ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP


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An IP address is how the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other mailbox providers identify legitimate mail senders. A new IP address doesn’t have a reputation score since mail hasn’t been sent from it yet and is therefore considered “cold.” So how do you successfully get inboxed with a cold IP with zero reputation? The answer is…warm it up! Our Sr TAMS share why it's important, who needs to do it, their expert tips, and answer live questions from the webcast.

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  • Aku
  • Define– what does it mean to warm up an IP?
  • What is a cold IP exactly?
  • Difference between bad warm up ( sending a bunch of email all at once) and good warm up (spaced out, intervals increasing in volume)
  • Why is good reputation important?
  • Why do ISPs care about IP warm up?Getting off on the right foot
  • Slide just to introduce topic
  • What is a dedicated IP is and benefits (Silver plan at SendGrid)Whitelabeling IP
  • Volume100,000 emails per month (lowest threshold) Importance of warm up for 2.5M and above
  • Intro slide to new topic
  • Difference between aggressive and conservative approaches, examples?*Sending is different for everyone
  • *Consider moving back down to show contrast between this and bad sending? Side by side?Example of good warm up
  • Suggested warm up schedule for 5 million/mosDay 1: 1,000Day 2: 2,000Day 3: 4,000Day 4: 6,000Day 5: 8,000Day 6: 10,000Day 7: 15,000Day 8: 25,000Day 9: 35,000Day 10: 50,000Day 11: 65,000Day 12: 85,000Day 13: 100,000Day 14: 110,000Day 15: 130,000Day 16: 150,000
  • Transactionalvs.MarketingWarm up approach dependent on type of email sending (more engagement on transactional)
  • Look at what segment of your email file has best opens and clicks and send that
  • Right message, Right time, right frequency.Who are these engaged users? Look at metrics, engagement data.
  • Look at metrics, engagement data, Event Webhook
  • Keep warm across all ISPs- Why?
  • You’re left out in the cold…like a lonely penguin…
  • ThrottlingDeferDrop
  • Example from an actual customer- explain graphic 
  • Instant deferred by ISPs, likely get blocked all together
  • Spend all your time on mess clean up…ISPs don’t like to be surprisedTell story about bad warm up
  • Dangers of IP rotation.Easily detected by ISPsSnowshoeingESPs don’t allow this@ SendGrid you have to go through a human/rep to get a new IP, so we pick up on this quickly
  • New topic intro
  • Recommend you warm up a domain the same way as an IP (go hand in hand)
  • Engagement metrics (clicks, opens, etc.)Blocks, deferralsStore it somewhereMake sense of your data
  • Consistency, reputation systems store for 30 days, and don’t be erratic
  • Listed above.
  • ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP

    1. 1. ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP Katie Nelson & Aku Desai Senior Technical Account Managers February 11, 2014
    2. 2. Housekeeping • • ReadyTalk Conference Tools Console •View in FULL Screen Mode Questions for Katie and Aku •Ask questions by using the CHAT function •When the presentation begins, you will see the chat box as a floating window to use at any time •Questions will only be seen by the moderators, not all attendees, so • go ahead and ask as many questions as you want! Follow Up •You will get an email with a link to the recording and a copy of all slides
    3. 3. Company Overview • Founded July 2009 $27M venture capital raised Series B closed Jan 2012 • TechStars graduate (Boulder, CO) • 180 employees across 4 offices – CO: Boulder, Denver – CA: Anaheim – Rhode Island, Romania, UK Angel investors include: -Scott Petry (Founder, Postini) -Matt Mullenweg (Founder, Wordpress) 3
    4. 4. Delivering Email at Scale • Serving 100,000+ customers across the globe • Sending over 10 billion emails per month = 2% of the world’s non-spam email • Transactional and marketing email solutions 4
    5. 5. Today’s Speakers Aku Desai Sr. Technical Account Manager Katie Nelson Sr. Technical Account Manager
    6. 6. : [v.] Warming up an IP address means that you start sending low volumes of email on your dedicated IP and then systematically increase your email volume over a period of time.
    7. 7. : [n.] An IP address that is new and has never had any mail sent through it, and therefore has no reputation.
    8. 8. Bad Warm Up  New IP Address  Good Warm Up    New IP Address
    9. 9. Who needs to warm up their IP?
    10. 10. Are You On A Dedicated IP?
    11. 11. Getting Warmer…
    12. 12. 160000 140000 Email Volume 120000 Example Schedule: 5 Million Emails/Month 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Day of Sending 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    13. 13. Who should you start with?
    14. 14. Engagement Data
    15. 15.       
    16. 16. Things can get UGLY. FAST.
    17. 17. Your Reputation Suffers….
    18. 18. “Clean up on aisle email….”
    19. 19. Keep snowshoeing where it belongs…on the mountain!!
    20. 20. Other things to keep in mind…
    21. 21. --- You Betta’ Check Ya Metrics Mate ---
    22. 22. Looking forward… keep it
    23. 23. Takeaways • Every sender is different- talk to your email service provider for more personalized advice • Warm up helps the ISPs get to know you as a sender • We are here to help! – TAMS – Support Team
    24. 24. Learn More Free Guide: How to Warm Up an IP IP Warm Up video
    25. 25. Learn More • •
    26. 26. Questions