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Senmus Capital V 5.0 Ingles
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Senmus Capital V 5.0 Ingles


Version en ingles

Version en ingles

Published in Business
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  • 1. Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 1
  • 2. Senmus Capital Global Franchise “Model for Capital Markets Formation” Business Oportunity Profile Confidential Information© Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 2
  • 3. Who are we • We are creative individuals with an innovative and ecological approach basis aimed for the common good; committed with the generation of alternatives to implement and enjoy the benefits of sustainable regional development. • We are dedicated to promote a better and more just relationship with both our planet and us; the human kind. 3 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 3
  • 4. Who are we • We believe that “ecological” business (Eco-Business) are the only viable option for humanity, since we must insist on the sustentability of resources; for our own good as a specie, and we aim to develop under a scheme we call “Co-Operative-Capitalism”, which is a creative financing alternative, developed by us to give business the capital and the freedom to operate in fair conditions and with flexible and effective well-defined outlines. 4 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 4
  • 5. Who are we • We act as the Corporate Integration and Cooperative Development Axis of our Model "MÉXICO NUEVO ©“. • We are the Model´s element that performs the functions of financing and development of Sustainable Business, through investment of Venture Capital. 5 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 5
  • 6. Mission To exercise as a Society Promoter of Investment, a deep cooperative attitude and social responsibility; which, with the participation of Venture Capital Investors, will productively articulate and successfully manage investment portfolios integrated by high-impact projects to create Sustainable Wealth. 6 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 6
  • 7. Vision Operate a Prosperous, Innovative, Sustainable and Honest Business Model that by 2013 positions us at the Global Leadership of the Venture Capital Industry. 7 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 7
  • 8. Objetive Manage and invest funds commited in an offshore trust by Venture Capital (Capital Emprendedor) Investors in prosperous and sustainable projects, managed with the technology of the Senmus Capital Model. These funds are partnering with developers of innovative and sustainable projects of great social impact. • Aligned to the millennium goals of the UN • Of scientific and technological base • Socially responsible • Sustainable and ecological • Creators of prosperity and abundance 8 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 8
  • 9. Concept of the Model The Model makes an optimum use of the synergy that is created by the Mexican Legislation from the combined use of the legal figures “Anonymous Society Promoter of Investment” and the international figure of the “Venture Capital Investment Trust”; which SENMUS CAPITAL calls in it’s Model: “Fideicomiso de Inversión de Capital Emprendedor” o FICE 9 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 9
  • 10. Main atributes of the FICE •It´s a Foreign Trust. Each of the FICE’s has it´s own legal and individual identity, OFFSHORE located. •It is the vehicle to gather and manage the assets of the investment partners to be used to acquire Special Series C Shares of Senmus Capital in the terms of “Inversión Neutra” defined by V Title of the Mexican Foreign Investment Law. •It’s self-governed exclusively by the investment partners of the Trust. They elected it’s board; and amongst all, select the investment projects for the Trust´s resources. Acts as the guardian of the funds. •The Board is “the first key to open the box of funds“. Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 10
  • 11. 11 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 11
  • 12. Operational Articulation of our Model •The internal elements of the Model are symbionts; beeing SENMUS CAPITAL the Genesis that creates the rest of the elements and at the same time it´s the operational axis over which all activity rotates. •The Model creates a venture capital market sui generis, complete, integral and integrator by emulating the stock market operational scheme, where as SENMUS CAPITAL performs as the Stock Market and Auction Floor; The FICE's as the brokers for the clientele, which in order to enter the Market must go through a broker. •The Titles that are traded in this venture capital market are THE INDIVIDUALLY OWNED CERTIFICATES OF PARTICIPATION IN THE FICE TRUST. 12 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 12
  • 13. Purpose of the Model The SENMUS CAPITAL Model shields all participants, the Investors as well as the entrepreneurs by: 1.- Performing the project screening and prospect selection process not by the Investors (FICE) but by a separate entity (SENMUS CAPITAL); the Investor decide the investments to be instrumented by the Trust (FICE), from the prospects that SENMUS CAPITAL has screened for them; this way the emotional related factors are mitigated o eliminated from the equation; 2.- Assuring that once the investment is decided, everything, from the instrumentation of the deal, the tracking of the performance up to the exit of the investment; is executed accordingly to expectations defined by all Parties; 13 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 13
  • 14. Purpose of the Model 3.- Giving the individual Investor the option of exiting the venture, by selling to market his CERTIFICATES OF PARTICIPATION IN THE FICE TRUST, which is made possible by the design of the SENMUS CAPITAL Global Franchise infrastructure, and 4.- Avoiding that the Investors deal with multiple managing teams and responsibilities' and ending up running the venture themselves; they only deal with SENMUS CAPITAL. Our operational Model achieves that all operations are standardized and certificated to operate and inform automatically and over our web site, on line 24/7 14 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 14
  • 15. Our Business Model in Action SENMUS CAPITAL generates a growing spiral of prosperity when: 1.- Builds the FICE trust with funds for investment; 2.- Articulates Eco-Business; 3.- Promotes and manages the funds to buy shares in existing ventures or establishes new ones.; 4.- Makes the venture thrive; 5.- Executes the investment exit strategy; 6.- Liquidates the trust fund of investment; and 7.- Opens the participation to Investors in It´s own capital structure. 15 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 15
  • 16. SENMUS CAPITAL as the Master Operator of the Capital Market The resources that will be invested in the development of the projects of the Investor´s selected companies, are managed in the investment trust fund that the SENMUS CAPITAL MODEL incorporates and operates; Runs over our own AI/IT platform; coordinating all interested parts in real time. Hence we have a great expectation of generating wealth is, since the first trust fund is intended to capture: The formation of the Regional Capital Market is performed once the FICE’S exists; then, unfolds as a Global Franchise; developing in three phases, from 2009 to 2020. 16 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 16
  • 17. Legal Aspects and Profits The founders of SENMUS CAPITAL are Capitalist and Non-capital (INDUSTRIAL) Partners, incorporated on January 6th. 2009 in Xalapa, Veracruz, México; as an ANONYMOUS SOCIETY PROMOTER OF INVESTMENT OF VARIABLE CAPITAL, we are ruled by a Board of Directors. 17 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 17
  • 18. Maximum Potencial, Total Control •SENMUS CAPITAL acts as a generator and manager of projects that are funded by Investors Angeles, linked to SENMUS CAPITAL by the FICE Trust. •This allows freedom for entrepreneurs to gain from the Venture Capital Investment that SENMUS CAPITAL makes directly to develop it’s projects to their maximum potential. •SENMUS CAPITAL never loses control of its investment since the entrepreneur is pre-investment certified with the "Seal of Quality SENMUS CAPITAL." •The entrepreneur adopts the operating Model SENMUS CAPITAL that links all pertaining information –thus assuring accountability- to the SENMUS CAPITAL Intelligent System. 18 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 18
  • 19. Innovative Model •SENMUS CAPITAL operates on an Internet platform in real time •Our project is a candidate to the National Technology Award 2009 Mexico. •It creates an effective shield through an unique product: The FICE. • Integrator and integral product for all participants; both the Investors and Entrepreneurs, which delivers: • The safety of the proper investment of it’s resources. • A transparent operation and full accountability and • The financial success of the enterprises in which we invest. 19 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 19
  • 20. Attractive, Safe, Productive… •Provides interest-free financing for sustainable projects, through direct entrepreneur capital investment. •The Investors do not control SENMUS CAPITAL, it is controlled by it´s own Board of Directors. •We operate an auto regulated Model within the frame provided by of both the Stock Market Law and the Foreign Investment Law. –Automated and self-regulated, operating in a transparent way, all information is accessible in real time to the Investors, through their password over the Internet portal. •The Operation is over the Internet on a platform of our own design and development, automated y equipped with artificial intelligence capability. 20 •No double taxation for Investors. Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 20
  • 21. …Innovative 21 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 21
  • 22. Responsibility and Fidelity •Our Human Factor is highly responsible, committed, dedicated, contributing their expertise to validate the proposals of the Artificial Intelligence Robot. •We Invest in projects of high value creation and highly adaptability to changes. •The operation of the new created companies is transparent and all the information is accessible through the Internet to all Participants. •We regularly consult three different Advisory Councils, one of Institutions, one of Entrepreneurs and one of Experts and Independent Professionals. 22 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 22
  • 23. Responsibility and Fidelity •The resources provided by the Investors are the investment patrimony of a FICE, which gives a pre-established certainty in terms of number of participants, dates and lengths of investments. •Investors decide in which projects the funds are invested into, creating the investment portfolio of the FICE. •SENMUS CAPITAL acts on careful planning, over clear specifications to achieve quality auto-certificated control (Quality Assurance Procedures). •Decision making is assisted by the most modern technology, with skills and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, in real time, for Mexico and the Globe. 23 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 23
  • 24. Strategic Alliances Mexican Association of Private Capital •Strengthening of the Operating Model SENMUS CAPITAL SAPI DE CV FIICSA-CONLA •Quality Management Model “Total Productive Operation” • Assistence in Obtaining Federal Grants and Incentives for the Model. Delphi Asesores, S.A. de C.V. •Delphos projects and Risk management operation and analysis Model •Portfolio and Financial Management Tools •Elaboration, Control and Budget Report 24 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 24
  • 25. Thank you for your attention 25 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 25
  • 26. Contact Visit us at: 26 Xalapa, Ver. México MMIX Elaboró JRZG/SNCDG01 26