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IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action:  Questions & Answers
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IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action: Questions & Answers


In this slide deck, Senturus experts answer more than a dozen questions raised by participants during a recorded webinar, “IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action,” of a Cognos 10: Under the Hood …

In this slide deck, Senturus experts answer more than a dozen questions raised by participants during a recorded webinar, “IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action,” of a Cognos 10: Under the Hood series. Webinar topics included:

• Framework Manager Model Design Accelerator, a new feature of IBM Cognos 10 that can significantly reduce development cycle times for relational metadata models
• Demonstration of key techniques for developers, including using the Model Design Accelerator, Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) best practices, and row-level security best practices.

To download the slide deck and view the original recorded Senturus webinar, “IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action,” visit www.senturus.com. You will find this and many other webinars and resources about IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and related topics.

Senturus designs and builds Business Intelligence systems to enable executives to better run their businesses. Since 2001, Senturus has been an IBM Cognos Premier Business Partner and delivered over 1400 projects to 650+ clients in a breadth of industries and applications.

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  • 1. Q&A from Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action Webinar 4/11/2012 www.senturus.com Helping Companies Learn From the Past, Manage the1 Present and Shape the Future
  • 2. This Q&A is from a Recorded Webinar The questions in this log were collected during Senturus’ webinar held on April 11, 2012 entitled IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action. After the webinar, the Senturus team answered the questions and distributed the answers shown here. Original Webinar Recording: IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager in Action The Framework Manager Model Design Accelerator is a new feature of IBM Cognos 10 that can significantly reduce the development cycle times for relational metadata models. During this webinar, Senturus demonstrates several key techniques for developers including • Using the Model Design Accelerator • Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) Best Practices • Row-level Security Best Practices VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING AND SLIDE DECK http://info.senturus.com/FrameworkManager2012-04-12-FAQs.html2
  • 3. Cognos 10 Framework Manager Question Log - 1 Q: How do we model a degenerate dimension in DMR? Examples include invoice number, order number, etc. DMR accommodates regular dimension or measure dimensions but Im not sure how to handle degenerate dimensions. A: I would recommend that you handle this modeling challenge in the Relational Model on which you would then base your DMR structures. This is a best practice that I would recommend for any classic design challenge. Q: Is MS Office add-in "Fee" or "Free" in C10? A: UPDATE Clarification: Cognos for Microsoft Office is available as part of Cognos 10 Consumer. One does not need Enhanced Consumer for it. Q: What license is required for Framework Manager? A: You need to have an administrator license to do Framework Management development Q: If we have maintenance license for Cognos 10.1.1 BI server, can we install Mobile server for free at least for Admin to do proof of concept? A: Yes Q: Why is it better to hide namespaces in the presentation layer, instead of exclude it in FM? A: I prefer to Hide rather than Exclude in order to eliminate the possibility of breaking references. Q: Can we develop a few regular dimensions and publish under relational model? A: Yes, there is no restriction on creating packages that contain both relational as well as dimensional objects. .3
  • 4. Cognos 10 Framework Manager Question Log - 2 Q: DMR technology can have lots of performance issues, particularly if the data is in billions of rows. Is the answer to build an in order to improve the run time user performance? A: We have found that even in billion+ row sources that DMR can perform just fine. However, given the nature of relational processing, building a MOLAP cube such as PowerCube can certainly improve ad-hoc performance for summary-level analysis. One of the most important factors influencing DMR performance is GOOD PHYSICAL DATA DESIGN!! Q: Is there any easy way in C10 to document & manage the Query Item Description and tooltip on a global manner. A: I would use the Model Report that is built into Framework Manager. Q: How does the use of parameter maps affect performance? Is performance a potential drawback of this solution? A: No, we have not experienced performance issues with Parameter maps.4
  • 5. Cognos 10 Framework Manager Question Log - 3 Q: Can the filter be set up to use a dimension table value? If the user was part of the southeast region, could only records in the location dimension be used to show only those facts? A; Keep in mind that you will have to embed the filter on each table/subject on which you need to restrict user access to data. If a query does not include a reference to a subject with the embedded filter, then it will NOT be applied! Q: Is it possible to create filter for Cognos groups? A: Yes, you can define the same parameterized filters for groups, users, and roles. Q: What will be the difference if Security filter is implemented in Physical view? A: There will be no impact on the effectiveness of the filter, but we do not like to modify the physical, or database layer, objects as that can affect Minimized SQL Generation.: .5
  • 6. Cognos 10 Framework Manager Question Log - 4 . Q: In Transformer you can specify a dimension as a time dimension. In creating DMR, do we have to specify a dimension as time as well? Are all dimensional functions in Report Studio available when using DMR? A: No, all dimensions are treated the same in DMR. Yes, all dimensional functions are available to authors against DMR sources. Q: Can you set up a default row-level security in the parameter map for all users with access to all data or do you have to hardcode each user to allow visibility to all data? A; Yes, you can set a Default Value for each Parameter Map and you decide whether that is restrictive or not to those users not accounted for in our Parameter Map. You can also define security just for certain users or groups on query subjects and items.6
  • 7. Senturus has over 45 Free Webinars and OtherResources to View www.senturus.com7
  • 8. Who is Senturus ? • Consulting firm specializing in Corporate Performance Management – Business Intelligence – Office of Finance • Enterprise planning & budgeting • Close, consolidate, report and file (CCRF) – San Francisco Business Times Hall of Fame -- Four consecutive years in Fast 100 list of fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area • Experience – 12-year focus on performance management – More than 1,200 projects for 500+ clients • People – Business depth combined with technical expertise. Former CFOs, CIOs, Controllers, Directors... – DBAs with MBAs8
  • 9. A few of our 550+ Clients9
  • 10. www.senturus.com sales@senturus.com 1.888.601.601010