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  • Table frompg 44 of Edexcel religion and life

Euthanasia Euthanasia Presentation Transcript

  • Tuesday, 06 December 2011 Should we be able to choose when we die? Aims: • Be able to outline the law in the UK regarding euthanasia • Explain why euthanasia is a controversial issue • Give reasons for and against euthanasia • Explain Christian responses to the issue of euthanasia
  • Euthanasia: a good deathVoluntary euthanasia: Non-voluntary euthanasia:is where the patient is is carried out where the patient is unable to ask for itdying in pain requests but the people around think a doctor to end their it’s what the patient would life gently. have wanted.Active euthanasia: is Passive euthanasia: is carried out by a when medical doctor on purpose, treatment or a life-such as the giving of a support lethal injection
  • Watch this and list the arguments FOR AGAINST
  • Many people are in favour because:• It allows patients to die a gentle, pain-free death and to exercise their right to die as they choose• The patient dies with dignity, rather than slowly getting worse, mentally and physically.• Euthanasia saves medial costs• Medics can focus their attention on patients who can have a chance of recovery• It relieves the family of emotional and financial burdens• Put a * next to the argument that you think is strongest
  • What’s the alternative?• Watch this• Describe what a hospice is in 50 words• Homework: Research and record 10 fascinating facts about Dame Cicely Saunders (list the books/websites that you used to help)
  • What do Christians think about euthanasia?• Stick in the table in your book• Highlight and annotate the key terms (not whole sentences!)• What Biblical teachings can be added to this?
  • It’s always wrong to kill?(i) Do you agree? Give reasons for you opinion (3)(ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you (3)
  • What influences a Buddhist when thinking about euthanasia?Medical treatment that Active euthanasia will extends life might not relieve any dukkah cause more pain in the long termSpeeding up death Meditation might harms the body – help to ease pain this is against the first precept Dukkah is the result of kamma; trying to Buddhists believe escape suffering now will only mean having in ahimsa – non- it in the next life violence
  • Task: Should the law on euthanasia be changes?• Watch the case study and make some notes• In your group, work out what your character would say; would they want the law in the UK to allow euthanasia or not?• Get into new groups – stay in character and discuss if the law should be changed in the UK
  • Plenary – Question strips• What task have you been given?