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Ask an Expert! Getting Started with Email Deliverability
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Ask an Expert! Getting Started with Email Deliverability


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Did you know that 20% of email goes undelivered? This isn't just marketing email, but password confirmations, shipping receipts, registration confirmations and other critical transactional messages. …

Did you know that 20% of email goes undelivered? This isn't just marketing email, but password confirmations, shipping receipts, registration confirmations and other critical transactional messages. How do you think your customer's feel when mail they want never arrives?

Get real advice on how to:

Boost the ROI of your email programs
Prevent missteps that could get you blacklisted
Drive customer engagement
Build a clean and sustainable list

Published in: Technology, Business
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No notes for slide
  • Danny will intro
  • Danny will cover the housekeeping items
  • Danny will do SendGrid overview
  • Danny will do SendGrid overview
  • Danny will introduce the speakers, let Corey introduce himself
  • Danny will ask the poll question
  • Danny
  • Danny
  • Corey
  • Corey What do I mean by wanted mail? Transactional mail is mission critical to the success of many companies Users who expect to be able to reset their password promptly, expect an alert when there is something wrong with their account, or anticipate confirmation of a purchase are not going to be happy if their mail is not delivered.
  • Danny - Don’t get me wrong, I’m a marketer, so I definitely know that transactional emails are not the only kind of emails that are wanted. - Us marketers want email because it is consistently the most cost effective marketing channel - It works! But it’s not easy, and all that time all the marketers in the audience are spending segmenting lists, and crafting perfect marketing copy, a/b testing subject lines, and sweating over the exact right time of day to blast an email, will be wasted if that message never hits the inbox. - Marketing mail ISN’T just wanted for marketers as well. Recipients sign up to receive communications from companies because they are interested in their services/products. Marketing email and SPAM are not the same thing - although it can be very easy for marketers to cross the line.
  • Danny -Corey will go into further detail with is, but he will show you that it is MUCH easier to get on top of deliverability early. While it’s not impossible to correct course if you find yourself with deliverability problems, it is much easier to prevent than fix.
  • Danny Email growing rapidly Despite all the speculation that social was going to kill email, the world is more dependent on email than ever.
  • Corey I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the challenges of sending email at scale. I say it’s quick because, well… obviously it’s super easy.
  • Corey Each domain has their own rules and restrictions Messages per minute Messages per connection Message size limits Number of re-trys
  • Corey Further Each domain has their own response codes and different interpretations
  • Corey Also there are about 45 reputable blacklist providers out there that are utilized by the numerous domains to assist in in providing assurance to their recipients.
  • Corey And… Enterprises employ spam filters which further restrict email deliverability For instance, as per the most recent Return path study delivers only 23% of email to the inbox
  • Corey And… Enterprises employ spam filters which further restrict email deliverability For instance, as per the most recent Return path study Postini, the most widely use spam filter, delivers only 23% of email to the inbox
  • Danny
  • Danny Mention that this only applicable to US - recommend everyone to apply it
  • Danny & Corey
  • Danny What do ISPs want? They want to give their customers the best experience (as little SPAM as possible). Customers won’t blame the ISP for blocking the mail they actually want - they will blame YOU! Learn to think like an ISP so you can get your mail delivered. - Most important, they want to know WHO YOU ARE!
  • Danny
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Danny
  • Corey Spam traps #1 cause Spam filtering - Cloudmark not a blacklist but use them to block - analyze to see if they feel it’s spam or not.
  • Corey Find out why you are on the blacklist. Maybe your account has been compromised, maybe you sent to a spam trap. document the types of messages coming back from the feedback loops verify reach out to the blacklist
  • Danny
  • Danny the style in which your emails are presented can also be very important for maintaining a good relationship with customers. whether including recognizable logos or optimizing for the quick reader-scan, you should always considering how you present your content - this can make a huge impact on the overall performance of your transactional emails.
  • Danny in this context, some bad habits to avoid are:
  • Danny some good habits to follow: -personality - personalization - Use personal name, prove that you know who they are.
  • Danny Who are you sending to? Where does your list come from?
  • Danny
  • Danny
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Corey Confirmed Opt-In Re-engagement campaigns We DO NOT recommend list verification services Keep track of your engagement/metrics
  • Corey
  • Corey
  • Danny
  • Danny track to confirm you are sending the right time
  • Danny
  • Corey A good sending cadence helps ISPs recognize you as a good sender Don’t fatigue your list! Instead of sending alert notifications - abridge/combine email into daily or weekly dose Email preference center - don’t opt people into the most frequent
  • Corey
  • Danny Danny will present this slide
  • Danny will ask questions to Corey
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ask an Expert:Getting Started with Email DeliverabilityGetting Started with Email DeliverabilityPresenters:Corey GoodCustomer Success RepresentativeDanny RandaInbound Marketing ManagerDate: 2/13/13
    • 2. HousekeepingReadyTalk Conference Tools Console•View in Full Screen ModePoll Questions•Answer live poll questions by clicking on the buttons•Responses are anonymousQuestions for Danny and Corey•Ask questions by using the CHAT function•When the presentation begins, you will see the chat box as a floating window to useat any time•We will answer as many questions as possible and those that we don’t get to in afollow up blog postFollow Up•You will get an email with a link to the recording and a copy of all slides
    • 3. Company Overview• Founded July 2009• TechStars graduate(Boulder, CO)• 110 employees across 4 offices– HQ: Boulder, CO– R&D: Anaheim, CA / Romania$27M venture capital raisedSeries B closed Jan 2012Angel investors include:-Scott Petry (Founder, Postini)-Matt Mullenweg (Founder, Wordpress)3
    • 4. Delivering Email at ScaleServing 100,000+ customersSending over 7 billion emailsper monthTransactional and marketingemail solutions4
    • 5. Today’s SpeakersDanny RandaInbound Marketing GoodCustomer Success
    • 6. Poll Question #1• How does your company currently managetheir email delivery?–I don’t know!–We use our own servers and technology–We use SendGrid–We use another service provider
    • 7. Why Should I Care AboutEmail Deliverability?
    • 8. 20% of wantedcommercial email goesundelivered.
    • 9. Types of Email
    • 10. Transactional EmailConfirmationsConfirmationsAlertsAlerts NotificationsNotificationsReceiptsReceiptsPassword DeliveryPassword DeliveryAccount VerificationsAccount VerificationsStatementsStatements Shipping NotificationsShipping NotificationsRemindersRemindersCancellationsCancellationsUpdatesUpdatesAnnouncementsAnnouncements
    • 11. Marketing Email isNot Just Spam!Not Just Spam!
    • 12. Slow and SteadyWins the Email Race
    • 13. Email isn’t Going Anywhere
    • 14. Email Deliverability:Easy, right?Easy, right?Your MailServer
    • 15. Still easy, right?…Etc…Etc…Etc…ISPsSpamFolderYour MailServer
    • 16.…Etc…Etc…Etc…ISPsSpamFolderYour MailServer
    • 17.…Etc…Etc…Etc…ISPsSpamFolderYour MailServerSpamhausSpamhausSpamhausSpamhausSURBLSURBLSURBLSURBLInvaluementInvaluementInvaluementInvaluementCBLCBLCBLCBLSPAMCOPSPAMCOPSPAMCOPSPAMCOPEtc…Etc…Etc…Etc…BlackLists
    • 18. Help!…Etc…Etc…Etc…ISPsSpamFolderYour MailServerSORBSSORBSSORBSSORBSBSBBSBBSBBSBCBLCBLCBLCBLPSBLPSBLPSBLPSBLSPAMCOSPAMCOPPSPAMCOSPAMCOPPEtc…Etc…Etc…Etc…BlackListsGoogGoogGoogGoogMcAfeeMcAfeeMcAfeeMcAfeeMailMailTrustTrustMailMailTrustTrustSpamSpamAssassinAssassinSpamSpamAssassinAssassinCloudmarkCloudmarkCloudmarkCloudmarkEtc…Etc…Etc…Etc…Spam Filters
    • 19. Where Does SendGrid Fit In?…Etc…Etc…Etc…ISPsSpamFolderYour MailServerSORBSSORBSSORBSSORBSBSBBSBBSBBSBCBLCBLCBLCBLPSBLPSBLPSBLPSBLSPAMCOSPAMCOPPSPAMCOSPAMCOPPEtc…Etc…Etc…Etc…BlackListsGoogGoogGoogGoogBrightBrightMailMailBrightBrightMailMailMailMailTrustTrustMailMailTrustTrustSpamSpamAssassinAssassinSpamSpamAssassinAssassinMSGMSGLabsLabsMSGMSGLabsLabsEtc…Etc…Etc…Etc…Spam Filters
    • 20. Getting Started on the Right Path
    • 21. Legal Requirement:CAN-SPAM ComplianceCAN-SPAM ComplianceControlling theAssault ofNon-SolicitedPornographyAndMarketing
    • 22. CAN-SPAM1. Don’t use false or misleading header information2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines3. Identify the message as an advertisement4. Tell recipients where you’re located5. Tell recipients how to opt out of receivingfuture email from you6. Honor opt-out requests promptly7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf
    • 23. Think Like an ISP
    • 24. Sender IdentificationDKIMSPF
    • 25. Sender Reputation
    • 26. IP Reputation169.254.219.226 IP Dedicated IP
    • 27. SendGrid Tips and TricksSegment Traffic& Use Subusers
    • 28. Monitoring ReputationSenderScoreSNDSSenderBase
    • 29. SendGrid TipFeedback Loops Reply-to
    • 30. Blacklists
    • 31. How do I end up on ablacklist?Spam Traps!(aka honey pots)
    • 32. I’m on a Blacklist.Now what!?InvestigateDocumentVerifyContact
    • 33. Right Messageto theRight Personat theRight Timewith theRight Frequency
    • 34. Right Message
    • 35. Bad HabitsVague subject lineLack of personalityUnrecognizable “from” address“Do-Not-Reply”
    • 36. Good HabitsStrong BrandingRecognizable “from” addressPersonalityConcise writing for easy scanning
    • 37. Right Person
    • 38. Poll #2• Where do the addresses on your listcome from?• Communication sign-ups?• Forms to receive content?• Purchased/rented lists?• Partner?
    • 39. Do your recipientswant and expectyour mail?
    • 40. Purchased ListsX
    • 41. Automatically SignPeople UpX
    • 42. Inviting Recipient’sAddress BooksX
    • 43. Sharing Lists withPartnersX
    • 44. List Cleaning
    • 45. BouncesSoft Bounce Hard Bounce
    • 46. SendGrid Tip• Use the Event API to clean list• SendGrid Reports
    • 47. Right Time
    • 48. Expectation &Anticipation
    • 49. Right Frequency
    • 50. Good SendingCadenceStay on the Beat!
    • 51. Warming Up IPs
    • 52. Learn More• Upcoming Webinar:- Highway to Hell - Top 10 Fastest Waysto Land in the Email Underworld• Deliverability Guide• SendGrid Delivered comes to Boston!•
    • 53. Questions?