Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1. mission 1 Now once you’re a secret agent, you can begin the missions. Teleport to your HQ using the spyphone (This is located at the bottom left of your screen, right above the Map, or you can get it in your inventory). Once you’re in the HQ, Click the Top Secret board at bottom right corner, which is right about the F.I.S.H. book. Now select “Case of Missing Puffles”, the guide below is how to complete it: 1. Start the mission and talk to Aunt Arctic. She basically just complains about her missing puffles. 2. Now go to the ice rink (To get there, click your spy phone in the inventory, toggle to the room, then press Teleport or Click the map in the upper lefthand corner of the screen). Now go all the way to the right of the ice rink, and pick up the photos on the ground. icerink.3. mission 1 Click map at upper left corner, go back to Aunt Arctic’s and give the photos to her (Click photos, then click her). 4. Go to the pet shop (Use the map) and read the note all the way to the left, on the dog house. Now click on “Code” at the bottom right to decode it. I’d tell you the answer, but it changes each time you do it. However, the words always go “G Has _______ _____ Pairs Of Socks” so just decode the third (and fourth, if its a two-word number) word. redo1.jpg5. Go to the sport shop and tell G you want to see some “special” items. He will ask you how many socks he has and you just answer G’s question. Then he will open his secret storage. Grab the life preserver (not the grapple hook yet) 5. Go to the iceberg. Use the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg. Shoot the launcher at them. (Watch out for the wind) 6.Go back to the sports shop and get the grapple hook. 7. Go to the ski mountain and get out your spyphone. Click on the blinking spy phone red light which will open your tools, then select the wrench tool to fix the broken telescope. undo3.jpg 8. This step is optional, you can skip it. Use the telescope to look around until you see a puffle flying around (Go left until you see a mountain, the puffle is zooming around this). pufl.png 9. Go to the tallest mountain (that’s a place on the map). Use the grapple hook on the tallest mountain to get to the top. 10. After you find the puffles, the rest is self-explanatory, talk to Aunt Arctic and you’ll complete the mission. Receive the medal and letter.
  2. 2. Secret Agent Mission 2 Guide Now, the second mission is MUCH harder. I will provide visuals to help you along. 1. Talk to G in the Sports Shop, and tell him that you wanna do the mission. You will receive a riddle: “to find the secret word, look near a lively game; pointing to the path with a rabbit in its name” 2. Go to Ski Mountain and look around. The answer is mogul. (Mogul is refering to bunny hill). 3. Go back to the sports shop, and talk to G again. Type in the secret word mogul. G will show you the prototype of the new sled. Bring it with you and go to the mountain. mogul.jpg 4. A test run slope will appear. Use the sled on the test run, it will ask you if you want to test G’s sled and click yes. testrun12376.jpg 5. Move your mouse to maneuver the sled, but DON’T WORRY IF YOU CRASH, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO! crash.jpg