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Master the pitch

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  • Arrrr! Arrrr! welcomethankyou, Pirates, for theinvitation. It’smysecondyearhereWell, thegoalofthis workshop is to introduceyouthebusinessmodelgenerationmethodology.
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • Iv’ebeenworkingwith Universidade do Minho wherei’vecreatedanconsultingservicededicated to publicorganizations. bigcompaniessuch as sonaeand Salvador Caetano.vídeo company.last 2 years, ihavededicatedmuchofmytime to entrepreneurshippromotioniniciatives. Nowadaysrealityispretty hardcorePartofthesolutioninventingnewways for ourfuture. Braga, cluster tecnologias da informação e nanotecAqui tocar o work-life balance
  • Isitnot a seductionthing?Discussion
  • Myexperiencefrom
  • BusinessmodelTalkLayoutNo backup workmakesitharder
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • MAGICAL REASONINGWhatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Whatweretheysaying?What for?Whydidtheywastetimetellingthat?Whatwasthisallabout?
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • TeamattitudelisteningBodyLanguageTone ofvoice
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • Easy to understand
  • backup
  • backup
  • MegalomaniacYouwon’tbefacebok
  • backup
  • backup
  • backupUse media inyourbenefit
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • the seven “P’s” for entrepreneurs to include on slides when pitching a VC:- Pitch: “Gear this first slide to the proverbial “elevator pitch”: if you were able to pitch to an investor on the average elevator ride what could you say in that short time to deliver the opportunity, capture their curiosity and get a second meeting?”- People: “Want to convey to audience that this team has the experience to deliver on its promises. Any prior examples of team members work history to reinforce that theme would be ideal here. Want investors left with feeling that the people won’t be the problem with this investment.”- Pain: “Investor is trying to determine whether this problem is a real pain for the customer. Will the customer pay for this product? Will the investor feel that the market/opportunity is large enough for a future high multiple return?”- Product: “This slide should give an overview of the product and how the customer would use this in their environment. It should be a description understandable to most investors, save deep technical descriptions for Q&A or later meetings. The investor wants to come away with a feeling the product is unique, can solve the problem described and customers will buy it.”- Players: “The investor is trying to ascertain why a customer would change from what they are doing today and use a startup’s product. What will you be able to do to fight off better known and funded competitors? After this slide, the investor needs to believe the customer will see the value in this product versus competition. Again, will the customer buy it?”- Projections: “This may take two slides (one business model/marketing/sales and one for financials). Again, give an overview you can always go into detailed information in Q&A with more slides. Investors want to see the business model and be convinced it can make money in the long run.”- Proposition: “Detailed questions on possible terms etc. can be saved for Q&A or follow on meetings. Investor wants to know what % and price: you need to convince investor that the valuation/valuation range is reasonable, given opportunity, team and product along with comparables to other deals.”
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • know-howteamtechbreakthrough
  • WhataboutotherPlayers?team
  • R - Revenue
  • Itall comes up to trust
  • Pitch@startup pirates porto

    1. 1. PitchMasteringtheTechnique
    2. 2. ShakespereanMomentoftheDay
    3. 3. So, thePitch
    4. 4. No Homeworkdone
    5. 5. Whatweretheytalkingabout?
    6. 6. Youfeel...
    7. 7. Theyfeel...
    8. 8. What are theygoing to do withmymoney?
    9. 9. “Thestartupis a magicalplace. It’s a placewhereexpenses are someoneelse’sproblem. It’s a placewherethatpeskythingcalledrevenueis neveranissue. It’s a placewhereyoucanspendotherpeople’s Moneyuntilyou figure out a way to makeyourown.” REWORK
    10. 10. TrustCompetence – Integrity - Benevolence
    11. 11. PitchTheAttitude
    12. 12. Passion
    13. 13. ExecutionIdeas are overrated!
    14. 14. Detailscount
    15. 15. PitchStructuringideas
    16. 16. KeepitSimple
    17. 17. Easy to Understand
    18. 18. Jargon
    19. 19. AvoidgrandioseStatements
    20. 20. Story
    21. 21. Entertain
    22. 22. Visual
    23. 23. Media
    24. 24. PitchManageyourTime
    25. 25. PitchTheContent
    26. 26. Context
    27. 27. ProblemMakeitvisible, relevantandobvious
    28. 28. Whohastheproblem? How do youknow?
    29. 29. ProblemStats + Reports
    30. 30. YourSolution
    31. 31. BusinessModel
    32. 32. Who do yourcustomers are?Howwillyougetthem?
    33. 33. What’syourValueProposition?What’syour Top RevenueStreams?
    34. 34. Unfairadvantage
    35. 35. Why do theyallsuck?
    36. 36. Marketing PlanHow do yougetyourcustomers?
    37. 37. MoneyHowmuch do youneed?Howmuch do yougot?
    38. 38. MoneyWhatwillyou do withit?
    39. 39. Money ProjectionsEstablishmilestonesandhowwillyougetthere
    40. 40. Metrics.A – Acquisition.A – Activation.R – Retention.R – Referral.R –Revenue
    41. 41. Scale
    42. 42. Trade-offs
    43. 43. Beta version?
    44. 44. END with a Boom! Seductiontime
    45. 45. Copewiththepo-po-poker face
    46. 46. PRACTICE!
    47. 47. PitchanExample
    48. 48. What do iwant to accomplish?MyPitchGoals
    49. 49. What do iwant to accomplish?MyBusinessGoals
    50. 50. Basedonwhatassumptions?BusinessAssumptions
    51. 51. GoodIdea! NowWhat?To do listAchievementMilestones
    52. 52. What do youreallyneed?Money? Mentor? Network?Feedback? Validation?Hug?
    53. 53. Carlos Alexandre Mendescall me: + 351 93 617 10 33email me:carlosmendes.email@gmail.comf:facebook.com/alexandresampaiomendes Senhor Alfaiate senhoralfaiate.blogspot.com