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Copywriting for Search Success: SMX West 2009
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Copywriting for Search Success: SMX West 2009


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Case study on SEO copywriting for search success from SuccessWorks CEO Heather Lloyd-Martin.

Case study on SEO copywriting for search success from SuccessWorks CEO Heather Lloyd-Martin.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Copywriting for Search Success SMX West 2009 SEO Copywriting Makeover Presented By: Heather Lloyd-Martin CEO, SuccessWorks
  • 2. SuccessWorks Overview
    • Pioneers in SEO content since 1999
    • Train clients in SEO copywriting best practices
    • Develop strategy, new content and edited content
    • Founders of
  • 3.
    • LusterForever – Brand new site (less than 7 months old)
    • Small business on a limited budget
    • In-house technical help, no dedicated in-house writers
    • Target audience – fashion-forward women from 18-35
  • 4. “ Old” home page
  • 5. What We Look For…
    • SEO copywriting is more then just keyphrase usage!
    • Keyphrase choice and usage
    • Title construction
    • Content tone and feel
    • Benefit statements
    • Call to action
  • 6. Keyphrase Choices
    • Are there other keyphrases?
    • Is the intent of the page clear?
    • Can you pick out 2-3 main keyphrases for the page?
  • 7. Keyphrase Choices
  • 8. Title Construction
    • Titles should reflect main keyphrases on the page
    • Include branding, where appropriate
    • Think “clickability”
    • Keep length around 60 characters (with spaces)
  • 9. Title Construction
  • 10. Copy Structure, Tone and Feel
    • Think of the target audience? Does the copy sound like what she reads/watches on TV?
    • Is the copy grammatically correct?
    • Is there “enough” text?
    • Is it engaging?
    • Is it easy to read?
    • Are there keyphrases in headlines/subheadlines
  • 11. Tone and Feel
  • 12. Tone and Feel
  • 13. Copy Structure, Tone and Feel
    • Think “longer copy” whenever possible. Don’t be afraid of text (but don’t put it all on one page.)
    • Include your keyphrases throughout the entire page.
    • Don’t forget to hyperlink the keyphrases whenever possible
  • 14. Benefit Statements
    • Why would someone buy from you rather than the competition?
  • 15. Benefit Statements
  • 16. Call to Action?
  • 17. Results
    • #6 in Google for “leather bracelet”, #1 for “cool leather bracelet,” and a host of awesome rankings. AND>>>
  • 18. Results
    • Great listings on the SERP
    • AND>>>
  • 19. Results
    • Initial results after approximately 4.5 months
    • Conversion rates have increased 354 percent since the beginning of the campaign
    • Average order volume has increased 96.60 percent
    • The client is exceptionally happy!
  • 20.  
  • 21. Takeaways
    • SEO copywriting is more than sticking keyphrases into content
    • A smart SEO copywriting campaign is a combination of a smart direct response copywriting, a savvy customer-centered tone and feel and choosing the right keyphrases for the right target audience.
    • It’s OK to baby-step content and work on “bits” of your campaign over time.
  • 22. Heather Lloyd-Martin [email_address] Twitter: