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SeniorERP- latest ERP technology for Distribution and Services companies.

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Presentation Senior Software

  1. 1. a member of Senior Group<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />About Senior Software<br />About Senior Group <br />Senior Software- Facts<br />The Added Value in creating an ERP<br />About SeniorERP<br />SeniorERP Structure<br />SeniorERP- What makes it #1<br />SeniorERP Technology<br />Our Clients<br />Contact<br />
  3. 3. Senior Group- Fact & Figures <br />2003, June: Senior Software is founded<br />2 full-time employees<br />Main business line: web applications<br />2005, December: Reach EUR 300K revenue<br />30 full-time employees<br />Two business lines:<br />Business Applications division<br />WEB division <br />2006, December: Reach EUR 600K revenue<br />50 full-time employees<br />Senior Software’s web division becomes Senior Interactive<br />2007, July: Senior Software’s division for recruitment applications becomes SincronHR, the leader of the market segment in Romania. <br />2007, July: Senior Software continues to gain market share for SeniorERP. Shortly after, SeniorERP becomes #1 Solution for Wholesale companies and Professional Service Providers<br />2007, August - Senior Group is estimating a revenue of overEUR 1.500.000 for 2007<br />60 full time employees<br />3 companies<br />
  4. 4. Senior Group<br />Senior Group is a group of 3 companies, that have extended competencies in domains <br />like enterprise management applications and business communication. <br />Senior Software – is providing development of ERP solutions and business consultancy.<br />SincronHR – is the leader of the Romanian Market for the segment of recruitment management applications.<br />Senior Interactive - full service onlinemarketing and communication agency.<br />
  5. 5. Senior Software Agency<br />Senior Software Agency <br />Year founded: 2003<br />Main activity : Software Development<br />Number of employees: 36<br />Software solution:SeniorERP<br />Senior Software Mission: We use technology innovation to come close to our clients needs. <br />Headquarter : Bucharest, Romania<br />Software development Office: Constanta, Romania<br />
  6. 6. Senior Software – Facts<br />2003<br />Senior Software launches SeniorERP- a specialized system for Wholesalers and Professional Service providers.<br />2006<br />SeniorERP integrates Click Once technology. Clients upgrade can be achieved with a click.<br />2007<br />Senior Software announces the first successful implementation on Windows Server 2008 , before its official launch in Romania. <br />2008<br />Senior Software opens a software development office in Constanta. <br />2008<br /> Senior Software receives ISO 9001:2001 certification for quality management. <br />2008<br />Senior Software launches SAAS ERP: Senior ERP Online- the first On Demand ERP for<br /> Wholesale and Professional Services in Romania<br />
  7. 7. Senior Software- Facts<br />2008<br /> Senior Software announces a new add-on: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).<br />2008<br />Senior Software announces the integration of Virtual Earth platform in SeniorERP- a tool that would <br />improve logistic management. <br />2008<br /> Senior Software launches SeniorERP 2.2.5.- a new release which comes with highly innovative features for the Romanian business environment .<br />2009<br />SeniorERPannounces the integration of Workflow Foundation , a new instrument that enables business process<br />automation and increases efficiency while operating in SeniorERP. <br />2009<br /> Senior Software becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.<br />
  8. 8. The Added Value in creating an ERP<br />High Quality . Everything interacts while creating <br />an ERP. The ultimate value of our products and services <br />are given by the weekest part of the chain. <br />Potential. We creat not only a system, but also a <br />core business .We therefore choose the special <br />ingredients in our people: responsibility, intelligence and <br />we build experience.<br />Technology and specialisation. In order to create a specialised system, based on the latest technology, you need to bring added value to your consumer. We achieve that by using technology innovation to better respond to our clients needs. <br />Passion . Evolution imposes high standards. We reach them through talent and passion. <br />Commitement. We fallow the saying „Succes over night usually comes after 15 years of work”. We have patience to lead us to strong, long term partnerships. <br />Taking the challenge. The business enviroment is a continuouse challenge towards our clients. We therefore need to be one step forward. A client with 100 users might have 200 tomorrow. We think 24 hours in advance. <br />
  9. 9. About SeniorERP<br />SeniorERP is<br />An Enterprise Resource Planning system <br />Adressing the needs of<br />Wholesale companies and Professional Service Providers. <br />SeniorERP offers<br />The latest ERP technology from Microsoft<br />Out clients enjoy<br />An organic , sustainable growth. <br />
  11. 11. SeniorCRM Add-on for Sales<br />Sales Team and Territory Planning<br />Align<br />Optimize<br />LeadManagement<br />SeniorCRM<br />Sales Workflow<br />Forecasting & Sales Analytics<br />Qualify<br />Grow<br />Opportunity Management<br />Account Management<br />Close<br />
  12. 12. SeniorCRM Add-on for Marketing<br />Planning & Budgeting<br />Design<br />Optimize<br />Data and List Management<br />SeniorCRM<br />Marketing Workflow<br />Marketing Analytics<br />Segment<br />Convert <br />Campaign Management<br />Response & Lead Management <br />Execute<br />
  13. 13. SeniorCRM Add-on for Customer Service<br />Account and Contact Management <br />Discover<br />Optimize<br />Interaction and Knowledge Management<br />SeniorCRM<br />Customer Service Workflow<br />Proactive Sales & Support<br />Diagnose<br />Assess <br />Case Management & Schedulling<br />Real Time Insight<br />Reporting and Analytics<br />Resolve<br />
  14. 14. SeniorERP- what makes it # 1<br />
  15. 15. SeniorERP Technology<br />
  16. 16. SeniorERP Technology <br />Windows Communication Foundation<br />Click Once<br />                Sharepoint 3.0<br />Extended life-cycle <br />.NET 3.5<br />E-commerce<br />Service Oriented Arhitecture<br />Web Services<br />Windows Server 2008<br />               SQL Server 2008<br />
  17. 17. Our clients come from<br />Wholesale<br />Professional Services<br />
  18. 18. Automotive, electronics<br />“Ever since I have SeniorERP I can literally say I sleep better. We have increased our annual revenue with 30% in 2008, while the claims remained at the same level form 2007. <br />SeniorERP is a great tool for cash-flow control.“ <br />Viorel Tofan, General Manager Dinamic 92 Distribution<br />Some of our clients from<br />
  19. 19. Construction materials and equipments<br />“The company extended extremely fast after we implemented SeniorERP, from 7 to 130 people. We wouldn’t have made it here without process automation and the organic growth SeniorERP enabled.” <br />Kais N. Azou-  General  Manager, Regency Company      <br />Some of our clients from<br />
  20. 20. FMCG <br />“ We have reached a complex development stage, at wich point, the implementation of an ERP was mandatory. We therefore seek for a system that would offer us not only the functionality we needed, but one that would come with a safe technological platform and high quality services. The Senior Software’s team proved in-depth understanding of our business and responsiveness towards our specific requirements.”<br />Mihai Moise, CIO, General Parma Food    <br />Some of our clients from<br />
  21. 21. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer packaged goods <br />“I take decisions based on the numbers, because they show you how to handle your business. What SeniorERP does for me is to arrange the numbers, so I can have in real time the information I need to make fast, well founded decisions. “<br />Cristian Magheru - General  Manager, MediaRom Wunderbaum <br />Some of our clients from<br />
  22. 22. Thank you for your time!<br />For further details, please contact us!<br />Senior Software<br />Str. Mihail Sebastian, nr. 130<br />050786, sector 5, Bucharest<br />Phone: +40-21-310 74 81<br />Fax: +40-21-310 74 83<br />