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Curiosity insightStream Introduction

  1. 1. Beyondthe MachineInsightStream’s approach to Social Media Research 221 East Fourth St. Suite 2300
  2. 2. Introduction There is no algorithm that can find deep human insights. It take a human to do that. At Curiosity InsightStream we rely on machines to do what they well; finding, sorting and grouping. And we rely on humans to do what they do well; identify pattern, see themes and recognized deep human insights.
  3. 3. 3 An Essential Truth If consumers are always talking, 
 shouldn’t we always be listening?

  4. 4. Brand Mentions 4 Conversation Discovery The common approach to using social media is to look for brand mentions. And while that has some value its like a dog hearing her name but not understanding the real conversation. We seek to go deeper into the life of the consumers. We seek to understand the human context, the emotions and the meaning.
  5. 5. Perfect for line extensions, brand protection, monitoring digital campaigns Perfect for Break Thru, White Space Ideation BrandMentions Consumer Conversations 5 By focusing only on brand mentions the vast majority of the consumer conversation goes unheard. Conversation Discovery
  6. 6. 6 Verbal and Visual Ethnography The social media conversation presents
 consumers in their life, unfiltered and often uninfluenced. Leading to a virtual ethnography available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  7. 7. InsightStream’s Use ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Communication: Advertising Messaging ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Innovation: Inspiration Ideation Need Identification InsightStream’s approach can be used
 to shape marketing communication by creating inspirational Insight Starters to share with those creating communication. The results of an InsightStream study can be part of understanding unmet needs, consumer desires or frustrations with existing product solutions. 7
  8. 8. The InsightStream® Process 8 Category/ Brand Category Echoes LifeEchoes Insight Starters Sticky Insights Standard tools such as Sysomos or Netbase is used to do keyword and natural language searches. The searches include relevant brand and/or category keywords. The machine (Sysomos) spits out directly connected to the initial search terms. This is as far as most brand reviews go. However, this is just the doorway to deeper, emotional, echoes. 1 2 3 4 5 The consultant evaluates the results of the second iteration of searches looking for rich areas of emotion, meaning, motivation and barriers. The consultant writes a short description that puts the Themes into a Human context and brings to life the most valuable themes. The consultant then writes a single, memorable phrase that captures the essence of the insight while keeping it in the Human Context.
  9. 9. 9 CaseStudy
  10. 10. The Challenge 10 Hasbro was looking to expand their market. Hard to do when you already have the vast majority of your key target, young boys.
  11. 11. Example Posts 11
  12. 12. 12 Example Posts The appearance in Flickr of “bad ass” images, revealing girls ready for Nerf battle indicated an audience was open to communication or innovation of a new product for them.
  13. 13. SocialEcho Map Bow and Arrow Ready for Battle Nerf Blaster as Gun IntenseTeams Achievement Girl Power Guilty for Wrong Body “Man up” Sporty as Fashion Confidence Gift Requests Bow & Arrow Hunger Games Desire to Play Category Echoes Life Echoes 13 War Games Empower- ment Ubiquity Awareness At Concerts Popular Story Modeling Peeta At Parties At School Friends Nerf in Public Nerf Blaster as Gun
  14. 14. The Challenge 14 On March 23rd, 2012 The Hunger Games Movie opened. The review of the social conversation indicated a connection to game play and The Hunger Games fandom.
  15. 15. 15 Nerfin’ Girlz Nerfin’Girlz Category Life Echoes Category Echo InsightStarter Co-Ed Play Nerf Blasters Girl Power Ready for Battle Popular Story Modeling Hunger Games Modern youth novels and the resulting in girls looking for confidence and! power. They’ve found role models and now seek to make those a part of their lives. 1 2 3 4
  16. 16. 16 InsightStarter Nerfin’ Girlz are more than girls playing with a toy. Nerfin’ Girlz are about power, confidence and self-sufficiency. These girls have read or watched stories like The Hunger Games, Divergence and The Golden Compass. They’ve grown up watching their brothers and friends pattern their play after their heroes and now its their turn. These girls are ready for life’s battles and their looking for someone to arm them. Nerfin’Girlz
  17. 17. Insight Implicaitons Communication: By using the language (both literal and visual) of Hunger Games a connection with girls could be established. Innovation: By connecting a product (i.e. bow and arrow) with the tone and context of Hunger Games a market (Nerfin’ Girlz) could be grown. Nerfin’ Girlz 17
  18. 18. And then… 18 In March, 2013, Hasbro launched the Nerf Rebelle line of Nerf blasters including a Hunger Games inspired bow and arrow, called the Heartbreaker. View video at:
  19. 19. InsightStream… 19 Leverages emerging technology to gain deep, global insights? Drives down the cost of research by approaching it in a smarter way? Anticipates consumers behavior by offering actionable human insights.