PoolParty Overview 2012


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PoolParty Product Family covers enterprise vocabulary management, thesaurus management, linked data publishing, text mining, big data, data integration and semantic search

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PoolParty Overview 2012

  1. 1. Thesaurus Management Text Mining Big Data & Linked Data Andreas Blumauer CEO & Managing Partner Semantic Web Company
  2. 2. About us• Founded as „punkt. netServices“ 1998 in Vienna• Focus: Semantic (web) technologies & search applications – 1st project based on semantic technologies in 2001 – Foundation of Semantic Web School in 2004  Semantic Web Company since 2008 – PoolParty development started in 2007• PoolParty on the market since 2009• Privately held, currently 20 specialists http://www.poolparty.biz/
  3. 3. Our mission• „make things as simple as possible, but not simpler“ – A. Einstein• All technologies based on W3C´s Semantic Web standards• Available as installed software or as cloud service• Main application areas – Taxonomy and thesaurus management – Text Mining – Semantic search – Big data, Linked data and data integration http://www.poolparty.biz/
  4. 4. PoolParty componentsPPX: PPT:Text Mining & Extraction Metadata Management of Metadata & Linked DataMapping & Harmonizing Thesaurus & Vocabulary ManagementData Integration Linked Open Data Publishing http://www.poolparty.biz/
  5. 5. PoolParty componentsPPS: PPP:Structured & Semantic Search Semantic IndexingIntegrated Views Tag Recommendation &Content Recommendation Content Recommendation http://www.poolparty.biz/
  6. 6. PoolParty architecturehttp://www.poolparty.biz/
  7. 7. PPT in a nutshell• Usability: PoolParty provides an easy-to-use, web-based AJAX user interface• W3C Semantic Web standards: Management & maintenance of multi- lingual (corporate) thesauri & taxonomies on top of Semantic Web standards (SKOS, RDF, OWL & SPARQL)• Enterprise ready: PoolParty Server is based on scalable RDF Triple Stores (SAIL), incl. reasoner, (Solr) index engine and a phrase-extraction component• System integration: PoolParty Server offers a Java-API & several interfaces: HTTP/REST, SPARQL endpoint, Linked Data http://www.poolparty.biz/
  8. 8. SKOS – Simple Knowledge Organization System• W3C Standard since 2009• Based on Semantic Web standards• Open for linking with additional linked data http://www.poolparty.biz/
  9. 9. PPX based Text Mining http://poolparty.biz/demozone/http://www.poolparty.biz/
  10. 10. Metadata Mapping with PPX<person> <employee> Thomas Miller Tom Miller</person> </employee> Source 1 Source 2 http://www.poolparty.biz/
  11. 11. Semantic Search (PPS) •Full blown Search API •Ready for enterprise integration •Faceted Auto-Complete • Faceted Search • Thesaurus-based Search • Similarity Search • Query Expansion • Multi-lingual Search • Search Basket http://poolparty.biz/demozone/http://www.poolparty.biz/
  12. 12. PoolParty PowerTagging (PPP)http://www.poolparty.biz/
  13. 13. Example: reegle.info http://www.reegle.info http://data.reegle.infohttp://www.poolparty.biz/
  14. 14. Use casesFaceted Browsing Similar Documents Recommender Corporate thesauri Tag Recommendations Multilingual Search Semantic Search EnginesLinked Data Enrichments Linked Data Publishing Autocomplete functionsCustomers Credit Suisse, British Museum, Roche, Telekom Austria, Wolters Kluwer, Education Services Australia, REEEP, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, City of Vienna, Geological Survey of Austria, Biogen Idec, University of Glasgow, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology http://www.poolparty.biz/
  15. 15. Get in contact! Mag. Andreas Blumauer CEO a.blumauer@semantic-web.atSemantic Web Company GmbH http://www.semantic-web.at/ http://poolparty.bizMariahilfer Strasse 70/81070 ViennaAustria http://www.poolparty.biz/