Linked data big data


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Andreas Blumauer's talk at the Vienna Semantic Web Meetup 19.07.2012

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Linked data big data

  1. 1. The Value of Linked Data in the Age of Big Data Andreas Blumauer CEO & Managing Partner Semantic Web Company
  2. 2. About us• Founded as „punkt. netServices“ 1998 in Vienna• Focus: Semantic (web) technologies & search applications – 1st project based on semantic technologies in 2001 – Foundation of Semantic Web School in 2004  Semantic Web Company since 2008 – PoolParty development started in 2007• PoolParty on the market since 2009• Privately held, currently 20 specialists
  3. 3. VUCA Worlds Volatility See also: Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity
  4. 4. A brief history of ‚Data‘ 1990 2012Volatility … The information needed today is different from the information needed tomorrow, next week or next month. Changes come from everywhere: internal strategy changes, competitive pressures, new regulatory requirementsUncertainty … Companies are increasingly drawing on data from outside their organization. They’re pulling together information from supply chain partners, from customers, from social media sites, from websites and public web databases.Complexity … Decision makers are relying on data buried in spreadsheets, in emails, in Access databases and in documents.Ambiguity … Key enterprise data assets are no longer confined to predictably structured transactional databases and data warehouses.
  5. 5. Big Data: A DefinitionBig Data is abouttools to examine•large•distributed•unstructured•unrelated and•quickly growingpools of datato create information & knowledge from it.See also: Jeffrey Layton, (Enterprise Storage Forum)
  6. 6. Big Data: Another DefinitionBig Data is abouttools that pull together•large•distributed•unstructured•unrelated and•quickly growingpools of datato create an even bigger and less flexible data silowhich creates an even bigger lock-in effect for the customer.
  7. 7. Big Data: An example3TIER has conductedfeasibility studiesfor over 650 wind projectson 6 continents,representing over20GW of production potential.In 2011 alone,3TIER conducted risk analysisthat helped secure over $4.1 billion in public and private financing forutility-scale solar projects in the US, India, and Australia. Youtube: 3TIER,
  8. 8. Hunch: The power of correlationHunch’s Taste Graph is the foundation that powers Hunch’s predictions.The graph is fast growing, constantly-improving and built upon a massive data structure. See also:,
  9. 9. Correlation vs. CausationSleeping with ones shoes on isstrongly correlated with waking upwith a headacheORSleeping with ones shoes on causeswaking up with a headache?Show me all drugs - related to asthma that - are linked to a curated molecular interaction in the literature - where the protein is known to cause inflammatory response
  10. 10. Centralized vs. DecentralizedETLcentralized decentralized distributed
  11. 11. Example: Querying decentralized systems How many people work at SWC? SWC = Semantic Web Company 20 people work at Semantic Web Company 20 people work at SWC! No central data hub needed!!!
  12. 12. How decentralization can contribute to cope with VUCA?Volatility:Higher agility when managed units are smallerUncertainty:Make use of algorithms based on correlationComplexity:Breaking down into smaller modules, crowd-sourcing and self organizationAmbiguity:Better understanding of specialities of sub-domains& local needs
  13. 13. Linked Data infrastructure - Technology
  14. 14. PoolParty componentsPPT: PPX:Management of Metadata & Linked Data Text Mining & Extraction MetadataThesaurus & Vocabulary Management Mapping & HarmonizingLinked Open Data Publishing Data Integration
  15. 15. PoolParty componentsPPS: PPP:Structured & Semantic Search Semantic IndexingIntegrated Views Tag Recommendation &Content Recommendation Content Recommendation
  16. 16. PoolParty architecture
  17. 17. SKOSsy: Use ‚Big Data‘ to Generate knowledge models Automatic generation of seed-thesauri from linked data
  18. 18. Knowledge VisualisationRelation Browser Treeview
  19. 19. Data VisualisationExtended Relation Browser Treemap
  20. 20. Fast and consistent classification of content
  21. 21. Get in contact! Mag. Andreas Blumauer CEO a.blumauer@semantic-web.atSemantic Web Company GmbH http://poolparty.bizMariahilfer Strasse 70/81070 ViennaAustria