Academic Integrity


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a lesson for online students

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Academic Integrity

  1. 1. Academic Integrity for Online Students Polly Nelson, Assistant Professor of Spanish Lord Fairfax Community College
  2. 2. What is academic integrity? Lord Fairfax Student HandbookThe collegiate experience depends on the absoluteintegrity of the work completed by each student and itis imperative that students maintain a high standard ofhonor in their course work. Academic honesty isessential to develop students’ full intellectual potentialand self-esteem. Academic dishonesty involves, but isnot limited to, one of the following: giving or receiving,offering or soliciting unauthorized assistance on anyexam or assignment; plagiarism or collusion.
  3. 3. Procedures in Cases of Academic DishonestyIf a faculty member suspects a student of academicdishonesty, he or she will discuss this suspicion and thereasons privately with the student involved. Then, if theinstructor is convinced that the student is guilty ofacademic dishonesty, one or more of the following penaltiesmay be imposed by the instructor depending on his or herjudgment as to the seriousness of the offense: • Reprimand the student. • Require that the work in question be done over. • Assign a grade of zero on the work involved. • Assign a grade of F for the course.
  4. 4. Profe Nelson’s SyllabusAcademic Honesty: At LFCC we maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. I take this topic extremely seriously.Cheating: This includes seeking or giving unauthorized help on any academic assignment and submitting garbled answers in the Supersite/Web-SAM. It also includes submitting work that was completed by someone else or work that was completed by an Internet translator. You may use online dictionaries but not online translators. You should use as your dictionary, but this use should not be frequent. Use your textbook instead; it contains what we have studied and what you are expected to produce. If your work is not consistent with the level of the course and your level of experience, thus indicating that it was done by an outside resource, you will receive a warning with a zero on the assignment. The second infraction will result in an F in the course. Any cheating that relates to a written or oral test or exam will result in failing the course.Plagiarism: This is defined as using another’s words or ideas and representing them as one’s own either knowingly or unknowingly. In other words, by not documenting a source, one commits plagiarism. See the latest issue of the LFCC Student Handbook for further questions regarding plagiarism.Misconduct in the area of academic honesty will result in a zero on the related assignment or failing the course. This decision is up to the discretion of the instructor. students/student-life/academic-honesty-pledge/index.html
  5. 5. Why does it matter? • Learning matters! Its why were here!Outcomes and consequences:Distraction from our course materialEffect on midterm/finalEffect on long term learningVigorous enforcement of course policy
  6. 6. Examples and practice• What an online translator lacks:Knowledge of what we are doing in classCritical thinking, including ability to control and simplify ideas and structures• Things students have:Knowledge of what we are doing in classCritical thinking, including ability to control and simplify ideas and structures
  7. 7. Common problems with online translations• Tenses and moods we have not studied. If you have knowledge of tenses beyond the scope our course, you should be in an appropriate class.• Literal translations from English that do not make sense to a sympathetic listener (someone nice who wants to understand and communicate, like Profe Nelson)
  8. 8. Assignment Complete the Blackboard quiz assigned this week regarding academic integrity. Keep taking it until you achieve 100%. You must get a 100% in order to earn credit. I feel strongly about the topics I’ve discussed with you in thispresentation, because I love Spanish, I love sharing it with others, and I love learning. If youre ever in doubt about something, justask. I’m happy to answer your questions. I believe that with these ideas in mind, you can experience authentic success this semesterand take knowledge away from this course that will benefit you in your future. ¡Muchas gracias a todos!