Webinar: How To Use Web Analytics To Improve Website Conversions


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Today we had our webinar on this subject. You can view the recorded presentation by visiting http://www.seo.com/webinars/webinar-web-analytics-improve-conversion/

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Webinar: How To Use Web Analytics To Improve Website Conversions

  1. 1. How to Use WebAnalytics to ImproveWebsite Conversions
  2. 2. Comments & Questions During Webinar• GoToWebinar Chat Room• Twitter – Tweet @SEOcom• Use #SEOwebinar hashtag• We are recording today’s webinar• Slides will be online tomorrow• Recording early next weekTweet @SEOcom questions – Hashtag #seowebinar
  3. 3. About SEO.comTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  4. 4. Claye Stokes Director of SEO twitter.com/clayelinkedin.com/in/claye
  5. 5. High Level First, Then Drilling Down• Can’t track what we’re not measuring!• Make sure you’re tracking all of the following with event tracking: – Form submissions (lead generation, newsletters, etc.) – Downloads – Wishlists – Reviews – Comments – Step completion (in multi-step forms and checkout processes)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  6. 6. High Level• If a dollar sign can be attributed to any action on your site, then use ecommerce tracking! – Transactions (default)• Even if users don’t actually pay, use ecommerce tracking to quantify: – Product inquiries – Samples – Offline orders (Nissan)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  7. 7. Event Tracking• First, locate a meaningful action to track• The code looks like this: <input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" value="Post Comment“ onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, comment, submit, ‘title of post“ />Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  8. 8. Event Tracking• The report will look like this:Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  9. 9. This Won’t Help Improve Conversion• Visits• Pageviews• Pages/visit• Another website’s conversion rateTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  10. 10. What Will• Knowing your current conversion rate, in context – How it has fluctuated in the past, and why – How does it vary among channels?• Landing page analysis: top vs worst converting• Site speed• The lifetime of a sale• Meaningful touch points that lead to sales• The usual – Bounce rate – Exit rate on key landing pagesTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  11. 11. Current Conversion Rate PLEASE don’t pay (much) attention to your global conversion rateTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  12. 12. Current Conversion Rate• Segment! – How do new visitors convert, vs current visitors? – Blog readers, vs visitors that land on your services/product pages? – Branded, vs non-branded terms?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  13. 13. Segment ChannelsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  14. 14. Then Ask Questions• What landing pages rank so well in Yahoo? Why do they convert well?• Why aren’t our CPC visitors converting at a higher rate?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  15. 15. Landing Page Analysis• Compare top converting vs worst converting pages• Rely on percentages, not volume• Segment content so that you’re comparing apples to apples – PPC landing pages – Blog pages – Product pages – Category pages – Service pagesTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  16. 16. Landing Page Analysis1. Go to the Content->Landing Pages report2. Click “Advanced Filter”3. Segment your landing pages in a useful way4. Consider entering a minimum # of visits, to keep the data statistically relevant5. Sort by Goal Conversion Rate (or Revenue)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  17. 17. Landing Page AnalysisTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  18. 18. Landing Page Analysis• Takeaways – Inspect and record best practices shared among top converting pages • What does that page convert? Quality of content? Strong calls to action? Strong testimonials and proof of your value? – Pay attention to the nature of badly performing landing pages, why aren’t they performing? How can they be fixed?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  19. 19. Site Speed• “For every second slower your site loads, conversion rate drops 7 percent” – Avinash KaushikTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  20. 20. Site Speed• SEO.com bounce rate for page loads greater than 5 seconds is 16% greater than the bounce rate for pages that load in fewer than 5 secondsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  21. 21. Site SpeedTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  22. 22. The Lifetime of a SaleTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  23. 23. The Lifetime of a Sale• Takeaways – Need long (adequate) cookie life for returning visitors – Give users an interactive experience by reminding them where they left off last time (items in the cart, previous items viewed, etc.) – Watch the behavior and touchpoints of users that take more than a few days to make a purchase. Was social/PPC/email involved? Etc.Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  24. 24. Meaningful TouchpointsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  25. 25. Meaningful Touchpoints• Takeaways – Consider putting more focus on paid search, organic search, email, or any other channel that is contributing to sales but may not be a current area of focus – Most impactful for customers that take more than a day to purchaseTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Claye Stokes Director of SEO twitter.com/claye linkedin.com/in/clayeConnect with SEO.comhttp://twitter.com/seocomhttp://www.facebook.com/seocomhttp://www.linkedin.com/company/seo.com