Accepting Incoming Email to Rails Apps via SendGrid's Parse API

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For all the likes, shares, tweets, pokes, follows, and friends, there’s a fundamental core to the internet that will never go away - email. Ruby on Rails makes it easy to send email using …

For all the likes, shares, tweets, pokes, follows, and friends, there’s a fundamental core to the internet that will never go away - email. Ruby on Rails makes it easy to send email using ActionMailer, but receiving and parsing email in your app can still be a huge pain. Enter Griddler - a Rails engine by thoughtbot that makes it super simple to receive email in your application using SendGrid's Inbound Parse Webhook. In this webinar, thoughtbot and SendGrid will show you how to set up Griddler in your Rails app, explain the Inbound Parse Webhook, and answer all your burning questions about incoming email. By the time the workshop is over, you'll be receiving email in your Rails app like a pro!

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  • 1. Accepting Incoming Email to Rails Appsvia SendGrid’s Parse APIsPresenters:SwiftDeveloper Evangelist, SendGridCaleb ThompsonSoftware Engineer, thoughtbotDate: 5/7/2013Tuesday, May 7, 13
  • 2. HousekeepingØ ReadyTalk Conference Tools Console• View in Full Screen ModeØ Questions for Swift and Caleb• Ask questions by using the CHAT function• When the presentation begins, you will see the chat box as a floating window touse at any time• We will answer as many questions as possible at the end of the webcast. Thosequestions that we don’t get to, will be answered in a follow up blog postØ Follow Up• You will get an email with a link to the recording and a copy of all slidesTuesday, May 7, 13
  • 3. http://learn.thoughtbot.comTuesday, May 7, 13
  • 4. SendGrid Overview• Founded July 2009• TechStars graduate(Boulder, CO)• 136 employees across 3 offices– Boulder, CO (HQ) and Denver, CO– R&D: Orange County, CA$27M venture capital raisedSeries B closed Jan 2012Angel investors include:• Scott Petry (Founder, Postini)• Matt Mullenweg (Founder, Wordpress)3Tuesday, May 7, 13
  • 5. Delivering Email at Scale• Serving 130,000+ customers• Sending over 7 billion emailsper month• Transactional and marketingemail solutions4Tuesday, May 7, 13
  • 6. Today’s SpeakersSwiftDeveloper Evangelist, SendGridswift@sendgrid.comCaleb ThompsonSoftware Engineer, thoughtbotcaleb@thoughtbot.comJoel OliveiraSoftware Engineer, thoughtbotjoel@thoughtbot.comTuesday, May 7, 13
  • 7. The Inbound Parse WebhookEMAIL JSON1. User sends an email to *@yourapplication.com2. SendGrid parses the email and attachments3.You receive a JSON POST to your applicationTuesday, May 7, 13
  • 8. Getting things setup2. Point your domain’s MX records at SendGridType ValueMX 0 mx.sendgrid.net3. Return a 200 status code from your application1. Configure your hostname and URL settings, May 7, 13
  • 9. A Sample Payload{"to":["", ""],"from":"Swift <>","subject":"SendGrid <3’s thoughbot","text":"This is some text body action","html":"Supports <em>HTML</em> as well.","attachments": 1,// ...}Tuesday, May 7, 13
  • 10. Who uses the Parse API?Tuesday, May 7, 13
  • 11. Demo Time!, May 7, 13
  • 12., May 7, 13
  • 13. DemoTuesday, May 7, 13
  • 14. http://learn.thoughtbot.comQ&A and Next Steps up for SendGrid:Learn more Rails techniques with Learn Prime:Tuesday, May 7, 13