The Pinterest Effect: What The Future Holds - Webinar Jan 23, 2013
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The Pinterest Effect: What The Future Holds - Webinar Jan 23, 2013






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  • Pinterest has had amazing growth in recent months. Compared to, a similar service provider, that launched in Feb. 2007.
  • Now if the growth from Sept 11 through Dec. 11 isn’t exciting enough, look at their growth during January 2012.
  • Traffic growth has slowed in 2012, but users are on the rise. Users have grown by 75% in 2012.
  • This user-base is NOT the typical user-base as early adopters of a new social media platform. Much of the female user-base is coming from middle America, not the west coast and not a young male audience like you often find are the early adopters in the highly tech savvy space of social media.
  • This user-base is also a much older audience. Often times you find the early adopters of a new social media platform are much younger with the bulk of the user-base falling between the ages of 20-30 yrs. old.
  • And in Sept. Shareaholic released a report showing that Pinterest ousted Yahoo in organic traffic taking over the #4 spot.
  • Large companies are joining. Using Pinterest to show their products, industry, related images, etc.

The Pinterest Effect: What The Future Holds - Webinar Jan 23, 2013 The Pinterest Effect: What The Future Holds - Webinar Jan 23, 2013 Presentation Transcript

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  • Entered the scene in 2010 allowing bookmarking of all the beautiful things on the web • Core difference: It says look at this, instead of look at me!@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • • Traffic grew by 429% from 9/11 through 12/11 to roughly 7.2 M in Dec. 2011@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • • Broke the 10 Million mark in January 2012 becoming the fastest independent site to hit 10 M uniques/month in the U.S. Source:TechCrunch@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • 116% traffic growth in 2012 to 21.2M, 75% user growth@atraine / @matt_siltala Source: DOMO
  • Percent of Pinterest users that are female@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Percentage of Pinterest users Between 25-55 yrs old Source: Mashable@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Pinterest now the 4th largest organic traffic driver worldwide@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • has boards highlighting company info, helpful Information, marketing tips, and more.@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Avalaunch Media uses Pinterest to highlight recent content marketing and infographic pieces we created / promoted@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Hapari blew through inventory this year using Pinterest boards to highlight product lines and used infographics@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Utah based ZAGG features products, gadgets, other related things@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Sephora integrated Pin It buttons on every product on their site. They also created employee managed boards and Holiday boards.@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • GET CREATIVE@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • •Goal - To come up with a strategy to establish as a Pinterest authority. •Idea - To build a killer infographic that would display all of the best practices for making a website image perfect for pins. •Results - Wait a slide ;)...@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • •We created a beautiful infographic. You can see the full graphic here: images-pinterest •We decided that our client would get a lot more out of having the graphic featured on a major publishing site rather than their own. •Mashable seemed to be a perfect fit, so we pitched the idea and the graphic exploded.@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • TIME ON SITE ~ 10 Second ~ 10 Minutes@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Hubs For Intel: •Content •Products •Influencers •Trends@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Tools Use Tools to spy on all the hubs.@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • My Favorite - Lets Start With The Best@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Real Time “Alerts”@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Real Time Spying • What’s Hot Right Now! • What’s getting the most comments? • Who is pinning? (Find Influencers) • Prices/Specials/Offers/Contests? • Ideas? • Content Ideas@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Finding Influencers Tools for finding out how powerful a Pinterest user is: • PinReach • PinPuff@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Analytics Fully integrated analytics platform for Pinterest Pinerly / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Competitive Intel & Research Do Better. Do More. •Repinly •Find Influencers •See Trends@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Other Free Facts and Tricks If you haven’t already heard...this is the place to find out if anyone is pinning anything from your site...or your competitor’s site. :)@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Use This Tool: • What Images Get Most Comments •Who Is Your True Audience • Board Names • Who to contact@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Case Study: Content idea gained that helped make the sale@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • @atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Results: (so far from this campaign) Over $30,000 in sales • Toppers • Mattress Covers • 15.6 min avg. visitor • 4 page views average/ visit@atraine / @matt_siltala
  • Thank You!Andrew Melcior Matt Siltala @atraine @Matt_Siltala@atraine / @matt_siltala
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