised by Google asone of their Top Contributors on thewebmaster / SEO forum.I worked on many international clientslike Exxon Mobil, SunPower, Microsoftand Burberry.Thank You