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Haunted Science at Semiahmoo Secondary
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Haunted Science at Semiahmoo Secondary


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. By: Namali Ratnaweera
  • 2. “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adders fork, and blind- worms sting, Lizards leg, and owlets wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell- broth boil and bubble. ”Students from the SemiahmooScience Club and students from H.TThrift Elementary got together for aday of haunted science!
  • 3. “I think that theHaunted Scienceevent at Semi isgreat way for kids tolearn about theprinciples ofscience, in a funenvironment!” saidJane, the presidentof the SemiahmooScience Club.
  • 4. First on the agenda, was the Mentos in Coca-Cola demonstration.Holes in the Mentos allow carbon dioxide to come in and pushes allthe liquid up and out of the bottle. Resulting in a huge geyser!
  • 5. Behold the PumpkinPendulum! Thispumpkin is actuallybeing held up by areally strong type ofstring, and attached tothe ceiling. Studentshold the pumpkin upto their nose, and letgo. The pumpkinswings back and forth,but never hits theperson in the face! Thisis due to theConservation ofMomentum!
  • 6. Ooooh, what could this be? Atomic Slimefrom Outer Space! Mix polyphenol sodiumand acid, and you get this glow-in-the-dark creation!
  • 7. Next we have the “CanCrusher”. A can getsheated on a BunsenBurner (what the Pepsican is sitting on), andthen placed in coolwater. Bam! Just likethat, the can getscompressed withinseconds (Orange Crushcan being held up).
  • 8. What exactly is theelectric pickle? It startswith an electric circuit,which is incomplete.Hook up the pickle,and the light bulbturns on! Fascinating,isn’t it? Neverunderestimate thepower of the pickle!
  • 9. Eeeew, gross! It looksdisgusting, but it is somuch fun to play with.Oobleck is a mixture ofcornstarch and water. Itis known as a non-Newtonian fluid.Oobleck can bemoulded like a solid andalso act like a liquid. It’sa mix of both a liquidand a solid.
  • 10. This is known as a Plasma Globe. The redand blue streaks seen, are differentfrequencies and a high voltage. Whenhands are placed on the globe, it altersthe frequencies. It is definitely coolerthan any regular globe!
  • 11. “Where there is noimagination there isno horror” Very trueindeed. After a day ofimagination, science,fun and mysteries thestudents from H.TThrift left with a bagof candy and prizes.While the students ofSemi Science club,were left with a messto clean up!