How To Do Foreign App Store Keyword Optimization


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How To Do Foreign App Store Keyword Optimization

  1. 1. App Store Optimization Tools How To Do Foreign App Store Keyword Optimization Get more tips:
  2. 2. If you are only targeting one country with your app, you are literally missing out on a world of possibilities. 
 Let’s fix that… Get more tips:
  3. 3. App Store Optimization Tools This presentation will show you how to research and optimize international keywords so you can reach a larger audience with your app. First, let’s define a couple of key terms: ! 1. Internationalization: Setting up the infrastructure of an app to allow localization. 2. Localization: The translation of different elements in an app to allow it to be used by people in other countries. ! The two are generally used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Get more tips:
  4. 4. Should every developer localize their app? Get more tips:
  5. 5. App Store Optimization Tools Obviously, not every app will lend itself to localization. For example, a local pizza joint like Bob’s Pizza in Chicago will not need to put their app into the German App Store. ! However, if you have a game, that is an app that could have worldwide appeal. Get more tips:
  6. 6. But translating your app into multiple languages can be daunting. There is a solution… Get more tips:
  7. 7. App Store Optimization Tools You can just translate your description and keywords to test how much interest there might be in the country you want to target. If there is interest in your app, you can feel more confident about doing a full translation. ! You can also translate your screenshots and app title, but that is optional. Get more tips:
  8. 8. Now that you might at least be willing to give it a try, let’s get into how to research foreign keywords. Get more tips:
  9. 9. App Store Optimization Tools First, you should spy on your competitors and see what the are doing. If you have a car racing game, a good place to start is by researching popular games like CSR Racing. Use the Keyword Spy Tool to see what keywords they are using. Here is a sample of their Chinese keywords and how they are ranking. Get more tips:
  10. 10. You can stick those keywords into Google Translate to find out what they mean. If you have any doubt, check with a translator. Get more tips:
  11. 11. App Store Optimization Tools ! After you check out your competition, research some of your own keyword ideas. The Keyword Research Tool will give you traffic and ranking difficulty data on your keywords. If you need ideas or are not clear on the exact meaning of a word, consult a native speaker or translator. Get more tips:
  12. 12. When choosing keywords, remember to prioritize keywords by: ! 1.Relevance to your app 2.Difficulty Score 3.Traffic Score Get more tips:
  13. 13. App Store Optimization Tools Your keywords should be closely related to your app because people will only download what they searched for. This might be obvious to you, but we still see publishers choosing keywords primarily based on traffic and not on relevance. Get more tips:
  14. 14. App Store Optimization Tools The next criteria is Difficulty Score. The higher the Score, the harder it is to rank for that keyword. The Score that you can rank for will depend on your app. As a rule of thumb, you should target a Score that is equal to or less than the average Difficulty Score that you are already ranking in the top 10 for with your other keywords. Add your keywords to the Search Rankings Tool and you will be able to easily see the Difficulty Scores and your rankings. Get more tips:
  15. 15. App Store Optimization Tools Finally, if you are trying to decide between two or more keywords with similar relevance and difficulty, then look at the Traffic Score. The higher the Traffic Score, the more estimated traffic that keyword is getting. Get more tips:
  16. 16. Compile a list of the keywords that you have discovered through this process and continually track, test and update your keywords.… Get more tips:
  17. 17. For more App Store Optimization and App Marketing tips, visit our blog: