Awesome list of WordPress Bootstrap Themes for Inspiration


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Awesome list of WordPress Bootstrap Themes for Inspiration

  1. 1. Awesome List of WordPress Bootstrap Themes forInspiration
  2. 2. Twitter Bootstrap is one of the stunning website building frameworks. Thisframework has remarkably reduced the time spent behind developing a singlesite dramatically. It doesn’t require to learn something new to work with, onewith basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can easily dive into it to build an eye-catching design quickly.WordPress Bootstrap sites are optimized to look gorgeous on computer, tabletsand mobile devices. With WordPress Bootstrap theme, you are sure that you willget quality and flexible responsive design that are easy to customize to fit on allpopular screen resolutions.Well, this presentation includes the list of WordPress themes developed usingBootstrap for your inspiration:
  3. 3. ZeitgeistZeitgeist is a creative Responsive WordPress theme delivers a contemporary websiteexperience with bold, readable fonts and clean, minimalistic design build usingtwitter bootstrap.
  4. 4. OpenSpaceOpenSpace is a fully Responsive Wordpress Theme build using bootstrap comes withfeatures such as best suited for any business, portfolio, photography and personalsites. Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets.
  5. 5. GrandeurGrandeur is a responsive WordPress theme coming with wide range of possibleapplications ranging from corporate websites to personal online portfolios. You canbuild a personal taste homepage by selecting and customizing a range of modules.
  6. 6. NEONeo is a flexible and responsive WordPress theme suitable for both business andcreative websites. Wow your visitors with the synchronized background slideshowcomponent and amaze them with the many exciting page layouts and shortcodesavailable in this WordPress theme.
  7. 7. TrustMeTrustMe is a Responsive WordPress Theme build using Bootstrap, best suited forMagazines, News and Blog websites. It comes with 23 awesome widgets and 18widget areas and 4 post formats (image, audio, video & gallery) and tons of themeoptions.
  8. 8. CommerceCommerce WordPress theme is WordPress ecommerce theme with pinterest stylethat would be perfect and suitable for your retail and online business store. Thistheme build to makes your store looks gorgeous and modern than standard onlinestore out there.
  9. 9. QuartumQuartum is fully responsive WordPress theme design with 600 plus easy to useGoogle fonts including 49 custom shortcodes with shortcode generator. 9 widgets andbuilt with Bootstrap 2.1.0.
  10. 10. UniquenessUniqueness is stylish design immediately demonstrates your web design company istotally in trend. Such novelty for WordPress Themes as Cherry Framework with lavishbundle of advantages will just add the points to your professional authority; howeverthere are also a lot of benefits for you as an administrator: optimized dashboard,easy-to-install sample data, an opportunity to modify your theme with no.
  11. 11. SmashingSmashing is flexible and striking responsive theme, built using latest technologies. Itincluded an amazing parallax slider, a filterable portfolio and loads of options to makeyou theme stand out from the rest.
  12. 12. VitruxVitrux is completely responsive from 1200px to an iPhone’s screen so you do not losecustomers regardless of the device they use to see your website.
  13. 13. AlternaAlterna is an retina-ready, wholly responsive WordPress theme. It gives an awesomelook to your business website for any type ranging from business, corporate,portfolio, blog, products, magazine and shop etc.
  14. 14. CrossRoadCrossRoad is a Responsive WordPress Theme, best suited for Magazines, News andBlogs. It has 18 awesome custom widgets and 22 widget areas and 4 post formats(image, audio, video & gallerie) and tons of theme options. It is developed on theBootstrap.
  15. 15. FrenzyFrenzy is clean and flexible Responsive WordPress theme based on Bootstrapframework. Frenzy is suit for blog, magazine, news and portfolio, marketing andOnline Shop. Easy to customize and deploy, also comes with tons of features.
  16. 16. StudiofolioIt is fully responsive design and retina ready WordPress theme. It has infiniteportfolios and galleries and a fluid or fixed size layout with 2 different layout sizes.Select from 4 different sizes and customize the layout to your personal visual style.
  17. 17. CelestinoCelestino is a clean and powerful WordPress portfolio theme with a great 1170 pixelresponsive layout based on the Bootstrap grid. You can easily customize thetypography and the colors of each element of the layout, like navigation menu,footer, links, text, background and so on.
  18. 18. AccordAccord is Responsive WordPress Blog Theme, best suited for Magazines and PersonalBlogs. It comes with 9 awesome widgets, Post Rating System and 7 post formats(image, gallery, video, audio, quote, aside, standard) and tons of theme options.Accord developed on the Bootstrap.
  19. 19. One TouchThe structure of One Touch theme is what it perfectly suitable for all, ranging fromthe entertaining blog to a serious corporate site. Styles are included in a template forWooCommerce so you will be able to create without problems the catalog with shopon your site.
  20. 20. GoodChoicePowerful WordPress Theme designed in a clean and minimalistic style. It is flexible,easy for customizing and well documented, approaches for personal and professionaluse. It has a solid flexible responsive layout that scales from 320px to 1260px widthall Bootstrap features.
  21. 21. PopularPopular is a responsive WordPress Theme, suited for business websites and userswho want to display their work on a neat portfolio site.
  22. 22. BuilderBuilder is powerful WordPress theme designed in a clean and minimalistic style. Thistheme is very flexible, easy for customizing and well documented, approaches forpersonal and professional use. It has a solid flexible responsive layout that scales from320px to 1260px width all Bootstrap features.
  23. 23. BelieveBelieve is a powerful, feature-rich WordPress theme that allow you to customize widevariety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard. Believe theme is packed withamazing donation system and you only need to enter your paypal address to startusing it!
  24. 24. iBusinessiBusiness is a responsive WordPress theme, suited for business websites and userswho want to display their work on a neat portfolio site.
  25. 25. Black LabelBlack Label is responsive WordPress theme supporting HTML5 video and Vimeo. It isretina display ready with the ability to add audio background while viewing images.
  26. 26. KallyasKALLYAS is highly responsive WordPress theme built for current trend. It is flexible,clean design, without no modesty, one of the most complete themes ever created.
  27. 27. PreferencePreference is responsive WordPress theme built on Twitter Bootstrap. Preferencegives you the most flexible set of options to customize the overall look and style ofyour website with a ton of options from layouts to “Unlimited” colour combinationsfor that special personalized touch.
  28. 28. KGN Technologies is a Wordpress Development highly exeprinced inbuilding Custom Wordpress theme, plugins, CMS and Wordpressshopping cart websites.