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Price It

  1. 1. Price It For consumersHave access to up-to-date prices of products and services to be smarter consumersMicro-workers supply thelatest price information by products and locations SMS + Voice + App + Web
  2. 2. Problem How to have access / find the most up-to-date prices for products and services in developing countries?  Food  Gas  Car repair  Hair dresser  etcWe concentrate on consumers rather than sellers.
  3. 3. Problem No place to go to find price information in developing countries  People want to be smarter and educated shoppers  Why should a consumer buy things / pay for services at a higher price than they are?  Prices are not stable and the person in the middle is taking advantage  Difficult to conduct extensive research on prices  Who can do the research? How long will it take? How much will it cost?  Discussion forums on deals and coupons are rare
  4. 4. Solution: Price It• Micro-workers submit the latest price information based on products and locations• Price It is a price query system that allows shoppers or companies to find up-to-date and real-time prices of products and services• Prices are accessible through the web, mobile apps (different platforms), SMS and Voice to reach a wide audience
  5. 5. Advantages• Users can find reliable price information quickly • Shoppers can find best prices and avoid getting overcharged • Companies can conduct basic price research on the ground easily without setting up an infrastructure• Micro-workers can participate easily via SMS, an app or the mobile web
  6. 6. How It Works Example: Price of Fish Location, type Subscription Date: 3/3/2012 of products / or one-time services query Query: pharmais the Query: What dakar price of tuna in Dakar?Micro-workers Users / Server Companies Pharma X in Dakar is Answer: X is open from open from 8 am Price of Submission - to 11 8 Answer: The average am to 11 pm on pm on -Sunday fish Tuna price of tuna is $5 in Sunday 3/3/2012 3/3/2012 Dakar on 3/3/2012 Lowest Web, mobile Average SMS, app, app, SMS or mobile web Highest Voice Price
  7. 7. How It Works: Users• Users submit price queries of products or services via web, mobile apps, SMS or using voice • Prices are organized by categories and locations at different levels of granularity (neighborhood, city, country) • On the web and in the mobile app prices are mapped to increase visibility and graphs are accessible for specific periods of time• Users can send one-time queries or subscribe to receive regular prices by SMS / Voice Checking the reliability of Stable and Empowered data by calling users and lower prices consumers sending surveys through apps and the web
  8. 8. How It Works: Micro-workers• Micro-workers opt in to become reporters • They select categories of products / services and locations they want to cover • Selections are validated or some are proposed• Micro-workers send daily prices and receive payments based on the number of submissions• Some micro-workers receive regular requests for price submissions to cross-check the reliability of the submitted prices Small payments Checking the reliability of to improve life data with cross-submissions
  9. 9. Revenue Model• Micro-workers get a small amount of money submissions • If they submit data 30 times they get a small token of appreciation (e.g., voucher) • If they submit data 50 times they get another token of appreciation (e.g., voucher) • If they submit data 100 times they are featured reporters and get an additional stipend• Premium SMS / Voice for users (one-time queries and subscriptions)• Sponsored advertising in SMS / Voice • For each SMS received on the network, the operators generally allow 2 SMS to be sent back. The second SMS contains advertising from local businesses.• Sponsored campaigns • E.g., save energy, how to pay less for your phone bill• Web site with advertising and premium service to access to more specific data• App with advertising or in-app purchase to access to more specific data• Selling the data and base of users to consumer associations, market research firms, government agencies etc (with respect of privacy)
  10. 10. Existing Solution to Future Solution Growth using Micro-Workers We want to scale our prototype that crowdsources the price of fish in Senegal by using micro-workers More products and more locations
  11. 11. What we did already?• The presented idea extends on an app we developed• We developed an app called Yaboy that crowdsources the price of fish in Senegal• We collect the price of different fishes in different cities in Senegal• Micro-work has the potential to make this idea successful