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Sensis Agile Marketing: The Key to Effective Hispanic Social Media Marketing


Published on

Why Agile Marketing is the way to approach Hispanic (social media) marketing. …

Why Agile Marketing is the way to approach Hispanic (social media) marketing.

From Hispanicize 2013 presentation in Miami, FL (April 2013)

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Agile MarketingThe Key To Effective Hispanic Social MarketingHispanicize 20132013April 11,
  • 2. 2I’ve been working in advertising for the last 14yearsMy background :– Web / tech / geekiness– Strategy consulting– EconomicsI sort of stumbled into this business…Jose
  • 3. 3… and I’m one of the few people you’ll meetthat runs an ad agency that never worked inadvertising before.
  • 4. 4“The curious task ofeconomics is to demonstrateto men how little they reallyknow about what theyimagine they can design.”- F.A. Hayek
  • 5. 5My philosophy about marketing….We think we know more than we do aboutwhat will work and what won’t.Economics meets Marketing?
  • 6. Our challenge
  • 7. 7The world ischanging faster thanwe can keep up withit.
  • 8. 8We’re living in the “wild west” of marketing
  • 9. 9The Hispanic marketis changing evenfaster
  • 10. 10Hispanic marketing is that rowdy saloon inthe wildest part of the West…
  • 11. 11Population growthBiculturalDigital
  • 12. 12Yet we’re failing…
  • 13. Our method is the madness…
  • 14. 14Most of us are approaching marketingincorrectly
  • 15. 15Spending too muchtime “planning”
  • 16. 16Worshiping the falsegod of marketresearch
  • 17. 17Market research is not what it used to be…
  • 18. 18Obsessed with the“big launch”
  • 19. 19Waterfall / Sequential-Predictive
  • 20. Introducing Agile…
  • 21. 21Agile Methodology• Approach to software development• Flexible alternative to traditional or “Waterfall” methodology– which attempts to identify every requirement of the project before any design orcoding occurs• Agile helps teams respond to the unpredictability of buildingsoftware through incremental, iterative work cadences,known as sprints.– By focusing on the repetition of abbreviated work cycles, agile methodologycould be described as “iterative” and “incremental.”
  • 22. 22Agile “Nuts & Bolts”
  • 23. 23Agile-based website planning anddevelopment process.It’s only real if you build it.
  • 24. 24Benefits of AgileGetting what you want vs. knowing what you wantWaterfall Agile
  • 25. Agile Marketing Model
  • 26. 26What is Agile Marketing?• Takes its inspiration from the Agilesoftware development methodology• Avoids the “big leap” approach and“marketing lottery” paradigm– whereby a few initiatives win while the majoritylose• Agile replaces "big leaps" withcontinuous mini-steps comprised ofongoing "test-learn-commit" loops
  • 27. 27stresses speed tomarket andrapid iteration
  • 28. 28Embraces ignorance
  • 29. 29documentation and assumptions arereplaced with living programs and actualresults (and data)
  • 30. 30near instant feedbackrelatively inexpensiveallows for easy testing andlearningWhy Agile is Perfect for SocialMedia
  • 31. Applying Agile to HispanicMarketing
  • 32. 32How Agile is perfect for Hispanic marketing(more broadly)
  • 33. 33Perfect for Hispanicmarketing newbies
  • 34. 34Figuring out your “RightSpend” for Hispanic
  • 35. 35Not for everyone
  • 36. Agile Marketing Manifesto
  • 37. 37Agile Manifesto• Validated learning over research and planning• Iterative campaigns over Big-Bang launches• Flexible vs. rigid planning• Responding to change over following a plan• Many small experiments over a few large bets
  • 38.