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Sense Intro Sense Intro Presentation Transcript

  • Sensors are everywhere Steven Mulder [email_address]
  • Mission statement
    • Modern smartphones
      • Many sensors
      • Many networking options
      • Easily available
    • Other sensors/actuators
      • Even more sensing options
      • Customized for specific purposes
    • Networked intelligence
      • Smart combining of sensor data
      • Smart sharing of useful information
      • Don't depend on having 1 perfect sensor
    Sense aims to improve human communication and coordination by achieving situational awareness through:
  • Smartphone and sensor node Microphone Camera Accelerometer Light sensor Touch sensor Battery level Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPRS UMTS GSM GPS Speaker Vibration Display USB Calendar data Communication records Human sources Orientation Proximity Internet sources Accelerometer Temperature Light Infrared (movement) Bluetooth * MyriaNed Serial port Orientation CO 2 Indoor location Sensors Actuators Connectivity Virtual Sensors
  • Three Steps in Situational Awareness
    • Status observation and prediction
      • Reachability of the user
      • Location of the user
      • Activities (in general) of the user
      • Properties of the environment
    • Networked intelligence
      • Share sensor data with other devices
      • Combine multi-modal sensor signals for richer data
    • Smart interaction
      • Don't just observe what is happening!
      • Share information with other people when this is useful
      • Support and coordinate human communication and transactions
  • Sense software suite
    • Local network
      • Mesh network with gossip protocol
      • Linked to external world via smartphones
      • Does sensing and actuation
      • Preprocesses sensed data
      • Interacts with other platforms (e.g. ASK or Regas)
    • Remote host, “CommonSense”
      • Cloud intelligence
      • Remembers, combines, analyzes sensor data
      • Also interacts with other platforms (e.g. ASK)
    Sense delivers a development platform consisting of two parts: Local applications CommonSense Other platforms
  • Advantages
    • Do more things with more intelligence
      • no more manual logging: automatically register what is happening
      • immediately notice abnormal behavior
      • minimize coordination problems between links
      • real-time information means better planning possibilities
    • Ease of use of wireless sensor networks
      • virtually no infrastructure costs
      • up and running within hours
      • reliable against breakdowns of individual devices
    • Open architecture
      • no proprietary black boxes
      • works with pre-existing infrastructure
      • flexibility for scaling/updating
  • Current situation
      Working on pilot projects:
      • Building management system
      • Location-based time registration (Regas)
      • Sharing reachability status via webservice (ASK)
      • Indoor localization
      Looking for more!
  • Example 1: Reachability
    • Key issue in emergency response
    • Observe and predict if / when a user can be reached.
    • Automatically pick the right communication channels.
    Already in a call, arrange callback? Too noisy to talk, send SMS? Not near phone, call a friend?
  • Example 2: Location
    • Observe and predict where the user is.
    • Multiple sensors:
      • GPS
      • Calendar
      • MyriaNed sensor nodes
      • GSM cell towers
      • Known Wi-Fi access points
      • Other users
    Bringing the kids to school, back in 20 minutes. In traffic, will be 30 minutes late for the meeting. Having a walk in the park, everything is fine.
  • Example 3: Activities
    • Recognize activities of the user and learn which ones are relevant.
    • Check with user or other devices for feedback.
    Having a 10 minute rest stop Attending G20 summit with Barack and Angela Measuring a patient's blood pressure
  • Example 4: Networked intelligence
    • Use the network of sensors that exists around us
    • Share sensor data with neighboring devices
    • Combine multi-modal sensor signals
    Does anyone know where we are? No problem! I have GPS. I think I heard something fall. I just hit some- thing hard! I could call the neighbours... Something just moved. I heard breaking glass! The light was switched on. Something is moving.
  • Example 5: Smart interaction
    • Act upon the knowledge about the user and his environment
    • Help the user in smart ways
    Hello, I am here for a meeting with Mr. Lee That's my guy! I'll send you his business card. You just bought toma- toes, pasta, chips... OK, I will scratch those off the grocery list and notify Mrs. Carrot. Careful! You are moving away from the nearest CPR-person.