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Quiz For Money is dedicated to bringing you the best cash quiz games in the world. Play Quiz Game & Win Money Online!

Quiz For Money is dedicated to bringing you the best cash quiz games in the world. Play Quiz Game & Win Money Online!



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Quiz For Money Quiz For Money Presentation Transcript

  • Quiz is one of the most popular genre of entertainment!
    • Who want’s to be a millionaire is one of the most viewed TV formats in
    • world. It has been shown in more than 100 countries
    • Knowledge based board games are entertaining millions of people all
    • over the world. Trivia Pursuit has been sold in 88 million copies during
    • the last 20 years.
    • In the UK there exist quiz leagues where people participate like other
    • people do sports.
    • All big Internet sites have quiz content; Portals, News Papers etc. Why
    • is that?
  • No developments for the last 10 years
    • The quiz format has not been developed in terms of gameflow or the
    • design since the launch of Trivial Pursuit in 1982 and Who Want’s To
    • Be a Millionaire in 1998
    • Currently, there is no decent quiz games available online. The ones
    • that exit have poor graphics, lousy questions, are single player, are not
    • cash based and is based on the old quiz format.
    • It was about time that someone reinvented quiz so that is what we have
    • done.
  • Welcome to quiz in 2007- QUIZ 2.0
    • We have reinvented the quiz format through:
    • New unique graphics
    • New quiz formats, which includes poker and bluffing elements
    • Access to a multiplayer community
    • Allow people to play for money
    • We have taken elements from the most popular money game Poker and merged in with one of the most popular genres of entertainment.
    • Welcome to quiz as it should be in 2007- QUIZ 2.0 a sure winner.
  • Our concept
    • Our core concept is:
    • We have developed 10 different quiz concepts. Initially, we offer two
    • different variations of our core concept:
  • Objective: Answer as many questions correctly as possible or bluff Number of questions: 6 Number of players: Minimum 2 – Maximum 6
  • Objective: The last person with most correct answers wins Number of questions: 10 Number of players: Minimum 2 – Maximum 10
  • Objective: Answer as many questions correctly as possible Number of questions: 10 Number of players: Minimum 2 – Maximum 10 Pure Quiz
  • Last Man Standing Objective: Answer questions correctly to stay in game. Last man wins Number of questions: Unlimited Number of players: Minimum 2 – Maximum 10
  • Different Games for Different Target Groups Soft Gambling Hard Gambling No Strategic element Strategic Elements Knowledge Poker Last Man Standing Pure Quiz Outsmart QUIZ FOR MONEY
  • Each game is unique
    • Five categories
    • The games use the following categories: Sport, Life Style, Civilization,
    • General Knowledge and Entertainment.
    • The categories are chosen randomly
    • Difficulty level
    • The questions can be either hard, medium or easy. This is decided
    • according to an algorithm, which chooses the questions randomly
    • within certain minimum criteria.
    • This means that each game is unique. In some games some players will
    • have a big chance for winning whereas their chances will be smaller in other
    • games.
  • Content
    • Our concept is much different from other online games as we have content.
    • The content we have is our questions. The quality of the questions is
    • significantly important for the success of this concept. We have therefore
    • made the following choices:
    • We offer local questions
    • This means that for the UK and US we will have separate question databases.
    • This is expensive, but we are convinced that it is focal.
    • Enough questions
    • Another significant aspect is that we do not want people to see the same
    • questions again, which means we need a lot of questions
    • Difficulty level
    • The difficulty level of the question is also extremely important. If they are too
    • easy or too difficult nobody wants to play. We have developed formulas (pr.
    • game) to secure that this works perfectly.
  • Website features 1 Get updated on what is happening on the site here
  • Website features 2 See recent events on the site; who have started a new table, who have just won etc.
  • Website features 3 Keep track on how good you are. On the leader board you can see the top players for the recent month, week or day in either KNOWLEDGE POKER or OUTSMART
  • Website features 4 Watch tutorials and learn how to play KNOWLEDGE POKER and OUTSMART
  • Website features 5 The tutorial opens in a popup window, so you can see it while playing the game for the first time
  • Website features 6 Think you know more than your friends? Then challenge them by using our challenge function
  • Website features 7 Want to put a personal touch to your profile? Then go to your profile page and fill in some information about yourself
  • See which users are online. If you want to chat privately with them just click on them and then “Chat to” Lobby features 1
  • When chatting privately with another user a popup window appears which only you two can see. You can’t private chat with another player when you both sit at the same table. Lobby features 2
  • Add your friends to your buddy list, so you know when they are online Lobby features 3
  • Chat with other online players, both in the lobby and in the game Lobby features 4
  • See your messages from the QUIZ FOR MONEY team or players here. Double click to read the message Lobby features 5
  • Search for your friends and add them to your buddy list Lobby features 6
  • Double click on a user and see details about the user Lobby features 7
  • See who recently have won, when the next tournament starts and who have started new tables Lobby features 8
  • See detailed game information by clicking on the arrow to the left Lobby features 9
  • Create your own game by adjusting these 6 variables Lobby features 10
  • Game features 1 Choose your game character
  • Game features 2 Choose how much money you want to bring to the table
  • Game features 3 If you don’t want to play you can simply be a watcher
  • Game features 4 Question is shown
  • Game features 5 Players answer
  • Game features 6 Correct answer is shown
  • Game features 7 You decide how much you want to put in the pot