Things You Never Knew You Could Do On LinkedIn


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Things You Never Knew You Could Do On LinkedIn

  1. 1. Things You Never Knew You Could Do On
  2. 2. Share interesting stories with professional contacts and watch them show up on LinkedIn Today LinkedIn Today is a daily digest of news and links people are sharing onLinkedIn. You can browse popular articles by topic or check the home page for the top news overall. The vertical is fully customizable, so the topics you care about most will always be at the top. You can access LinkedIn Today from the "News" tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page.
  3. 3. Search status updates with LinkedIn SignalWant to know whos talking about your favorite topics? Switch the search bar at the top right of your screen to "Updates" to find out. This is a great way to build newconnections and find out what people in your industry are sharing. You can narrow your search by region, career, etc. by using the check boxes in the left column.
  4. 4. Keep your companys page up to dateLinkedIn offers a lot of customization for business pages. Its a great place to post job openings, company news, and links to your products or services.LinkedIn users will be able to see who in their network works at the company too.
  5. 5. Optimize your URLBy default, LinkedIn gives your profile a wonky URL with a bunch of numbersand letters. To help clean it up, you can choose a custom URL for your publicprofile. This will help Google bring your name up in search, plus it makes you look more reputable to people searching for someone with your skill set. To change your URL, go to your edit profile page and scroll to the "Public Profile" section. Click "Edit" next to the URL to choose a new one.
  6. 6. Join groups related to your industryLinkedIn is full of groups for almost every profession and skill set. Just search for something in your field and pick the best group for you from the results.These groups are not only a good way to stay up to date with news, but also make connections with people in your industry.
  7. 7. Take advantage of Google search resultsGoogle seems to favor LinkedIn for people searches. With that in mind, make sure your profile is as complete and clean as possible. Its likely potential employers will be Googling you, so if you havent spruced up your profile in awhile, nows a good time to do it.
  8. 8. Make sure your profile is complete and up to date Employers use LinkedIn all the time to search for new job candidates. Whoknows what youre missing out on if your profile doesnt have your complete work experience, skills, education, etc. The last thing youd want to show off is just your most recent position and nothing else. The more you have in your profile, the more people can learn about what you can do.
  9. 9. Looking for a promotion? Search the next position you want and look at the skills youll needIf you have your eye on a better job or promotion, search for that job title on LinkedIn. Youll get to look at profiles of people who have that position and get a good idea what you need to do to reach that level.
  10. 10. What if you need to hire someone?LinkedIn is a good place to start. Check out the corporate recruiting page to learn how you can find the best talent out there.
  11. 11. Need a resume in a hurry?LinkedIn has a handy tool that will build your resume in a snap. It takes all the information in your profile and coverts it to a simple resume that you can print out. There are a bunch of templates to choose from too.
  12. 12. Add apps to your profileLinkedIn has a bunch of third-party apps that can expand your profile. One of our favorites is Reading List by Amazon, which lets you share what youre currently reading with your connections. Another useful one is Google Presentation, which lets people view documents in your profile.
  13. 13. Embed a video resume by adding the Google Presentation appThe Google Presentation app will let you embed videos in your profile too.
  14. 14. Connect LinkedIn to your Twitter account If youre an avid tweeter, you can sync your LinkedIn updates with Twitter.That way every link you share on Twitter will show up in your LinkedIn feed too.
  15. 15. Use the "Share" button An easy, low-impact way to share links on LinkedIn is using the Share button.Clicking that opens a popup window where you can edit the articles title and add a comment.
  16. 16. Get active in groupsFind a group of professionals on LinkedIn that match your industry and interests. From the groups page you can share links and start discussions. Its a great way to make new professional contacts.
  17. 17. Ask a questionLinkedIns "Answers" tool allows you to ask questions relating to your industry. Its a great way to get professional advice and advance your career.
  18. 18. Search by skillLinkedIns search tool will let you search for specific skills. That will help you find other professionals with similar skills, and figure out what you need to work on in order to land that next big promotion.
  19. 19. Find old classmatesThis is why you should complete your profile. When you add your school, LinkedIn makes it easy for former classmates to find you.
  20. 20. Browse job postingsLooking for a job? LinkedIn delivers job openings based on whats in your profile. No searching required.
  21. 21. See who has been looking at your profileLinkedIn also lets you see who has been looking at your profile. Its kind of creepy, but it can still be useful to know what kinds of people are interested in you.
  22. 22. • LinkedIn Corporation is a social networking website for people in professional occupations.• Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.• As of January 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 200 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories.