[Webcast] Successfully Scaling Email
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[Webcast] Successfully Scaling Email



We hosted a live webcast with our customer Commissions, Inc. to hear how their business has grown and how SendGrid helped them scale.

We hosted a live webcast with our customer Commissions, Inc. to hear how their business has grown and how SendGrid helped them scale.



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[Webcast] Successfully Scaling Email Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Successfully Scaling Email Mathew Swanson | Brian O’Neal
  • 2. Housekeeping l ReadyTalk - View in FULL Screen Mode l Q&A - Ask questions by using the CHAT function - The chat box is located in the bottom left of the window - Questions will only be seen by the moderators, not all attendees, so go ahead and ask as many questions as you want!
  • 3. SendGrid at a Glance Successfully getting email to your audience is HARD. We have a proven email platform to power your apps and customer engagement. 2009 - TechStars Graduate 2010 – 1B emails 20 employees 2011 – 10B emails 40 employees 2012 – 40B emails 90 employees 2013 – 100B emails 180 employees Today – 200B emails to date 200+ employees MISSION DRIVEN
  • 4. Delivering 13+ billion emails per month for 160,000+ Enterprise and SMB Customers
  • 5. Overview l About Commissions, Inc. l Our progression... l Why SendGrid? l Platform metrics and statistics l What we've learned over the last 3 years... l Q & A
  • 6. About Commissions, Inc. www.CommissionsInc.com
  • 7. About Commissions, Inc. l Brian O'Neal (CTO) & Matt Swanson (Chief Software Architect) l Complete technology solution for real estate brokers and agents l We attract active and engaged home buyers to our agent and broker sites l We have millions of MLS property listings in the CINC platform l Consumer engagement is critical - property alerts l Work with hundreds of MLS data providers in the US and Canada
  • 8. Some of MLS Providers we integrate with...
  • 9. Property Alerts Each customer is able to sign up for and create a daily property alert that matches their property search criteria. From these alerts we are able to re-engage customers on behalf of each broker and agent using Commissions, Inc.
  • 10. Our progression... l 2 front end servers – 2011 l Our own SMTP via the Rackspace Cloud l Using MSFT SMTP Server l Non-queued emails l Log monitoring l No reputation management So what was really happening behind the scenes?
  • 11. Well, here you go... Source: SendGrid Webcast: Buy or Build? Moving Your Email to the Cloud
  • 12. So what did we do to integrate with SendGrid? l Made the transition in November 2011 - Simple inline ASP.net to deliver transactional email to customers – took 5 minutes to setup and deploy – literally. l We needed a real-time, fault-tolerant distributed system l Larger message queue based system as we scaled (25K → tens of millions/month) l Little code changes to progress and scale
  • 13. Why SendGrid? l ISP relationship management – you don't want to do this yourself. l It works and it's simple. l Less headaches and tons of APIs (parse, bounces, spam blocks, and more...) l How easy you ask? Load credentials from XML Config file... <MAIL_CLIENT_HOST>smtp.sendgrid.net</MAIL_CLIENT_HOST> <MAIL_CLIENT_USER>{ID}</MAIL_CLIENT_USER> <MAIL_CLIENT_PASS>{PASS}</MAIL_CLIENT_PASS>
  • 14. Why SendGrid? l Custom SMTP headers for reporting l Know issues before your users do... (defer example) l Targeted reporting by device (iPhone, Android, etc.) l Reporting by ISP, etc.
  • 15. Best of class reporting and tracking... (How does your transactional email hold up?)
  • 16. Deep tracking and recon for issues... (Allows you to focus on your software, not the email deliverability.)
  • 17. More reasons why SendGrid rocks. Reputation Management (they do this for you...) Custom Mail Headers (allows for incredible tracking)
  • 18. What we learned the last 3 years... l Tracking, tracking, tracking – technology and client services monitoring, etc. l Just how many links can you put in a single email? l Scale = Predictable spend for your organization l Understanding data is critical – SendGrid delivers
  • 19. What we learned the last 3 years... l SendGrid scaled with us, with few code changes l Start off small, using more APIs as you grow l SendGrid can offload customer service activities l Latest trends are brought to you – extension of team l We focus on our application – not email infrastructure Extension of our team, [Albers] Workout Coach
  • 20. Q & A l What's on your mind? l We'd love to answer any questions you have for us!