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Presentation by Mike Ross of Plantronics on Unified Communications. Presented on June 13th 2012 at Rogers Centre

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  • In going to discuss how we see the future of communications and some trends within UC
  • What is your enterprise’s primary communication device? This might seem like a bizarre question a few years ago.  Things are changing very quickly 
  • 2ndquestionIn three years what do you think your enterprise’s primary communication device will be? 
  • 1 - If you aren’t familiar with Plantronics, we provide communication solutions to enterprises, consumers, contact centers.2 - Most of these companies are either in a Pilot phase of UC Might be Planning phaseSome have fully adopted and deployed.3 - The way we communicate now is dramatically different than just a few years ago, 4 We have put a lot of resources into understanding the next age of worker and how UC and Plantronics fit in 
  • [SLIDE 13: Gartner quote]Bob Hafner, a leading Unified Communications advisor for all major companies said it best … Unified Communications is the trend of the future, and about to become indispensable, just like email and the Internet are today.
  • 1 - Lot of change is taking placeHow we work, where we work, the devices we use2 - When we were young our parents went to work- came home end of day – work overWork is a task not a place, now we are working in many environments, our cars, our homes, hotel rooms, 3 - 70% of knowledge workers globally are considered mobile professionals, how do we best equip these associates?4 - When do come into office – transformationBecause so mobile or in conference – office space is under utilized, inefficient and expense. So we see businesses dramatically transforming their real estate, drivngcollaboriation, efficiency, productivity, You have open offices, and the more extreme, hoteling where I don’t have an assigned seat, example - 8005 - And the speed of business has changed, just a few years ago receive a voicemail or email yesterday and respond today, no longer the speed of business is fast, people need to communicate synchrounously, im/chat, audio conferences, video calls. Multiple devices – my cell, UC client, skype, home we’ll cover the next age of work and how UC and Plantronics fit in50% of work remotely75% dial in.
  • 1 - Workplace 2.0 is a concept introduced by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to support Council's commitment to workplace renewal.2 - It is a government-wide initiative that is meant to modernize how the public service works3 - The objective of Workplace 2.0 is to create a modern workplace that will attract, retain and enable public servants to work smarter This means new office designs that are flexible and maximize the use of space and technology.4 - updating policies, processes and systems that support public servants in their work, and providing new technologies that allow them to connect, collaborate and communicate across government and with Canadians
  • 1 - Across all these types of collaboration voiceis still essential. 2 - People determine meaning far more from the tone of voice, than the words themselves. that’s why email or chat is not alone sufficient. 3 - Voice confirms understanding or misunderstanding, engagement, excitement, it is essential for collaboration and communication.Email examples – when urgent we pick up the phone.
  • 1 - Today’s workforce is more mobile and diverse in their communications needs than ever.2 - Our portfolio of solutions is designed to address the different use-cases and segments of your organization, and to meet the increasing need for workspace flexibility.3 - We have matched each of these common use cases with a headset or audio system that optimizes the user’s communications experience.
  • Voyager Pro:Our flagship Bluetooth series for mobile office use. All day comfort, exceptional audio quality and performance. Voyager Pro UC is the first headset that knows when you’re wearing it and when you are not. Savi Office:This wireless system family bridges the gap between traditional telephony (desk phone) and PC communications. Provides mobility around campus.Calisto:A family of conferencing and USB handsets that accommodates the needs of the remote worker and unique use cases requiring personal speakerphones. Connects by Bluetooth to the mobile phone, USB to the PC, providing an integrated experience. Blackwire:Our line of corded headsets offers exceptional voice clarity and comfort. Ideal for heavy use by office workers.
  • Just mention 3 products that fit into this category.
  • About year and half ago – came out what we refer to as “Simply Smarter Communications”1 - Our new brand strategy, Simply Smarter Communications, is a new, unified approach to communicating and collaborating. It means crystal-clear sound backed by intuitive technology that connects you, every time, without fail. It means smart solutions that give you hands-free mobility, integrate your communications with all your devices, and make you more productive and less stressed2 - So withthe multitude of devices/phones I have, places I work and type of communication, how do we make this easy for users? for example with this headset, which works with my mobile and PC, regardless which is ringing, just placing on my ear answers the call, I didn’t have to answer on that device
  • the MDA200 headset communications hub Connects to PC and Desk phoneUSB vpr UC – for wireless
  • Purpose of this slide:Show a unique speakerphone product that was designed for remote workers managing calls from multiple devicesTalking points:1. Totally unique product in the UC space – speakerphone that connects to multiple devices with color display and touch sensitive dial pad for simple call management2. Wireless mic can be worn on your lapel and provides headset-quality voice transmission and freedom of movement3. Highest level of hands-free choice Plantronics has ever offered in a single product: choice to use speakerphone, wireless mic or Bluetooth or corded headsetsBackground:
  • 1 - . We have worked closely with thousands of customers and together we have acquired vast amounts of knowledge and expertise. 2 - we have created the Plantronics UC Toolkit - a portfolio of customer experiences and lessons learned while integrating audio devices into a UC environment namely - Trial, Plan, Deploy, Adopt, and Evolve.3 - By leveraging the shared experiences of best practices, recommendations and insights plus off-the-shelf training tools, IT organizations can avoid unforeseen mistakes and greatly reduce the cost, time and effort of their organization's audio device UC integration.
  • BlackBerryFull Application features + Notifications available + leader initiated calls Synchronizes with Platform / Device calendar, initiates user notifications prior to meeting to all invited attendees, One touch meeting access - application dials in to meeting and automatically enters conference security code(s)Notifications allow users to send messages to all invitees – i.e. “hey guys I’m running 5 minutes late” Supports one touch dial for conferencing services that request meeting initiator self identify as a call leader AndroidFull Application features + Notifications available + leader initiated calls iPhoneFull Application featuresDoes not have reminders turned on by default due to Apple limitation Microsoft Outlook Full Application feature set Ability to initiate meetings on conference room phone from your PC – either remotely or from in the room if you have Lync
  • . All of our products are backed by our industry leading warranty and an unmatched worldwide support network providing customer service, sales support and repair.Finally, We pride ourselves on being the most trusted brand in the category.  In order to achieve and maintain that high standard, we focus on three things: commitment to our partners and customers throughout the product lifecycle, industry-leading product reliability and corporate social responsibility. Customer support: Customers have 24/7 access to online self-help as well as round-the-clock phone, online chat and email support on weekdays.  That’s why 83 percent of our customers say they are “highly satisfied” with our service.  We use only live agents, no automation.  We set up customer-specific 800 numbers to speed response time and ease burden on IT departments.  We can support our customers in 126 different languages.
  • Plantronics UC Presentation

    1. 1. Unified Communication TrendsA View of the Future of Work and CollaborationMike Ross – Ontario Territory Manager
    2. 2. Question•What is your enterprise’s primary communications device?–Deskphone–Mobile/Smart Phone–PC/Mac
    3. 3. Question•In three years, what will your enterprise’s primary communications device be? –Deskphone –Mobile/Smart Phone –PC/Mac
    4. 4. 100%of the Fortune 100
    5. 5. “Today, no one would be expected to workfor a company without email, and seven toten years from now business professionalswon’t want to work for a company withoutunified communications.” Bob Hafner Gartner PUBLIC • SIMPLY SMARTER COMMUNICATIONS • 6/10/2012 5
    6. 6. Collaboration, Communication and How We WorkWork is not a placeOffice is changingHow we collaborateDevices we use
    7. 7. Workplace 2.0 Public Works and Government Services Canada
    8. 8. Voice is Essential 90% of meaning from tone, not the words
    10. 10. Unified Communications PortfolioVOYAGER PRO UC SAVI OFFICEFor the mobile professional For the executiveCALISTO BLACKWIREFor the remote worker For the office worker
    11. 11. UC EnablersProducts that strategically build the bridge fromdesktop reliance to PC Voice and all the liberatingpossibilities of Unified Communications PUBLIC • SIMPLY SMARTER COMMUNICATIONS • 6/10/2012 11
    12. 12. The Role of PlantronicsSimply Smarter Communications TM
    13. 13. MDA200™Unite your enterprise voice• Designed to solve the communications MSRP: $129.95 challenges of businesses migrating to UC. B230/B230-M• Connects to a corded or wireless USB headset to manage and switch between calls from desk phone and PC.• Use with Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) cable or HL10 handset lifter to enable remote answer/end control with the desk phoneanswer/end control in place ofthe controls on an attachedheadset PUBLIC • SIMPLY SMARTER COMMUNICATIONS • 6/10/2012 13
    14. 14. Calisto 800 SeriesThe only speakerphone that multi-taskslike you do• Connects and seamlessly switches between calls from PC, mobile and home phone1• Color display and touch sensitive dial pad for easy caller ID viewing, dialing, answering, switching, and muting across devices• Wireless microphone offers unparalleled voice transmission and freedom of movement2• For privacy, use with Bluetooth® or corded headsets/headphones (3.5mm)Private workspace with multiplecommunication devices1. Home landline (analog) connectivity is available only with the Calisto 830 (-M) and Calisto 835 (-M)2. Wireless microphone included with Calisto 825 (-M) & 835 (-M) PUBLIC • SIMPLY SMARTER COMMUNICATIONS • 6/10/2012 14
    15. 15. UC Toolkit Portfolio: What’s Included Wireless Voice in the Office Guidelines FAQs Checklists Surveys Whitepaper and Assessment Tool Custom Quick Setup Guides Custom Interactive Setup Guides PUBLIC • SIMPLY SMARTER COMMUNICATIONS • 6/10/2012 15
    16. 16. InstantMeetingPresenter NameDate Simply Smarter Communications™
    17. 17. What is InstantMeeting?InstantMeeting is an app that syncs all your meetings and not only dials thecall-in, but the passcode, too. And if your cell drops the call, InstantMeetingautomatically dials you back in.• How does it do this? – Calendar sync – Reminds you and automatically dials the phone number as well as the conference code – Automatically offers to re-dial in case of disconnect during a meeting – Allows for dialing as leader when available – Allows for selection of local dial-in number when multiple numbers are available – Support s: Outlook, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry CONFIDENTIAL • PRESENTATION TITLE • 6/11/2012 17
    18. 18. Instant Meeting Availability• All four versions of InstantMeeting are available through the Plantronics site: CONFIDENTIAL • PRESENTATION TITLE • 6/10/2012 18
    19. 19. Instantmeeting
    20. 20. Adding context to Sococo with ‘Contextual Intelligence’ from Plantronics creates compelling new experiences that seem magical to the user Together Plantronics and Sococo are transforming user experiences making communications and interaction smarter and more user aware6/14/2012 20 Plantronics and Sococo confidential. Do not copy or distribute.
    21. 21. Sococo
    22. 22. The Plantronics Difference• Simply Smarter Communications• Portfolio addresses users/use case• World-class customer support• Strategic partnerships with major Unified Communications providers
    23. 23. Simply Smarter Communications™