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Most of us carry with us much more than a phone. These little machines can not only call people, but also send text message and emails, browse the internet, give away geo-location information, plan your life in an electronic calendar, etc, etc… These devices are commonly known as smartphones (blackberry, iphones, and others). If you do not already have one, you soon will!

This young technology is completely changing the way human kind interacts. Indeed, we are smarter than ever before. Yet, we are just starting to see what the technology can do for us.

It is now obvious that the next greatest entrepreneurs will be pioneers in finding ways to benefit from smartphones. Our presenter, Maria Marin, would like to share these opportunities with us. Her presentation focuses on the latest development library (SDK) for Iphones proposed by Apple, which has already created a revolution in the programming industry.

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West Africa Apple Development

  1. 1. Who are we Who am I: Who is NEXTPERTISE • Name: Maria G. Marin We are a West African company specialized in: • Born in Bolivia and raised in NYC • Consulting – Project Management • Graduatedfrom Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering – Business Modeling • IT Investing • Worked for Siemens Energy for 7 years in the (USA) • Experience in Business Modeling and Project Management for IT oriented projects • Speak Spanish, English and I am learning French
  2. 2. Discovering apple 1976 (1985 – 1997) 1998 2006 March 2008 June 17, 2009 1955 1984 2001 June 2007 July 2008 Apple I
  3. 3. Discovering apple March 2008 June 17, 2009 June 2007 July 2008
  4. 4. SDK (Software Development Kit) What is SDK ? • Software Development Kit that you can download for free from apple • Allows developers to develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch • Development of theapplicationsis Free • Must pay a fee to uploadapplicationsto apple (99 USD) • Uses Xcode as it’s development environment
  5. 5. Why is SDK interesting to us? • Because most of you are developers • Because you can develop for apple for free • Because you can be anywhere in the world and do this including West Africa • Because you can make money out of it • Because you can develop really neat applications for the rest of the world to see • Wed Apps Demo
  6. 6. When can you begin? • SDK has been available since July 2008 • You can begin now • You can do it on your own • You can join apple teams that are focused on development
  7. 7. The Facts and Opportunities The Facts Today he Opportunities for Tomorrow • Smartphone costs are reducing • The third world market will soon be in need of • An iphone today costs 99 USD application that apply to them • Application Development has increased • Developers from all over the world now have the tremendously opportunity to compete against other developers • As of June 23, 2009 there are thousands of regardless of their location or background application in the apple store • Developers in the third world market are in the • Developers exists all over the word best position to know what is required from their markets • Soon all 3rd world country consumers will be able to afford smart phones • Everyone has the abilityto Penetrate the Western • Market Soon 3rd world populations will have their own demands to buy applications for their smart • The time is now phones
  8. 8. Apple Development Team
  9. 9. How do we get there? -Create a dream team -Sell our products -Brainstorm via apple -Create application -Get paid proposals -Decide which app(s) will be developed Implement PMI methodology to the development of the software
  10. 10. The upcoming apple store
  11. 11. Maria G. Marin Project Manager E-Mail: maria.marin@nextpertise.com Cell: +221 76 290 8775 ξ Phone US: 1 (321) 206-3220 Web: www.nextpertise.com ξ NEXTPERTISE IT Investm Firm ent T world is changing fast, so Do It! he NEXTPERTISE IT Investm Firm ent T world is changing fast, so Do It! he