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Insomnia - Most Common Side Effects
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Insomnia - Most Common Side Effects


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The health hazards of insomnia are understated. Review the medical dangers of chronic insomnia and how it influences health, causing weight gain, as well as medical conditions.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Insomnia Side Effects
  • 2. The health hazards of insomnia are understated… Chronic insomnia overtime not only impacts a sufferers’ professional pursuits and productivity, but leads to other disorders associated with sleep deficiencies. Particularly, menopause coupled with an inability to sleep is a recipe for weight gain. Women who are enduring a biological change are not the only individuals predisposed to gain weight due to sleep deprivation.
  • 3. But the real question is…
    • … . are insomnia supplements, such as Kavinace, really the solution to a good night’s rest?
  • 4. Numerous studies demonstrate that sleep deprivation triggers…. Anxiety Weight Gain Diabetes Psychosis Cycle of Unrest Interrupts Cellular growth
  • 5. Research
    • Two separate clinical trials, Dr. Alexandros Vgontzas, MD researched the effects of insomnia.
    • In one study, a correlation showed a heightened susceptibility to diabetes for sleeping less than 6-hours a night.
  • 6.  
  • 7. Menopause and Insomnia: A vicious cycle of unrest
  • 8.
    • Between the body’s slowing metabolism, the physiological effects of sleep depravation, maintaining a healthy weight becomes increasingly difficult for women over 50.
  • 9. First Test - Research
  • 10. Second Test - Research
    • In a second test, Dr. Vgontzas found that men, who slept fewer hours, were at a higher risk of mortality.
  • 11.  
  • 12. Valerian and Melatonin
    • Certain melatonin is derived from animal, increasing the chances of contamination.
    • Valerian and melatonin are laden in additives, which can cause allergic reactions.
  • 13. Kavinace
    • Unlike other insomnia supplements laden in wheat, soy, sodium, sucrose, yeast and artificial colors or other allergies, Kavinace (another natural supplement), is free of additives and glutens.
  • 14.
    • More importantly, clinical trials show that Kavinace does not trigger the arrhythmic palpitations as seen with valerian and melatonin, enhancing a good night’s sleep.
  • 15. Useful Resources About Insomnia and Nutraceutical Products
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    • http://
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