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Google Analytics API and Advanced Application
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Google Analytics API and Advanced Application


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View the blog post and get the excel doc here:

View the blog post and get the excel doc here:

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Questions: How many use GA on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? How many use it for your Android apps? Websites?- How many unique users are using each specific feature on your app, every single day?- What would it mean to you to know that? How would that affect your next development cycle?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Claye Stokes Director of SEO Google Plus: Analytics API and Advanced Application
    • 2. High Level First, Then Drilling Down• GA (Google Analytics) is NOT just for websites! – Google Analytics Android SDK• Can’t track what we’re not measuring!• SDK Tracks: – Events – Ecommerce – Market Referrals – Pageviews – Unique Users – Custom VariablesTweet @claye questions
    • 3. Track Everything – All actions – Form submissions (lead generation, newsletters, etc.) – Errors – Downloads – Game modes (single vs multiplayer) – Times (time it takes to complete a level, build a doc) – Step completion (in multi-step forms and checkout processes) – RegistrationTweet @claye questions
    • 4. How to Track• Use Pageviews when content changes• Use Event Tracking for actions – Example: tracker.trackPageView(“/” + this.getLocalClassName()); – Documentation: es/collection/android/Tweet @claye questions
    • 5. Listen App
    • 6. More Events• Why not track errors with Google Analytics? – Category: Error – Action: [action that triggered the exception]• Time can be tracked, for example: – Category: Podcast – Action: Play – Label: [Title of Podcast] – Value: 15:23
    • 7. Using the Reports• Segment! – How does your app perform on various devices? – How does that affect user behavior? – Screen resolution? – Landscape vs Portrait?Tweet @claye questions
    • 8. Google Analytics API• Get the good stuff! (Reports that are impossible to get by logging in) – Example: goal completions (conversions) by keyword• Documentation: @claye questions
    • 9. Google Spreadsheets + GA API• Using Apps Script, we can access the Google Analytics API to pull anything we want (up to 10,000 rows!)• Credit where it’s due: thanks to Mikael Thuneberg for making his code public: @claye questions
    • 10. Example Spreadsheet: GA Report Builder•• Go create a copy for yourself and start playing with it! – Click File -> Make a Copy… – On the Settings tab, enter your Google Analytics username/password – Find your profile number by logging into your report at, find the number with a ‘p’ preceding itTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 11. GA Report Builder• Required fields – Start/End Dates – Dimensions (rows) – Metrics (columns)• Optional – Segments (default AND custom, advanced segments) – FiltersTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 12. How it Works• First, we do some validationTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 13. How it Works• Encode the passwordTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 14. How it Works• AuthenticateTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 15. How it Works• Take the response, handle errorsTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 16. How it Works• Request data from the API• Request URL:• Then, stack the response in an Array and outputTweet @claye questions, Report:
    • 17. Resources:• Google Analytics Reporting API: – V3:• Google Data Feed Query Explorer: ml• Google Apps Script Documentation:• analytics-data-api-with-google-docs-spreadsheet/•• Watch for my posts on the blog ( for updates and new Google Analytics toolsTweet @claye questions, Report: