The Hidden SEO Advantage For Business Mobile Apps - App Store Review Analysis


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The Hidden SEO Advantage For Business Mobile Apps - App Store Review Analysis

  1. 1. App Store Optimization Tools The Hidden SEO Advantage For Mobile Business Apps App Store Review Analysis
  2. 2. App Store Optimization Tools Your customers want to help your business app with App Store SEO…you just have to let them. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  3. 3. App Store Optimization Tools ASO is important for business apps because: App Store SEO, also known as App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing different elements of your mobile app so people are more likely to find it through App Store search and download it. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  4. 4. App Store Optimization Tools How Apps Are Found 37% 63% Since 63% of all apps are discovered through App Store search, it is crucial that your app ranks for relevant keywords. Source: European Technographics® Consumer Technology Online Survey, Q4 2012 Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  5. 5. App Store Optimization Tools How can your customers help your business with ASO? We discovered that by mining customer reviews, we were able to uncover some excellent ASO keywords that companies had missed. Long reviews, like this one for Facebook, have the potential to contain a lot of customer generated keyword ideas. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  6. 6. App Store Optimization Tools But manually checking reviews is a lot of work. That is why we developed the Review Analysis Tool. It is the fastest way to uncover valuable keywords that your customers are giving you (without even knowing it). Here are just a few of the many examples from the Groupon app. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  7. 7. App Store Optimization Tools Now let’s walk through the process of mining your reviews for keyword ideas. We will use the BBC News app as our example. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  8. 8. App Store Optimization Tools You can follow along! We have created public App Profile Pages for every single app on the App Store. The Profile Page for the BBC News app can be found by clicking here. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  9. 9. App Store Optimization Tools Click on the Review Analysis Tool tab and you will be able to see the top keyword ideas that come from the customer reviews. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  10. 10. App Store Optimization Tools We determine the relevance of each word to the app by measuring how many times it is mentioned in the reviews for this app, compared to all apps. The higher the ratio, the more relevant the keyword. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  11. 11. App Store Optimization Tools Now let’s look at this list carefully to see if any keywords stand out. As you look at the keyword ideas for this app, which keywords would you use to search for an app like this? Here are our top 3 picks. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  12. 12. App Store Optimization Tools Keyword Potential Notifications: This might be a good keyword because someone might be looking for an app that has news push notifications. Article: This might be a good keyword because it could be combined with “news” or any other subject matter keyword. Radio: This might be a good keyword because the app has a live news radio function that customers might be looking for. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  13. 13. App Store Optimization Tools Now we need to figure out if these keywords will actually help the BBC News app. The first thing we can do is see if there is any room in their current keyword list to add more keywords. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  14. 14. App Store Optimization Tools By using our Optimize Keywords Tool, we find out that they are only using 77 out of the maximum 100 characters, so there are 23 characters available to add more keywords. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  15. 15. App Store Optimization Tools Next, we will check the Traffic and Difficulty Scores of these keywords. ! These scores are estimates of the number of searches for each keyword and how hard it is to rank for each keyword, respectively. ! For a complete description on how to choose App Store keywords, read our 3 step guide. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  16. 16. App Store Optimization Tools Here are the scores for each keyword, as well as the scores for the keyword combination “science article.” As you can see, the keywords “notifications” and “radio” have pretty high Difficulty Scores. But “article” and “science article” have fairly low difficulty scores. So “article” is one keyword that should be tested in the keyword list. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  17. 17. App Store Optimization Tools …and there are still 16 characters left. Now you give it a try… Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  18. 18. App Store Optimization Tools About Sensor Tower Sensor Tower provides businesses with powerful keyword research and tracking tools to help their apps get more downloads by ranking for important keywords. ! For a free trial, visit Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower
  19. 19. App Store Optimization Tools For more ways to increase the downloads of your business app, visit the Sensor Tower Blog. Copyright © 2013 Sensor Tower