Linked Enterprise Vocabularies


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Controlled vocabularies build the backbone of Enterprise Semantics. Learnings from the Linked Data approach show that metadata management should be a mere decentralized work than building yet another silo which is hard to maintain. With linked enterprise vocabularies we make use of parts of the SKOS standard which foresees that thesauri and taxonomies can be linked to each other.

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Linked Enterprise Vocabularies

  1. 1. Improving Business Value UsingLinked Enterprise VocabulariesAndreas BlumauerSemantic Web
  2. 2. Thechallenge
  3. 3. Integrate • Integrate data more easily from different departments/different silos • Integrate structured data and unstructured data • Explore and integrate internal data with external information The Collaborate • Exchange data more easily and efficientlychallenge with external organizations – partners, vendors, clients, etc. Grow • Locate and use dynamic, quickly moving data • Maintain a more agile knowledge base • Expand knowledge base more easily with the help of linked data
  4. 4. Business groups share common processes, topics. But how do they communicate? Research HRMarketing Production
  5. 5. Is it through a common vocabulary? Or common understanding? Innovation management Innovation management HRMarketing
  6. 6. Globalization + Localization = New demands on business vocabularies Luxury car Luxury car Marketing (U.S.)Marketing(Europe)
  7. 7. How to share common data? What questions do business groups have in common?Research Production „Innovation management methods‟ Search Marketing/Sales HR
  8. 8. The Semantic Puzzle: Learning fromthe ‘Linked Open Data’ movement
  9. 9. Big data linked through established W3C semantic web standards“Which policies in the area of renewable energy have helped to initiate projects andprogrammes in the agricultural sector which finally have improved substantially thenutritional situation in a certain country?”
  10. 10. The solutionapproach
  11. 11. Linked Vocabularies• Simple Knowledge Organisation System is a W3C standard to develop enterprise vocabularies• SKOS provides several properties for vocabulary linking (mapping): – skos:exactMatch – skos:closeMatch – skos:broadMatch – skos:narrowMatch – skos:relatedMatch
  12. 12. Example: Use of two common phrases with similar meanings Lean manufacuring Lean production ProductionResearch
  13. 13. Same concept but different contexts Manufacturingskos:exactMatch skos:exactMatch /research/1452 production/729 skos:exactMatchprefLabel:Lean manufacturing prefLabel:Lean productionaltLabel: Lean production altLabel: Lean enterprisebroader: Lean concepts broader: Production managementrelated: Scientific management, related: just in time, rationalization, Kaizen group work
  14. 14. Linked data alignment is keyTools for (semi-)automatic linked data alignment:• SILK -• LIMES -• PoolParty Thesaurus Server - thesaurus-manager/
  15. 15. Applications
  16. 16. Querying third-party data in your own language „Lean manufacturing‟ SearchResearch ‘Lean enterprise’ Production
  17. 17. Querying your own data & third-party data as if it were one single database
  18. 18. Querying structured data and unstructured data in one step‘Show me industry news which mention countries or regionsto which our export volume has increased over the last 5 yearsat least by 10% and which deal with one of our products and/orwith one of our competitors.’ (Federated) SPARQL Queries Industry News Export statistics
  19. 19. Conclusion
  20. 20. Explicit metadata layer Data Data Research Production Metadata:• Stored and processed separately from data• Metadata management is part of the enterprise information management strategy Data Data Marketing/Sales HR
  21. 21. Linked enterprise vocabularies are the backbone for a semantic infrastructure Application (integrated views) Information integration on semantic levelLean manufacturing http://compa http://compa http://compa http://compa s/Benelux production rch/1452 match related broader uction/729 s/Belgium © Semantic Web Company – 21
  22. 22. “Thank you for your time and please forward any comments or questions to me for more information on our product or linkedAndreas BlumauerManaging Partner data & vocabularies!”a.blumauer@semantic-web.atSemantic Web Company GmbH Strasse 70/8 http://poolparty.biz1070 ViennaAustria © Semantic Web Company – 22