How To Rank Higher For A Specific iOS App Store Keyword


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How To Rank Higher For A Specific iOS App Store Keyword

  1. 1. The App Store Optimization Platform How to Rank Higher for a Specific App Store Keyword Photo: Robert S. Donovan
  2. 2. The Problem You want your iOS app to rank higher for its keywords. ! No, check that… ! You want your app to rank higher for a specific keyword on the Apple App Store. ! This keyword gets a ton of traffic and if you could just get into the top 10 for this keyword, it would provide a great source of downloads and revenue. ! But the big question becomes: How do you do this? ! Is it like SEO where you can optimize the keyword to get higher rankings? Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower The App Store Optimization Platform Would adding a keyword multiple times help? ! These are questions that we often hear when companies ask about how to rank for a specific keyword. ! The following slides will give you the answer. But we will start by saying that you are thinking about it all wrong.
  3. 3. The SEO and ASO Relationship Before we get into why you are thinking about in the wrong way, we need to give you a little background. ! Many people have experience with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As you probably know, it is the process of optimizing web pages to rank for terms that people search for. ! The rank of a page in a Google search can be improved through linking, adding related terms to the page, tagging images, etc. ! When people search for apps on the Apple App Store, shouldn’t the process of getting the app to rank for keywords be similar? ! It sounds logical, but the answer is no. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower The App Store Optimization Platform The mechanics of how apps are ranked in App Store search is very different. ! The process of optimizing an app for App Store search is called App Store Optimization or ASO. ! The next slide will explain this more in-depth, but we just want you to understand that the process is different.
  4. 4. How Apple Determines Rank Now let’s get into how Apple determines what your app is about and thus your keyword rank. ! There are basically two fields where you can tell Apple what the keywords for your app are: the title of your app and the 100 character keyword field. ! That’s it! There is no backlinking, related terms optimization or alt tag optimization. ! Once you put your keywords into those fields, it is up to the App Store algorithm to determine where your app ranks for your keywords. ! Since nobody really knows how apps are ranked based on these inputs, trying to boost your rank for specific keywords is almost impossible. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower The App Store Optimization Platform There are a couple of things that you can do to emphasize your best keywords, like adding them to the title of your app. But beyond that, you are the mercy of the App Store ranking algorithm. ! Therefore, if you are trying to rank for specific keywords, you are taking the wrong approach to ASO. The next slide will tell you how you should be approaching getting ranked in search.
  5. 5. The Solution Instead of trying to rank better for specific keywords, you need to find relevant keywords that your app can rank well for. ! The number of downloads your app gets and the trend of your downloads will be major determining factors in where your app ranks in search. ! So if your app already gets a lot of downloads, you will usually be able to rank higher for more difficult keywords (which usually get more traffic). ! If you don’t have a lot of downloads yet, you will have to target less competitive keywords until you can get enough downloads to start ranking for more competitive keywords. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower The App Store Optimization Platform Sensor Tower makes this process easier by providing a Difficulty Score. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, and is our estimate of how hard it is to rank in the top 10 for a keyword. 1 is the easiest and 10 is the hardest. The key to ranking well in search and getting more organic downloads is to keep optimizing your keyword list until you are ranking in the top 10 for all your target keywords. This takes time and continual optimization, but it is worth the effort. ! So that is why trying to improve your rank for a specific keyword is the wrong way to think about ASO. Find out more on our blog.
  6. 6. About Sensor Tower Sensor Tower a platform that provides businesses with powerful keyword research, tracking and competitive analysis modules to help their apps get more downloads by maximizing App Store Optimization. ! For a free trial, visit ! To get more free tips to help you increase the downloads of your business app, visit the Sensor Tower Blog. Copyright © 2014 Sensor Tower The App Store Optimization Platform