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Few Theme Development Tutorials for WordPress
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Few Theme Development Tutorials for WordPress


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Few essential yet very useful theme development tutorials for WordPress. Learn developing your own WordPress theme with ease and earn good dollars.

Few essential yet very useful theme development tutorials for WordPress. Learn developing your own WordPress theme with ease and earn good dollars.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Few Useful Theme Development Tutorials ofWordPress
  • 2. WordPress is dominating the website world with its superb features andfunctionality. It is considered to be the most sought-after CMS platform andmany branded companies are using WordPress as blogging platform and CMSto introduce their new brand services and products to the world. WordPresshas increased its fan popularity because of being easy to edit, customizeablewith themes and extendable with wide range of plugins.Developing your own WordPress theme can actually help you earn goodmoney. Creating WordPress theme on your own, you can deliver somethingunique and creative. If you enter the term ‘WordPress theme’ in searchengines and hit enter, you will come across numerous resources offering freeand premium WordPress themes which have been downloaded hundreds orthousands of times. So, if you are creative, have Wordpress knoweldge andweb page designing skills, it’s an opportunity to build up some cash.In this presentation we will find out the well-known resources which are souseful for WordPress theme development.
  • 3. WordPress Codex on Theme DevelopmentYou can start developing your own WordPress themes by getting into the WordPressCodex first. It resource will provide you lot of information ranging from basics of thetheme development to best practices and useful resources to get started.
  • 4. ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd EditionOne of the popular WordPress theme tutorial on the web. The ThemeShaper will guideyou to build a fully efficient and working WordPress theme from scratch.
  • 5. WordPress Theme Customization Guide & TutorialIt is a simple guide that will teach you to customize WordPress assuming that you havesome knowledge in HTML and CSS. You can learn how WordPress themes are structuredand how they work.
  • 6. How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from ScratchChrisSpooner shows you how to start designing WordPress themes from scratch. You willgo from design phase to coding part and finally to converting it into dynamic CMStemplate – a WordPress theme.
  • 7. How To Create a Simple WordPress Blog ThemeAnother tutorial by Chris Spooner where you will get the complete guide to create visualconcept in Photoshop and code it up into a HTML/CSS template. Here you will also beintroduced about how WordPress themes are structured and how you can convert yourjust coded template into a WordPress theme.
  • 8. How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with BootstrapBootstrap - one of the most famous frameworks and it is responsive. This tutorial willguide you how you can develop a responsive WordPress theme with the use of Bootstrapframework.
  • 9. Adaptive Blog Theme: From Photoshop to WordPressThis is one of the longest tutorial session available on the web will guide you everythingabout WordPress theme development from scratch.
  • 10. WordPress Theme Development Training WheelsThis tutorial is best for freshers to getting start developing themes for WordPress. Thisseries of tutorials should help you to getting necessary knowledge and get started increating themes for WordPress platform.
  • 11. The Ultimate WordPress Theme Development GlossaryAll the essential and advanced information and resources about developing WordPressthemes on one organized place will save you lots of time and nerves.
  • 12. Developing Your First WordPress ThemeThis tutorial will guide you how to create your first theme for WordPress. Following stepby step process in this three-part series guide you will gain all needed knowledge forWordPress themes developer.
  • 13. Create a Typography Based WordPress Blog ThemeFollowing this tutorial that will show you how to design your theme in Photoshop, howto code it to HTML5 and CSS3 and finally how to put it on WordPress and make a usefulWordPress theme.
  • 14. How to Build a Basic Portfolio WordPress ThemeAnother tutorial from Chris Spooner that will show you how to build a basic portfoliotheme for WordPress. You will start from the ground up in Photoshop then you will codeit and finally you will convert it into a simple WordPress theme.
  • 15. Basics Of WordPress Theme DesignIf you want to become an expert WordPress theme developer then you must learn thefundamentals first. This post highlighting the basics of the WordPress showing you thetemplate tags and more advanced files.
  • 16. How to Build A WordPress Theme From Scratch Part OneHere is the tutorial that will show you exactly what is the difference between templatesand themes when it comes to WordPress and then you will start building your owntheme.
  • 17. How to Create Your first WordPress ThemeCosmin Negoita will show you how you can develop your first WordPress theme withlittle knowledge in HTML/CSS. Following his tutorial series you will get much neededinformation for starting up in WordPress theme development.
  • 18. Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme DevelopmentThis tutorial will show you how to install and configure XAMPP for desktop(local server)and create a perfect environment for WordPress theme development.
  • 19. Create An Advanced Theme Options Panel in WordPressThis tutorial is much helpful for more experienced WordPress developers who would liketo dig deeper into WordPress and create an advanced options panel.
  • 20. Create a Settings Page For Your WordPress ThemeIn this tutorial you will learn how to create a settings page for your WordPress theme.
  • 21. Translating Your ThemeAs WordPress is used at the different parts of the world, so you should develop yourWordPress theme readable by everyone. In this tutorial you will learn how to make yourWordPress theme translatable into other languages.
  • 22. WordPress Development and Deployment With MAMP, Git and DropboxThis tutorial is for more advanced users who hold enough experience about WordPresstheme. They can jump into the business of WordPress theme development. This guidewill show you how you can work efficiently using some tools and services.
  • 23. The Complete Guide To Custom Post TypesAfter holding good experience about WordPress theme development, you might want toadd some advanced features to your themes, right? This tutorial will show you how youcan easily create custom post types for your WordPress theme.
  • 24. Guide To WordPress Coding StandardsTo become a professional WordPress theme developer, first you must learn the codingstandards behind the WordPress. This will help you to sharpen your coding style andmake your work more professional and most important easy to understand for otherdevelopers.
  • 25. How to Create a Custom Theme for Your WordPress Blog with Minimal Coding RequiredThis tutorial will explain you and teach you how to build WordPress theme with noprogramming knowledge. 
  • 26. How To Create Your Own Custom WordPress ThemeClassical tutorial for developing WordPress theme. Starting up in Photoshop, jumpinginto coding and finally heading to WordPress theme. Final result is ready to host yourblog posts.