QR Code Luggage Tags


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The use of QR Codes is becoming increasingly popular. QR Code Luggage Tags can be used as a safe alternative to traditional luggage tags and as a marketing tool for businesses.

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QR Code Luggage Tags

  1. 1. QR Code Luggage Tags: Create Custom Luggage TagsNowadays, the use of QR (Quick Response) Codes is becoming increasingly commonplace and popular.They are being utilized more and more by taking advantage of smart phones technology, which can be used to read the barcodes just by downloading a simple and free QR code reader app. These two dimensional bar codes are encoded with data such as an URL or text. The data can be “read” with a smart phone by scanning it. The technology isn’t new, it’s been around since 1994, when it was developed by popular vehicle brand, Toyota. QR Code Luggage tags harness the technology for two primary purposes, to provide a safe alternative to traditional luggage tags and as a marketing tool. We’ll discuss both below. • Safe Alternative To Traditional Luggage TagsLuggage tags are used in case luggage becomes lostduring travels. They typically include the name of theperson who owns the luggage, their address andphone number. This contact information is added to thetag so that the airline or another passenger cancall the bag’s owner if the bag gets lost and needs to bereturned. Tags are also used so passengersdon’t get their bags confused with someone else’s.While a luggage tag is helpful for all of the above reasons,it can place a person at risk. If the wrong person sees theinformation, the situation could become an unsafe one.QR Code luggage tags are a good alternative. These two dimensional bar codes won’t allow strangers toread what’s on the tag, at least not with naked eyes. If they were to scan it, it would reveal the traveler’scontact information, which could be used to contact him or her in case the luggage was lost or mixed upwith someone else’s.• Marketing Your BusinessBusinesses are quickly beginning to see the value of utilizing QR codes for marketing purposes. Somecompanies are having QR code luggage tags printed, which will allow travelers or prospect customers ingeneral to scan the tag with their smart phones and automatically be directed to the company’s website.This is easier and much more effective than advertising a website address or URL that an individual wouldhave to memorize. If it’s encoded on the tag, they won’t’ have to commit the URL to memory. They cansimply scan the barcode with their smart phone and save it to their phone.QR code luggage tags are one way that people and businesses are utilizing the QR code technology.Though the technology has been around for nearly 20 years, it is only know when it is receivingwidespread and varied use.