Rajasthan Tourism, Rajasthan Tours,Tourist Spots in Rajasthan


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Rajasthan is the primary location of Indian for the visitors coming from other nations as well as other areas of Indian. Its popular among visitors for its different location, lifestyle and custom, traditional places, multi-colored towns, social lifestyle, Thar wasteland etc. On Rajasthan trips you can also get to be able to discover several globe renowned creatures areas & sanctuaries. You have the option to stay at unique structure resorts on your Rajasthan trips. Where you will cure like a maharaja. Beside that travel through ancient places on your Rajasthan trips. Appreciate driving camel across the Thar Desert and hippo up to the Ruby citadel. Experience your vacations in a elegant style on your Rajasthan trips. You can find number of Rajasthan trip providers that are recognize for beautiful Rajasthan trips. They are offering worldwide level services and are certain to meet your requirements and needs.

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Rajasthan Tourism, Rajasthan Tours,Tourist Spots in Rajasthan

  1. 1. Welcome ITD Royal Rajasthan ITD Royal Rajasthan offers customized Rajasthan Tourism Packages with wide range of tourism activities. Get latest updates on Rajasthan Tours, Tourism in Rajasthan, Rates and Availability for your trip to Rajasthan. Tour Package for Rajasthan. http://www.itdroyalrajasthan.com/
  2. 2. Contact US INDIAN TRAVEL DESK - HO (DELHI) Suite No - 617 A, District Center Janakpuri, Near Trident Hotel, New Delhi - 110059 Board Lines - 011 - 40562266 Mobile Number - 9312542000 INDIAN TRAVEL DESK - JAIPUR Jaipur Branch Office 38, Mansingh Pura, Rajgir, Jaipur Contact - Mr. Vikas Contact No.-+91 11 773-70-70-916
  3. 3. Rajasthan Tourism, Rajasthan Tours,Tourist Spots in Rajasthan Rajasthan presents a breathtaking variety of arts and crafts that make it a state with its own identity. Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan Tourism is known throughout the world for its semi precious and precious stones and gems. It also has a reputation as the best way special offers breathtakingly beautiful prints on cotton. Jaisalmer is famous for the excellent quality mirror work, embroidered articles, woolen Pattu and various other items. It also provides a comprehensive range of wooden boxes, trinkets and silver jewelry. Other examples of the rich arts & crafts tradition of Rajasthan include tie-and-materials and sarees, Sanganer prints, brocades, marble statuettes, ivory carving, stone series and semi precious jewelry, enamel work and many others.
  4. 4. Rajasthan Tourism han is one of the most popular destinations in India. Every third foreign tourist visiting India also travel to Rajasthan. Known for Historical Monuments, the modern Rajasthan Tourism is measured for the warm hospitality and internationally awarded Hotels & Resorts. Here's a perfect fusion of the centuries old traditional culture, modern luxury and comfort.
  5. 5. Tourist Spots In Rajasthan Tourist Spots In Rajasthan offers a deep insight into the difficult yet colorful life making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. A trip to India certainly incomplete with Rajasthan Tour.
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  7. 7. Rajasthan Tours • North India has the unique ability to keep track of its past intact while opening a door to the present. If you choose a Golden Triangle Tour or one of our tour packages Rajasthan, North India is full of adventure, culture, history and legend and is a great place for family travel. • Those on the lookout for adventure can opt for a wildlife safari in Uttarakhand or a camel safari along the golden sand dunes. • Nature buffs can take in charge the giant Himalayan snow peaks which stand tall against the blue sky or magnificience stark deserts of Rajasthan to contrast with the climate of Kashmir, which, to quote the Mughal Emperor Babar, "if there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it! " • Art lovers will be spoiled for choice with the Golden Quadrangle showing poetry marble Taj Mahal, legendary palaces of Rajasthan, Pink city Jaipur, imposing Red Fort in Delhi for rhythmic steps of Kathak dancers entertaining musical strains of sitar and beats resonant the Table. • Rajasthan Tours , a land of princes, palaces and preening peacocks renownedat for His monuments, art and culture go back to those few centuries. Admire a range of miniature paintings and frescoes of exquisite refinement. There is romance in Rajasthan's forts and palaces and arts of gallantry retold in ballads and legends. Then there are sanctuaries sheltering rich and varied species of flora and fauna. And the shimmering Thar Desert belt charms with a rare and wonderful sight. Rajasthani's are nice people with colorful costumes.