Tutorial about create custom contact form in magento


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Tutorial about create custom contact form in magento

  1. 1. Tutorial about Create Custom Contact Form inMagento
  2. 2. sql/customcontacts_setup/mysql4-install-0.1.0.phpManually inserting a custom email template straight into the database.This isn’t really a necessary step because you could just create onemanually by going to System > Transactional Emails. To save you a bit oftime I’ve set up a really basic one which is very similar to the standardcontact form email template.
  3. 3. 1 | <?php2 | $installer = $this;3 | $installer->startSetup();4 |5 | $installer->run("6 | INSERT INTO {$this->getTable(core_email_template)}(`template_code`, `template_text`, `template_type`, `template_subject`, `template_sender_name`, `template_sender_email`, `added_at`, `modified_at`) VALUES7 | (Custom Contact Form, Name: {{var data.name}}rnSubject: {{var data.subject}}rnE-mail: {{var data.email}}rnTelephone: {{var data.telephone}}rnComment: {{vardata.comment}}, 1, Custom Contact Form, NULL, NULL, NOW(), NOW());8 | ");9 | $installer->endSetup();
  4. 4. etc/config.xmlWhen creating frontend router, specified it as ‘custom-contact’. You can change thisto something more appropriate.1 | <routers>2 | <customcontacts>3 | <use>standard</use>4 | <args>5 | <module>Creare_Customcontacts</module>6 | <frontName>custom-contact</frontName>7 | </args>8 | </customcontacts>9 | </routers>
  5. 5. During the setup script, create a transactional email template, but it’s notpossible to set this as a default with your form. So, you have to set a defaultform from the locale unless you want to go and create your own html form inthe locale. The following goes within the global node:1 | <template>2 | <email>3 | <contacts_customemail_email_template translate="label">4 | <label>Contacts</label>5 | <file>contact_form.html</file>6 | <type>text</type>7 | </contacts_customemail_email_template>8 | </email>9 | </template>
  6. 6. Following goes within the default node. This is just the process of assigning defaults tothe new config fields.1<default>2 <contacts>3 <customcontacts>4 <enabled>1</enabled>5 </customcontacts>6 <customemail>7 <recipient_email><![CDATA[hello@example.com]]></recipient_email>8 <sender_email_identity>custom2</sender_email_identity>9 <email_template>contacts_customemail_email_template</email_template>10 </customemail>11 </contacts>12</default>
  7. 7. ConfigurationOnce uploaded you need to set the custom email template to the new form: System >Configuration > Contacts.
  8. 8. If you leave the config.xml settings as default you will be able to go toyourdomain.com/custom-contacts to view your form. It will look identical to thenormal contact form. Now you can add as many extra fields as you want to thetemplate file without effecting the standard contact form. It can be found in thebase/default theme at customcontacts/form.
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