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Inapinchsales.com Property, Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Sales

Inapinchsales.com Property, Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Sales



In a Pinch Sales is a niche, classified website for individuals who find themselves “in a pinch” and need to sell their property, car, boat or motorcycle in a hurry.

In a Pinch Sales is a niche, classified website for individuals who find themselves “in a pinch” and need to sell their property, car, boat or motorcycle in a hurry.



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  • Inapinchsales.com is the best site for urgent property sales, auto sales, motorcycle sales and boat sales.
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    Inapinchsales.com Property, Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Sales Inapinchsales.com Property, Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Sales Presentation Transcript

    • About Us inapinchsales.com InaPinchSales.com ( IAPS ) is a niche, classified website for individuals who find themselves “ in a pinch ” and need to sell their automobile, property, boat or motorcycle in a hurry.
    • What do we mean by “in a pinch”?  inapinchsales.com What we mean by “ in a pinch ” is not the same as missing a plane or stepping in a puddle with your brand new leather shoes. We’re talking about serious financial difficulties, including unemployment, large debts, tax issues or a divorce, which require immediate action. In many cases, people facing repercussions, such as fines, wage garnishment, foreclosure, repossession or homelessness, resort to selling a large asset, from automobiles to real estate, a boat or motorcycle—and fast. Alternatively, some people simply must relocate unexpectedly and wish to unload property or large assets to fund the move or accommodate new circumstances.
    • How is InaPinchSales.com different than other classified websites? inapinchsales.com Put simply, our ads are posted by motivated sellers . For example, a condo owner who just got a new job in Europe may need to sell his two-bedroom condo before he moves. For a quick sale the seller is willing to accept a much lower selling price—possibly thousands of dollars below market value. The sellers are ready to close the deal; the challenge is standing out among the hundreds of other properties listed on real estate websites and in the newspaper. IAPS has the solution.
    • How does IAPS make sure every seller is “in a pinch”? inapinchsales.com IAPS employs an Ad Integrity system, where buyers can report sellers whose actions go against IAPS’s purpose—quick sales and great deals.  Here’s how it works: if a buyer contacts a seller and is confident that the seller is not “in a pinch”, the buyer can click the Ad Integrity button, which immediately notifies IAPS. If IAPS receives three Ad Integrity notifications about a specific seller, we will contact the seller to determine if the ad should be removed from the site.
    • How does IAPS benefit sellers? inapinchsales.com There are numerous websites for selling automobiles, property, watercraft and motorcycles; however, with so many options, it’s difficult to separate what you’re selling from the thousands of other similar products and advertisements. For example , say you’re in a pinch and need to sell your motorcycle quickly. You go to a website specializing in motorcycle sales and find your ad grouped with 30 similar bikes. It could take weeks, if not months, for yours to sell. Placing an ad on InaPinchSales.com will connect you with ready-to-go buyers, so you can get the money you need, on the double.
    • How does IAPS benefit buyers? inapinchsales.com First, it’s a great place to find a deal. If you are ready to make a buying decision, you could save thousands on the perfect car, boat, motorcycle, camper or house. IAPS is actively working to feature foreclosures and repossessions from banks and recovered thefts from insurance companies, so you will have access to even deeper savings.
    • Does IAPS get involved with a sale? inapinchsales.com No. The only purpose of IAPS is to bring motivated buyers and sellers together. IAPS does not get involved with transactions. If you are interested in purchasing an item for sale, IAPS will provide the seller’s contact information, so you can negotiate the deal directly with the seller.
    • How does IAPS make money? inapinchsales.com IAPS receives a fee for posting the ad, which is paid by the seller. Other random thoughts when selling IAPS… IAPS is half-way through an extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project. SEO allows for IAPS to be found easily on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). For example, if you type in home sales into Google, the ultimate goal for an SEO project is for IAPS to be listed on the first page. Actually, the first three months of this project has resulted in over 2,000 visitors to the site and over 300 people have saved the site as a favorite site to visit. These statistics have been generated even before an ad has been posted. The web is a wonderful tool if you are trying to sell a boat, motorcycle, auto or piece of property. However, if you are trying to sell in a hurry, you can easily get lost in the crowd!
    • inapinchsales.com ■ This is simply another place to market the property, especially for only $30 per month. ■ IAPS allows Realtors to stay away from any ethical concerns related to stating that the buyer is motivated to sell. IAPS suggests the Realtor gets the seller’s permission before they post an ad! ■ Remind them that there are probably hundreds or thousands of similar properties in MLS. So, if the owner needs to sell quickly for whatever reason, this is a way for them to separate themselves from the pact. ■ If they already bought another property, this is a great way for the sellers to get out of their original property. When speaking to realtors, thoughts should include:
    • inapinchsales.com IAPS is the one of the cheapest places to post an ad on the web. If your are in a pinch, do you really want to go through the auction process? What if no one bids because they don’t know the seller is in a pinch? If you wanted to sell a Mercedes Benz SL class right now, there are over 400 listed – how would you separate yourself if you are in a pinch? IAPS encourages sellers to write effective ads, please see the text below, taken directly from the site:
    • inapinchsales.com How to Write an Effective InAPinch Ad for a Quick Sale You have a great item to sell—whether it’s a car, condo or motorcycle—and are willing to let it go for a great price. While you’re already in a position to sell your item quickly, there are some general guidelines for writing an effective ad that will ensure a faster sale.
    • inapinchsales.com Think Like a Buyer When writing your ad, consider what information you would want to know before making a big purchase from a complete stranger. List all physical characteristics including color, dimensions, make and model if applicable, year it was made or built, condition, and any other characteristics that make your item or property special or unique. If your item has any defects it is very important to accurately represent them. Price is probably your biggest selling point, so make sure it’s clearly indicated, as well as your willingness to negotiate, acceptable methods of payment and how an interested party can reach you.
    • inapinchsales.com When Time Counts If you are selling an item or property on InAPinchSales.com, time is critical. When writing your ad, clearly outline your timeframe for selling the item. For example  if you are relocating to Europe in six weeks, include this information in the ad. This conveys a sense of urgency and that if the shopper doesn’t act now, he may miss out on a really good deal for the exact item he wants to purchase. Additional information, such as how much you originally paid for an item and how much it is worth compared to the amount you are willing to accept, are effective at moving items quickly.
    • inapinchsales.com What Words to Use While you want to catch a prospective buyer’s attention, stick to words buyers might actually enter as a search term. Words like “awesome”, “fantastic”, and “wow” will take up space better used for more descriptive words about your item. Make sure to proofread your listing—you don’t want to give buyers any reason to question doing business with you.
    • inapinchsales.com InAPinch Ad Checklist After you’ve written your ad, take a minute to make sure you’ve covered all the key points: ■ Accurate, descriptive headline ■ Clearly stated price ■ Payment terms identified ■ Thorough description of the item ■ Condition of the item fully disclosed ■ Timeline and reason for selling explained ■ Contact information provided
    • inapinchsales.com Contact Us PO Box 3844 Chicago, IL 60654-3844 phone 312.972.2800 or 877.793.2309 email [email_address]
    • inapinchsales.com Thank you