Celestial Studios Case Study


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Celestial Studios Case Study

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONJason Longo is the mind behind Celestial Studios and he has beeninvolved in social media for several years. As a small businessowner, Jason understands that small business owners simplydo not have to time to write content, engage on social mediaand monitor the results. While running his business, DoggieCakes, Jason became the go-to guy for social media advice inhis area. He started Celestial Studios and currently has a rangeof small business clients as well as Panache Vue Magazine. THE CHALLENGE When Jason started his social media business, he was using various tools such as Hootsuite, but found them to be too limited for his needs. He needed to schedule posts, not just to Facebook Business Pages, but to profiles, groups and photo galleries. Jason found that the tools that he was using were limited and did not allow for the user to post in all of these ways. Jason found himself posting a lot of photos and many of the tools he was using were not photo-friendly. He needed a way to post directly to Facebook photo galleries. Jason also needed a way to repeat his post and a way to go back and find an old post easily.THE SOLUTION THE RESULTJason gave Sendible a try and found that it was Jason credits Sendible with making him moreperfect for his needs. He was able to post to efficient and he no longer has to be on call for postsFacebook groups, pages that he liked and photo that have to be done after office hours. Sendiblegalleries directly from Sendible. One of his cli- allows for Jason to take time off from work whichents runs special promotions on certain days of the is something he couldn’t do when he was postingmonth, so Jason programs these into Sendible and live. With Sendible, Jason can pre-load as manydoesn’t have to worry about forgetting them. Since messages as he needs to and let the programSendible archives your sent messages, Jason was do the work. Since there are so many serviceseasily able to go back and find previous posts to use that Sendible supports, Jason is able to suggestagain for repeat promotions. new social media platforms for his clients to try and rest assured that Sendible will support them. Due to the affordable pricing that Sendible offers, “Sendible has made me Jason has been able to simplify his business more efficient and I no without spending all of his hard-earned money. longer have to be on call for posts that need to be done after office hours.” W: http://sendible.com • E: info@sendible.com • T: (+44) 208 123 1526 & (+1) 315 623 4480