How did we use Sendible to grow our Facebook Fans?


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A outline of how Sendible to grew to 12000 Facebook Fans

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How did we use Sendible to grow our Facebook Fans?

  1. 1. How did we use Sendible to grow our Facebook Fans?- RSS Auto poster- We are constantly circulating relevant content on our Fans news feeds. These provide relevant articles, insights and industry analysis posted regularly aims to keep fans entertained providing a benefit for being a Fan. However caution should be exercised content must be relevant to your target audience otherwise this is just considered spamming and your likes will slowly disappear.- Facebook Offers Businesses with more than 400 Facebook Fans can create “Offers” for their customers. ”Offers” bring people to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends. Using this features which is incorporated into our dashboard we were able to engage and increase our following by offering incentives to Fans for clicking that like button.- Support via Social Media No matter which method you choose to contact us with a support issue our team equipped with our social Management dashboard are able to manage all incoming communications and offer assistance and advice. The social landscape is evolving, but one thing remains certain in all this uncertainty. Your ability to serve your customers, in the channels they wish to be served in, is critical to your business success. But social media customer service isn’t a cute tool to be used by opportunistic marketing departments to big up the brand; it is an essential method of communication that needs to become part of a clearly defined organizational model.- Engagement One of the biggest challenges facing Facebook marketers is the plight of gaining engagement. We are able to keep track of conversations using Sendible’s Social Media Dashboard and steer the conversation and engage our fans in meaningful interactions.- Company updates Sendible is always evolving adding new features becoming a fan is the easiest way to keep track on new ways to improve your social media activity. 34% of Facebook users say they Like brands in order to stay informed about company activities. Also 33% say they Like brands to get updates on future products.- Images We found very quickly visual content gains more traction then just links. We advise to make sure to fill the frame with the image. In many cases, images uploaded to social media sites will be viewed in a small, thumbnail-sized box first. So the subject of your photograph needs to be clearly visible, even at a small size.- Analysing Using Sendible’s reporting features we were able to keep track of our posts view which content receives higher engagement and learn from this. Also the ‘Best Time to post’ metric was used and we scheduled posts at specific times that engagement probability is high maximising our exposure.