WQA 2012 Water Metals Testing


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Product presentation at the WQA 2012 show about Sensafe™ Water Metals Check. Sensafe™ Water Metals Check visual test strips are a fast, easy, accurate and inexpensive way to determine if metals are in drinking water. This patented test incorporates a unique aperture (window) indicator that develops red in the presence of +2 metals. The technology eliminates color “bleeding” and gives better results with greater sensitivity. These strips are safe and easy to use with a built in noncarcinogenic pad indicator.

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WQA 2012 Water Metals Testing

  1. 1. Testing for Metals in WaterBy Ivars Jaunakais / Industrial Test Systems, Inc.Wednesday, March 7th WQA 20123:00 – 3:30 pm
  2. 2. WaterØ It’s the most important natural resource inour environmentØ Not pure - contains microorganisms,dissolved minerals and metals which needto be controlled so water can be usedsafely
  3. 3. Testing for MetalsØ Most reliable method for testing islaboratory analysis by instrumentation butcost per test expensive (over $20) andmust allow for a delay in resultsØ Hazardous reagents in field kits andcomplicated test procedure maydiscourage the use of the kitØ Typical field kits don’t meet EPA detectionrequirements such as 15 µg/L for Lead
  4. 4. How Metal gets into WaterØ Leaching from PipesØ Leaching from PipefittingsØ Leaching from Pipesolder
  5. 5. SenSafe™ Water Metals Check#480309Ø  Excellent for fieldtesting metals in waterØ  Easy and SafeØ  Results in under3 minutesØ  Inexpensive way toincrease RO sales
  6. 6. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø  80% of tap water reads50 ppb or above formetalsØ  Filtered, RO and Bottledwater is below 10 ppbØ  Water Metals Checkrequires no externalchemicals or any training
  7. 7. Procedure of SenSafe WaterMetals Check#480309Ø  Dip the strip for 30seconds in sampleØ  Wait two minutesØ  Match color on theend of the strip to thecolor chart providedon the bottle (colorchart)
  8. 8. SenSafe™ Water Metals Check#480309Ø  Each strip tests for all +2 metals:•  Cadmium•  Cobalt•  Copper•  Iron (reduced form ONLY)•  Lead•  Mercury•  Nickel•  Zinc
  9. 9. SenSafe™ Water Metals CheckColor Chart#480309
  10. 10. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø Accurate because:l  No chemicals to mix and noinstrumentation to calibrate,SenSafe™ Water MetalsCheck minimizes errorbecause of simple procedurel  Patented aperture strip allowssuch low detectionl  Indicator is water insoluble
  11. 11. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø Easy because:l  Professional accuracy fornon-technical user with nospecial training needed
  12. 12. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø Quick because:l  No set up is required soresults are available in afraction of the time requiredby other methods
  13. 13. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø Safe because:l  SenSafe™ Water MetalsCheck is classified by OSHAto be non-hazardous becauseof the small amount ofchemicals involvedl  Indicator is not toxic
  14. 14. Benefits of SenSafe™Water Metals Check#480309Ø Safe to Transport because:l  Small and portable - makes itideal for field testingl  Very Stable even whenexposed to elevatedtemperatures
  15. 15. Why Test Results are Good1.  Test range is acceptable2.  Test is appropriate for user technicalability3.  Test is robust: reagents are reliable andstable4.  Test gives meaningful results5.  Test is accurate when performedcorrectly
  16. 16. Running TEST KITIN A LABØ Analysis will provide good results in aLaboratory settingØ A lab is a controlled environmentwhere Reagent stability is assuredØ Recalibration of test kit reagents or kitperformance can be easily confirmed
  17. 17. Running a Test KitOn-SiteØ  Test kits and instruments on-site operate underdifferent environmental conditionsØ  Customer home or business can have a greatdeal of affect on results and operatorØ  Distractions like noise and activityØ  For some tests (especially Liquid reagents)stability is affected by elevated Temperature intransport vehicleØ  On-site (Field) precise results are a challengeØ  Easy, non-technical procedures are desirable
  19. 19. Questions?Industrial Test Systems, Inc.Ivars@sensafe.com www.sensafe.com