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Who Has Got The Very Best Satellite Television Services - Dish TV Or DirecTV?
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Who Has Got The Very Best Satellite Television Services - Dish TV Or DirecTV?


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  • 1. Who Has Got The Very Best Satellite Television Services Dish TV Or DirecTV?
  • 2. All Rights Reserved Produced By SEOARTICLEWRITERUK
  • 3. Who Has Got The Very Best Satellite Television Services Dish TV Or DirecTV?
  • 4. With regards to satellite television service providers, you will want a provider which can provide the top program television channels, the most up-to-date equipment, excellent customer care, for the cheapest price. This is a review of Dish Network TV and DirecTV to help you to decide for yourself which is the perfect satellite television company for you: Program Channels Dish Network TV delivers 400 program television channels, 200 of which are HD (high def) television channels. Additionally, they now have 112 music stations and satellite radio stations, and they also provide 60 pay-per-view movies per month. They have 28 international program television channels. These television channels include Spanish, Asian, Russian, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and Arabic channels. DirecTV gives you 285 satellite television channels, 160 of which happen to be High definition television channels. In addition, they give you 80 music channels, and have 55 pay-per-view movies plus special attractions per month. They have 9 foreign channels, including Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese programming. Streaming Movies And Television Programs Both of these Satellite television service providers have more than 5,000 streaming movie films and TV programs which you can see immediately on your own TV, iPod, tablet computer, or any other device with Access to the internet. Sports With Dish Network you may buy each of their 13 sports packages. These packages consist of The Outdoor Channel, NBA League Pass, NBA TV, MLB TV, and also the NFL Red Zone. With DirecTV you are able to choose each of their own sports packages. These packages consist of MLB Exra Innings, NBA League Pass, Grand Slam Golf, as well as the very popular NFL Sunday Ticket. Top Equipment With Dish Network you'll get all of the equipment you require for satellite television viewing - a dish and receivers - absolutely free. Your new equipment will be set up by a professional installation technician free, in as many as 6 rooms of your house. She or he will even teach you the best way to run your equipment. Should you wish to have an HD receiver so you're able to view your programs in high def, a DVR receiver so you're able to record your favorite programs, or even an HD/DVR receiver, Dish Network will provide you with one without cost. Their equipment is top-quality. With DirecTV you also receive a satellite television dish plus receivers free, Installing the components is completed by a qualified installation technician in as many as 4 rooms of your house, plus they will teach you the best way to run your equipment. With DirecTV you'll be able to receive a complimentary DVR receiver , HD receiver, or even a complimentary HD/DVR receiver, however in order to do this you must get a higher priced package than their basic package. Their equipment is top-of-the-line.
  • 5. Customer Service In terms of the best quality customer care, Dish Network is presently rated number 1 of all the cable and satellite television companies by the ACS Index. DirecTV is rated second. Top Offer Dish Network's basic package - The Top 120 - has got 190+ television channels, 35 music stations, your local channels, in addition to Showtime, Starz, Cinemax and HBO for 90 days. This particular package is $24.99 per month. DirecTV's basic package - the Premier Package - has got 150+ channels, you're local channels, in addition to 55 music stations. This package costs $29.99 per month. Who is Best?. If you're searching for a satellite TV company with the most programming, the most pay-per-view movies, the best offer on HD plus DVR receivers, plus the most reliable customer service, then Dish Network will be your best choice. If, however, you desire a basic satellite television package with the most television channels and also access to the most sports packages, you ought to choose DirecTV.