Catch cook mcba annual meeting october 2012


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Overview of the Michigan Catch & Cook program for charter captains at the Michigan Charter Boat Association Meeting October 2012

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  • Many captains may have already been in relationships with restaurants and doing this; however, in this state, the practice wasn’t approved by the state and the local public health departments who inspect food establishments. Per the Michigan Food Code, it is a violation to bring food into a food service establishment due to food safety & food handing laws in this state. This program now provides state level approval for this specific food product to be brought into licensed and participating restaurants for preparation and consumption by the person/party who caught the fish.
  • We have 47 charters and 29 restaurants registered as of 10/02/12Most recently registered charter service or restaurant defaults to the top of the listing – chronological by posting date
  • Simply click on the email link to open email client/software, copy & paste the info under For Charters and fill in the info in your email
  • Please make sure the restaurant(s) you affiliate yourself with meets the state’s definition of a licensed Michigan restaurant.
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  • Where referring web traffic is coming from - note Alpena CVB
  • Based on “keywords” used to search for Michigan Catch & Cook in Google, the “name” has made an impression as users are applying some variation of the name to find the website and info on the program.
  • Catch cook mcba annual meeting october 2012

    1. 1. Michigan Catch & Cook Michigan Charter Boat Association Annual Meeting October 20, 2012Dan O’Keefe, Ph.D. and Sandra Enness, MA, MPH Michigan Sea Grant Michigan State University Extension
    2. 2. Michigan Catch & Cook What is Catch & Cook?Catch & Cook is a statewide An effort to promote andprogram that allows charter encourage creative, yetfishing clients who catch fish safe, marketing of Michiganfrom Michigan’s Great Lakes an Great Lakes sports fish throughopportunity to take their fresh a partnership with the chartercatch to a participating Michigan fishing industry and localrestaurant to cook and serve restaurants.those fish to those clients.
    3. 3. Michigan Catch & Cook Michigan Charter Boat Association MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Michigan Sea Grant Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Michigan Department of Natural ResourcesImage: Michigan Catch & Cook Kickoff Event May 24, 2012 Michigan Restaurant AssociationCourtesy: MDNR
    4. 4. Restaurant RequirementsAny licensed Michigan restaurant can participate in Catch &Cook, provided the establishment has the equipment, facilities and spaceto prepare and serve cooked fish.Participating restaurants must be able to meet food lawrequirements, such as adequate space to process fish, and have theability to prevent cross contamination between fish and other foods.In addition, the restaurants must be able to maintain product identity andcustody.Restaurants have the right to refuse to serve fish if the restaurantbelieves the fish has not been properly handled.
    5. 5. Benefits of Catch & Cook Charter Captains Restaurants Clients/CustomersNew Charter Clients New Dining Customers New Dining ExperienceRepeat Charter Clients Repeat Dining Customers Fun of Catching Your Own Lunch/DinnerRecognized Relationships Recognized Relationships No Worries Over What tow/ Dockside/Community with Charter Boat Do with Your CatchRestaurants Captains/CrewsPlay a Role in Shaping a Play a Role in shaping a Local Food Source withCommunity’s Local Food Community’s Local Food Minimal Food “Footprint”Identity IdentityOnline Listing of Your Online Listing of Your Customers Enjoy anCharter Service via Website Restaurant Service via Opportunity to Extend the– Directs Traffic to Your Website – Directs Traffic to Fishing Day ExperienceWebsite Your Website w/ a Professionally Prepared Fish Meal
    6. 6. Data capture is05/23/12 - 10/02/12
    7. 7. 18% ofvisitors tothis siteare gettingthere viamobilemedia
    8. 8. Marketing Catch & CookActions to consider to help market your participation in Catch & Cook:Place the Catch & Cook logo on your home page & social media.Create a link on your website to the Catch & Cook site.Add quotes/photos/videos from your Catch & Cook clients to feature onyour website/social media/marketing materials.Bring program to the attention of clients when booking trips.Encourage your port city’s CVB to feature the Catch & Cook logo on itswebsite/home page/social media (e.g., Alpena CVB).Encourage your affiliated restaurant(s) to feature the Catch & Cook logoon their website/home page/social media and menu.
    9. 9. Register Your Charter