First day spanish i


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First day spanish i

  1. 1. Bienvenidos a la clase de español SEÑORA ABBOTT
  2. 2. Español I  El alfabeto español / abecedario:  v=MhYKuKA0qLo  v=PhhGyX0pppc  v=JUcu9PUh9_A  v=KjhrOgJxuJY  Tu silla: You will find that I arrange the chairs differently a lot….please don’t be afraid to sit next to a new friend.  Our class lasts 45 minutes EVERY DAY….no study halls, no free periods, and never leave your books in your lookers!  Everything is worth points: maps, tests, quizzes, homework..  Prerequisites: Kindness, compassion and a willingness to work hard together
  3. 3. Gramática inicial  v=AIdAsfC9t4o&list=PL9DCFDD096 5C429B6  Join me on FACEBOOK Senora Anita Abbott Ask to be my friend and I will add you. You will be able to find our Power Points, news etc there.
  4. 4. Course Objectives  Students will study the Spanish I core curriculum as a full year academic course in the high school. The student will be eligible to continue at the High School in Spanish II next year. Satisfactory completion of this course will require a higher level of work and commitment than most courses from the Middle School.
  5. 5. Required Materials • Most days paper will be provided Writing Instrument / lápiz, pluma • You must bring your book to every class, every day all year!Book / Libro • Most out of class assignments are short, but your are expected to complete them before the next class session. Homework / tareas
  6. 6. Instructional Methods  Brief description of instructional methods  Our class changes activities about every five minutes and you are expected to follow along  Demonstrations by the teacher, through videos and book  Class discussions are one person at a time speaks and other listen  Individual and group projects are assigned
  7. 7. Schedule / Horario Week Semana Topic / Tema Assignment/Project Tareas Week 1 Classroom rules Spanish alphabet / name selection Week 2 Greeting and Goodbyes Map of Central America Week 3 Courtesy and Dates Countries of Central America test Week 4 Tell who or what something is Definite Articles the verb SER Week 5 Describe yourself and some famous Latin heroes Discuss El Quijote, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Marti
  8. 8. Grades / Notas  cumulative point totals  Weekly and daily assignments tareas  Projects projectos como mapas  Quizzes  pruebas  Exams exámenes 10 30 20 40 Percent of Grade
  9. 9. Resources Web Book Buen Viaje Username: BUEVL105 Password: NepH4fre
  10. 10. Sra. Abbott Contact Information 724.437.4741 Free Periods 4 & 8 Facebook Senora Anita Abbott
  11. 11. Questions? WRITE HERE: