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AIR - Framework ( Cairngorm and Parsley )
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AIR - Framework ( Cairngorm and Parsley )


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AIR - Framework ( Cairngorm and Parsley )

AIR - Framework ( Cairngorm and Parsley )

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. AIR 2.0
  • 2.  What is Adobe AIR?  Export /Install Air Working with data using SQLite  Overview about Framework • What will we be talking about?
  • 3. + • What do you need installed? 2.0
  • 4. Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that lets developers combine HTML, AJAX, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex technologies to deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop • What is Adobe AIR?
  • 5.  File I/O  Native Windowing  Menuing  Online/Offline  Detection  Chrome Control  Local Storage System Notifications  Auto Updates SQL Lite Database • AIR APIs and Features
  • 6. Creating Desktop Applications for Adobe AIR • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) – previously codenamed “Apollo” • Cross-OS application engine that enables hybrid desktop-internet applications • Adds desktop capabilities for Flex apps • Benefits –Total control of user experience –Browser to desktop consistency –Rich media capabilities –Network resilience –Desktop access to services
  • 7.  Enter the ProjectName  Select the Application Type (a) Web Application - Runs in Flash Player (b) Desktop Application - Runs in Adobe AIR  Click Finish. 
  • 8. Export Adobe AIR Click “ Release Build”  Click Next
  • 9.  Enter the Export filename.
  • 10. Create .P12 Certificate  Click the create Button
  • 11.  Enter the Publisher name  Enter the Country as IN  Enter the Password and Confirm password  Click the browse button  Enter the .P12 filename in Dialog box  Click OK  Then Click the Finish Button in Parent Dialogbox.
  • 12. Install AIR Installer  Double Click the AIR Installer  Click Install Button  Select the Installation directory  Click Finish  Shortcut will be available in Desktop.
  • 13. Adobe AIR Developer Workflow Create Package Flex Builder Flash Dreamweaver LiveCycle Designer Deploy Deployment Package .air file Command Line PDF HTML InDesign SWF PNG, JPEG... Photoshop More... Operating System Installed Application
  • 14. + • AIR is coming to Android!
  • 15. Why SQLite in Adobe AIR? Embedded SQL Database Engine ■ Implements most of SQL92 ■ Light-weight, cross-platform, open source ■ No setup, configuration or server required ■ Each database is contained within a single file
  • 16. How do you use it? Create a File reference Create an instance of and Open the database connection Specify the connection and SQL query to run Run SQLStatement.execute()
  • 17. Why use an application framework? • Bottom line - Help us to be more efficient, more dynamic, less error prone. • Good for parallel development (multiple developers). • Patterns force good design. • Code for the future - Easier to make changes and update. • Enhance performance. • Faster for new team members to start along.
  • 18. Spaghetti? – No thanks!!! +
  • 19. Results will be .........
  • 20. Cairngorm framework. • Cairngorm is one of the primary open source frameworks for application architecture • Cairngorm is one of the best way to RIA easily. • The user interface will play a major role in the business • Number of layer in cairngorm.
  • 21. Pure MVC.
  • 22. Main Actors • Model – Proxies hold the model VO’s, also take care of remote services. • View – Mediators encapsulate unaware UI components. • Controller – Commands, can be think of as encapsulated autonomous functionality untied to an owner. GUYA.NET
  • 23. Notifications - Internal communication • PureMVC uses notification (Similar to Flash Event). • All actors can send and listen to notifications. • sendNotification(name, body, type); • Data can be sent along inside a notification’s body. GUYA.NET
  • 24. Parsley framework for Flex/Flash/AIR
  • 25. Inversion of Control (IoC) Hollywood Principle: Don't call us, we'll call you. Program logic runs against abstractions such as callbacks
  • 26. Flexible IOC Container Dependency Injection Decoupled Bindings Messaging Framework Managed Commands Dynamic View Wiring Advanced Modularity Parsely Features .
  • 27. • Dependency management • Simplify the reuse of classes or components • Offers configuration flexibility • Simplify unit-testing • The "cleaner" code IoC and DI Benefits