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TT&M Brochure

  1. 1. RF & Microwave ComponentsTiming, Test & MeasurementShort Form Brochure Timing, Test & Measurement IP Networks Satellite Communications Broadcast Solutions Support Making Waves...
  2. 2. Contents Partners Communication Test Sets Page General Dynamics 6 Microwave Amplifiers Vector Network and Spectrum Analysers. Giga-tronics 7 Microwave Frequency Counters Phase Matrix 9 Microwave Synthesisers Satellite Link Emulators, Carrier to Noise Phase Matrix 9 Generators, Microwave Synthesisers Motion Simulation & Measurement North Atlantic Industries 11 Optical Test Equipment Exfo 5 Optical Test Equipment and Multi Oscilloscopes Platform Datacom Testers LeCroy 8 Power Measurement Giga-tronics 7 Tegam 11 Communication Analysers and TTi 11 Radio Test Sets RF & Microwave Analysers Anritsu 4 TTi 11Sematron customers around the world RF & Microwave Signal Generation Microwave Signal Generators, Power dBm 5 Meters and Sensors, Amplifiers, Giga-tronics 6 Switching Systems and YIG Oscillators Tabor Electronics 10Sematron is the UK’s largest independent supplier of Satellite Link Emulation & Noise GenerationTiming, Test & Measurement equipment. Over the past 20 dBm 5 Timing Solutions Digital Oscilloscopesyears we have built a substantial portfolio and a reputation Symmetricom 10as a supplier of RF and Microwave test equipment andcomponents. We have been designing, supplying and Angle Position Indicators, Synchroimplementing solutions globally for the Telecoms & Resolvers & Phase VoltmetersEnterprise, Defence & Avionics, New Media & Broadcastand Mobile & Wireless sectors. Microwave Frequency Counters, Timing, Test & Measurement Microwave Synthesiser, VCO’s, PhaseIn Satellite Communications we are the largest supplier Locked Oscillatorsof equipment for ground stations and the largest UKdistributor for Timing, Test and Measurement equipment. Frequency Standards, Time & FrequencyOur Network products help build infrastructure, monitor Receivers, Distribution Amplifiers, Phase Noise Test Setsperformance and can provide optimisation. In Broadcast,within the Contribution and Distribution sectors; ourextensive range of compression, transmission and Arbitrary, Pulse & Function GeneratorsSatellite News Gathering (SNG) products have provenreliability and keep pace with customer’s requirements Handheld Spectrum Analysers, USBand the latest technology. Power Meters, RF Signal Generators Other divisionsHigh-quality, high-performance RF, microwave and digitalcomponents complete our product portfolio. Satcomms & Broadcast Calibration Equipment, Resistant RF & Microwave Components Standards, Ohm & Power Meters IP Networks Solutions Support T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E 3
  3. 3. Anritsu’s core business is test and measurement instruments for communications. Used in design, manufacturing and maintenance of Spectrum Analyser dBm develops and manufactures test equipment and subsystems for the RF marketplace, including wireless telecommunications, satellite EXFO is a leading provider of test and monitoring solutions for network service providers and equipment manufacturers in the wired or wireless solutions, RF and microwave solutions and optical systems, and military applications. Our test equipment product lines global telecommunications industry. The Telecom Division offers solutions, among other data communications applications include Synthesised Signal Generators, Satellite Emulation Systems, innovative solutions from design to technology deployment and Frequency converters and Carrier to Noise Generators. onto service assurance – and covering all layers on a network infrastructure to enable triple-play services and next-generation, converged IP networking. Vector Network Analyser Satellite Link Emulator – SLE Handheld VNA Master™ Optical Network Optical Test VNA Masters are the first and only truly portable handhelds with integrated Testers Equipment 2-port vector network analyser from 2MHz to 6GHz, spectrum analyser from 100kHz to 7.1GHz, and power meter capabilities in a single instrument. Model: MS2726C Handheld Spectrum Analyser with Frequency The SLE9000 Satellite Link Emulator series provides satellite-to-satellite, Coverage from 9kHz to 43GHz satellite-to-moving station (aircraft, UAV, vehicle) and satellite-to-fixed ground station RF link testing. The SLE allows accurate simulation of Broadband preamplifiers over the whole frequency range for increased phase continuous propagation delays, flat fading, path loss, phase shift sensitivity around 20 dB and Doppler shifts whilst giving realistic, full-duplex path scenarios for Three Sweep Modes – with improved Sweep Speed - up to 100 times faster closed-loop testing of satellites, ground processing equipment, and mobile Resolution Bandwidths from 1Hz to 10MHz transceivers. Optional 6-path multipath fading (Rayleigh and Rician fading), and digitally generated Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) may also be New triggering choices including hysteresis, hold-off, and delay selected. More zero-span capabilities including 10MHz RBW & VBW Bandwidths of 40MHz, 60 Optical Variable Up to four independent channels per chassis Enhanced Spectrum Analyser GUI including large marker display choice MHz, 100MHz, maximum Attenuator Bandwidths of 20MHz, 72MHz, 125MHz (250MHz to follow) Model: MS2034A/MS2036A Choice of display options for readability – normal, black and white, night connectivity for maximum FVA-600 140MHz or 70MHz IF depending on bandwidth selected 2MHz to 4GHz/ 6GHz vision, high contrast field-testing efficiency Internal L-band RF up/down converters High Performance Vector Network Analyser On-screen Interference Mapping as part of the Interference Analysis option The result of EXFO’s time-proven Optional internal carrier to noise generator LTE Measurements up to 20MHz expertise in portable platform Power Meter Analysis design, the FTB-1 Platform is an 30 MHz Wide Zero-Span IF Output at 140MHz center frequency for external Vector Corrected 1-port and 1-path 2-port measurements open testing solution for network Vector Voltmeter replacement demodulation of virtually any other wideband signal Carrier Noise Generators– CNG infrastructure construction and troubleshooting. The FTB-1’s built-in Spectrum analyser intelligence empowers frontline USB/Ethernet for data transfer technicians to take field-testing Store 1000 traces and setups in internal memory efficiency to the next level. Memory card slot for data storage and transfer Model: MS2024A / MS2026A The CNG series from dBm is a complete line of fully automated carrier to Optical Light Source 2MHz to 4GHz/6GHz noise generators that sets and maintains a highly accurate ratio between ELS-50 a user supplied carrier and internally generated White Gaussian noise. The Vector Network Analyser instruments operate over a wide range of power levels and are compatible Optical Power Meter 2 ms/data points sweep speed with both digital and analog modulation formats. EPM-50 USB/Ethernet for data transfer THE CNG automatically sets and maintains extemely accurate C/N ratios Model: MS2712E / MS2713E by combining internally generated Additive White Guassian Noise with the Store 1000 traces and setups in internal memory Spectrum Master Compact Handheld Analyser user’s signal. Multi Platform Testers Memory card slot for data storage and transfer 100kHz to 4GHz & 6GHz Built-in and custom editable Cable and Signal Standard List The MS2712/13E allows you to monitor, locate, identify, and analyse a Automate repetitive tasks with remote programming via Ethernet connector broad range of cellular, 2G/3G/4G, land mobile radio, Wi-Fi, and broadcast signals. With a rich array of configuration options. Synthesised Signal Generator High Accuracy Power Meter, 2-port Transmission Measurements, Channel Scanner, GPS Field-proven design: Three-hour battery life, rugged, compact, lightweight, daylight viewable display Intuitive menu-driven touch screen user interface Transmitter Verification: occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio The SSG provides a low noise, fast settling, CW output from 10MHz to 4GHz. These high performance generators are a fraction of the size and Interference Analysis of cellular system, land mobile radio systems, Wi-Fi cost of most generators. Easy to use, lightweight, and takes up very little Portable Test Sets FTB-200, FTB-500, AXS-200 Signal Strength Mapping space. Front panel programming of frequency and amplitude. LAN, GPIB, Provides boundless capabilities and expert multi modular platform design Field analysis of 2G/3G/4G signals and RS232 interfaces. for true next-generation network testing. Testers available from one to eight expansion slots. Combines single mode and multimode fiber test functionalities, ideal for FTTx, metro/access and long-haul network testing. Modules ranging from OTDRs and loss testers to SONET/SDH and Ethernet analysers. 4 T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E 5
  4. 4. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies manufactures a comprehensive line of full-featured Communication System Giga-tronics design and manufacture the best-in-class RF & Microwave signal generators, power amplifiers, power meters, Power Measurement Analysers. The R8000 utilises leading-edge software defined radio USB power sensors, broadband switching matrices and high technology to deliver a previously unimaginable result: a truly performance microwave signal processing. portable instrument with more functions than today’s benchtop Power meters and sensors USB Power Sensors analysers. Communication Analysers Microwave Signal Generators 8650C Universal Frequency Range: - 100kHz to 40GHz (depending on sensor) Power Range: -70 to +47 dBm (depending on sensor) GT-8551A, GT-8552A, GT-8553A, GT-8554A, Linearity: ±0.02 dB : Uniform sample rate = 20MHz GT-8888A GPIB CW Measurement - up to >26,000 (rdgs/s): 20MHz Maximum Diode Frequency from 100MHz to 26.5GHz Sensor Video Bandwidth R8000 Communications System Analyser 2500B CW, Pulse & Modulation Measurements available Maximum CW Single Sensor Dynamic Range: 90 dB Frequency ranges - 100KHz to 50GHz with 0.001Hz resolution Dynamic Range –60 to +20 dBm (depending on sensor) The new R8000 Communications System Analyser provides the benchtop Maximum Peak Power Sensor Rise Time 100 ns functionality of more than 16 communication test instruments combined into Fast Frequency & Level switching time- < 550 μsec for ΔF0= 500 MHz Connector Type N(m), sma(m) Automatic Time Gate Setting one compact, lightweight unit. High output power: +13 dBm at 50 GHz Direct Crest Factor Measurement Offering full analogue capability to meet todays needs with an ungrade to Full Suite of Analog Modulation digital for tomorrow Statistical Power Measurement Analysis Low Harmonics, Low Spurious Single and Dual Channel Microwave Amplifiers Ultra Low Close in Phase Noise Optional 3GHz frequency extension High performance spectrum analyser with markers PL, DPL, DTMF, 2-5-6 Tone Pocsag, ZVEI, user defined Sensitive measurement receiver Eight instrument meters Light and portable MOTOTRBO 8540C Universal NXDN Frequency Range: 100kHz to 40GHz (depending on sensor) P2S Power Range: -70 to +47 dBm (depending on sensor) 2400C CW, Peak, Modulation & True RMS sensors Frequency ranges -10MHz to 40GHz with 0.001Hz resolution The Giga-tronics Microwave Power Amplifiers offer linear high-power Automatically measure average power of TDMA, GSM, and CDMA signals amplification across multi-octave bands. Ideal for testing in EMC, wireless Fast frequency and level switching time -< 550 μsec per step Optional time setting communications applications and Defense EW systems. The GT-1000A with High output power - +14 dBm at 20GHz Achieve 500 reading per second over GPIB 2 GHz to 20 GHz and GT-1050A with 2 GHz to 50 GHz frequency range Low phase noise (standard): -109 dBc/Hz at 10 GHz and 10kHz offset Single and Dual Channel allows broadband testing without band switching or swapping narrow band Excellent spectral purity Harmonics < -50 dBc amplifiers resulting in faster and more accurate testing. Model GT-1000A Microwave Power Amplifier 2GHz to 20 Hz RF / Microwave Configurable Model GT-1020A R2600 Series – For Conventional Radio, Paging Microwave Power Amplifier 100MHz to 20GHz Service, and Trunked Radio Systems Switching and Sub-systems Model GT-1040A If you service conventional two-way radio or one-way paging, the value- Microwave Power Amplifier 10MHz to 40GHz packed R2600 is the product for you. Becuase of its unique design, the Series 8000 signal routing solutions are designed and built to customer specifications. 8500A Peak Power Meter R2600 allows you to perform numerous complex functions with the same Model GT-1050A piece of equipment. This “one-box” design is especially useful in remote Giga-tronics can design a system to meet any switching configuration, Frequency range from 0.03 to 40GHz (dependent on sensor) Microwave Power Amplifier 2GHz to 50GHz sites or where use of multiple pieces of heavy equipment are impractical including multiplexers, matrices, or a combination. A Series 8000 can also Rise time < 15 ns - or impossible. include signal conditioning elements such as combiners, splitters, and Power Range: –20 to +20 dBm (pk) R2625B - Econimical APCO Project 25 Solution attenuators, or can be designed to meet critical RF/Microwave electrical specifications Measurement resolution is 100 ps R2660 - iDENTM Digital Communications System Analyser Built-in power sweep calibrator with NIST traceable accuracy R2670 - Expandable Platform for Digital, Trunked and Secure Testing Single and Dual Channel R2680 - MPT1327 Trunking Communications System Analyser 6 T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E 7
  5. 5. LeCroy oscilloscopes offer a powerful combination of large and North Atlantic offer a wide range of benchtop & VXI-based motion Phase Matrix, Inc. designs and manufactures radio requency (RF) Microwave synthesiser delivers instrument–grade performance, informative displays combined with advanced waveshape analysis simulation and measurement instruments for the Aerospace, and microwave test and measurement (T&M) instruments and increased functionality, and efficient power consumption at a capabilities - typically tailored to enhance the productivity of Industrial, Laboratory and Defense industries. Our innovative components and is an independent, privately held California-based reduced size and low cost. engineers in specific applications areas such as serial data test, disk and highly reliable products provide best-of-breed performance corporation. drive test and automotive bus analysis. for Synchro Angle Position Indicators, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Synchro/Resolver Simulators, Phase Measurement, Calibration Digital Oscilloscope Standards, and VXI Instruments. Microwave Frequency Counters Angle Position Indicators 8810A 25B & 28B WaveAce Oscilloscopes High Accuracy, High Resolution touch screen Frequency range 10 Hz to 20GHz / 26.5GHz Model: FSW-0020 Model: FSW-0010 Two Isolated Input Channels Measure frequency and power level with a single connection Range: 0.1-20GHz Range: 0.1-10GHz The WaveAce™ combines long memory, a colour display, extensive measurement capabilities, advanced triggering and excellent connectivity Three display modes 0-360± 180 or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Analyse individual signals in a multi-channel spectrum Resolution: 0.001Hz Resolution: 0.001Hz to improve troubleshooting and shorten debug time. With bandwidths from 0.0001° Resolution 200 watts peak input protection Switching Speed: 100 μS Switching Speed: 100 μS 40MHz to 300MHz, sample rates up to 2 GS/s and waveform memory up to Ideal for field maintenance and benchtop applications 0.004° Accuracy ( optional 0.001°5 Accuracy) Levelled Power: +13 dBm (Max) Levelled Power: +15 dBm (Max) 10 kpts/Ch (20 kpts interleaved) the WaveAce exceeds all expectations of a Auto Ranging Signal & Reference Worldwide proven reliability 10KHz Phase Noise: -116 dBc/Hz 10KHz Phase Noise: -122 dBc/Hz small affordable oscilloscope. 47Hz to 20Khz Frequency Range @ 20GHz @10GHz Optional 2.2 VA Internal Reference Spurious -60 dBc Spurious -70 dBc Ethernet, USB, IEEE-488 and parallel ports Direct replacements for all 8810’s Synchro/Resolver Simulator 545B & 548B Count Carrier and IF Frequencies from 10Hz to 20GHz / 26.5GHz WaveJet 300 Oscilloscopes Power Measurement to 0.1 dB resolution 200 Watt (+53 dBm) peak damage protection The WaveJet 300A provides the banner specifications, feature set and user interface to simplify how you work and shorten debug time. With a big, 5330A 200msec acquisition time bright 7.5” display, long 500 kpts/Ch memory and up to 2 GS/s you will Up to 800MHz/sec tracking speed easily capture and see every detail of your waveform. The USB ports provide 0.003° Accuracy at No Load 20 MHz P-P FM tolerance up to a 10 MHz rate a quick way to save waveforms, store or print screen captures or connect 0.004° Accuracy at Full Load to a PC. Math and measurement tools help you understand the waveforms Frequency 47Hz to 10kHz and Replay mode allows you to look at a history of what has been captured. Programmable Output Voltages Optional 2.2 VA Internal Reference Microwave Frequency Ethernet, USB, IEEE-488 and parallel ports Counters with source locking Phase Angle Voltmeters WaveSurfer Oscilloscopes 2250A Phase Angle Voltmeter EIP 575B and 578B With up to 10 GS/s sample rate and 25 Mpts of memory WaveSurfer can Source Locking CW Microwave (110GHz optional) Voltage ranges 50 mV rms – 500 Vrms capture large amounts of data at very high sample rates. Other oscilloscopes Frequency Counters with Selective Power Measurement offer long memory but they bog down trying to process or display it. Input impedance 2 meg ohms Frequency Range of 10MHz to 20GHz / 26.5GHz (110GHz optional) WaveSurfer handles large amounts of data quickly providing fast processing Frequency range total: 10Hz – 1MHz of long memory even when using math and measurement functions. The 200 Watt (+53 dBm) peak damage protection Voltage resolution 5 digits software responds immediately to the user inputs even while processing data 200msec acquisition time Phase input ranges 0.00° – 359.99° The WaveSurfer oscilloscopes pack high performance hardware, powerful 20MHz P-P FM tolerance up to a 10MHz rate Phase resolution 0.0001° waveform processing and advanced math, measurement and debug tools Ethernet, USB, IEEE-488, & LXI compatible into a compact form factor with a large touch screen display and intuitive user interface. 8 T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E 9
  6. 6. Symmetricom is the world leader in generation, synchronisation Tabor has an extensive product portfolio includes, pulse, function TTI offers a range of specialised test equipment including Signal TEGAM is internationally recognised for its offering of RF power and distribution of precise time and frequency signals. Their and arbitrary waveform generators, waveform creation software Generators, Spectrum Analysers and USB Power Meters. sensor calibration systems, RF attenuation measurement systems, products provide the precise frequency, timing, and distribution that and more, in various platforms, interfaces and frequency resistance standards, ratio standards, and ohm meters. In addition, assure the performance, enable the management and facilitate the ranges. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of the company’s supplies LCR meters/impedance bridges, arbitrary deployment of next-generation networks. performance, reliability, and most of all, price-competitive, they are waveform generators, high-voltage amplifiers, MEMS engine driver sought-after in a diverse array of applications systems, handheld thermometers, humidity meters, and other test and measurement solutions. In the past year TEGAM has introduced several exciting new products, including a PXI amplifier and an RF Power Meter. 8040C Rubidium Frequency Standard Six or 12 Configurable Outputs RF & Pulse Outputs WS Series Arbitrary Function Generators AC Input Single / Dual-channel Arbitrary / Function Generator PSA2701T Low Cost Handheld Spectrum Analyser Remote Monitoring & Control Up to 250MHz sine and 150MHz square waves 2.7GHz 10 MHz to 18 GHz Feedthrough Power Standard F1109 GPS Disciplining 16 Vp-p into 50Ω, 32Vp-p into open circuit 1MHz to 2.7GHz frequency range Used to calibrate RF Power Sensors in the 10MHz to 18GHz frequency Up to 625MS/s with up to 16-Bit and 512 Kpoint arbitrary waveforms Resolution bandwidths of 1MHz, 280kHz or 15kHz range Linear & logarithmic sweeps, triggered, gate and burst -96dBm typical noise floor at -20dBm reference level Standards are directly traceable to NIST AM, FM, FSK, and PSK modulation Sweep modes of normal, single, peak hold and average Thermistor Standards are temperature controlled Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation Optional A2LA Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Compliant Calibration Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values XL-GPS High Value, Network Managed Time and GR2050 - 150 kHz to 2GHz RF Signal Generator with Frequency Receiver AM, FM and Phase Modulation 12 Channel GPS Receiver with TRAIM 150kHz to 2GHz frequency range Accurate to 30 Nanoseconds RMS to UTC (USNO) 10 Hz setability, +/-1ppm frequency stability Frequency Accuracy to 1x10-12 (long term) Locking to external frequency standard Time Code Input/Output (IRIG A,B; IEEE 1344, NASA 36) -127dBm to +7dBm amplitude, 0.1dB steps RF Thermistor Power Meter 1830A 10MHz Frequency Reference Output WW Series Arbitrary Waveform AM, FM and Phase modulation, internal or external Replaces the HP432 RF Power Meter Generators Compatible with thermistor power sensors from: Agilent (HP), TEGAM, 50, 100, 250 and 1,200MS/s Versions TGR1040 - 10MHz to 1GHz RF Signal Generator with Weinschel, Hughes, General Microwave, Millitech 1, 2 or 4 Channel versions FM Modulation Supports 100 Ω and 200 Ω thermistors Up to 16 Bit Vertical Resolution Integrates bridge balancer and power meter into one package 10MHz to 1GHz frequency range Up to 14 Digits Frequency Resolution Four digit calibration factor resolution 1kHz setability, +/-2ppm frequency stability Up to 16 M Waveform Memory Full remote programmability -127dBm to +7dBm amplitude, 0.1dB steps Sophisticated Memory Management Heater control for ovenised sensors FM modulation, internal or external 6502B 10 channel, RF distribution amplifier Digital Pattern Outputs Lowest uncertainty Low Phase Noise AM, FM, Arbitrary FM&AM&PM, FSK, (n)PSK, (n)QAM, Frequency Hops and Sweep Modulation High Channel Isolation (>100dB) Ten Channel Output Distribution Daisy Chain For More Than 100 Outputs Frequency accuracy to 5 x 10-13 Long-term stability better than 1 x 10-14 Dual Type IV Power Meter 1806 Easy to use with automatic startup and intuitive menu structure High power model for CATV and Telco Traceable to primary voltage and Proven Reliability resistance standards TTI Thurlby Thandar PM Series Pulse Waveform Generators Internal temperature controller Satori ST series USB Power Meters – 12.4GHz, “Drop-in” replacement for out-of-order Agilent, Fluke, HP, LeCroy, Tabor, Tek Compatible with Agilent (HP) 200 Ohm thermistor mounts and all TEGAM Symmetricom’s Digital Phase Noise & Allan Deviation 18.5GHz or 26.5GHz (Weinschel) RF Power Standards and WaveTek Pulse and Function Generators test sets 50MHz Single or Dual Channel Pulse / Pattern generator Three models 12.4GHz, 18.5GHz or 26.5GHz Internal reference voltage generator for more precise measurements Symmetricom’s digital Phase Noise & Allan Deviation test sets make Measurement down to 10MHz Fault indicator illuminates when loop balance is prevented 100MHz Function Generator for standard waveforms accurate single sideband (SSB) phase noise and ADEV measurements Measurement range from –50 dBm to +20 dBm One-year warranty 300 MS/s, 16Bit Arbitrary Waveform / Sequence Generator between 1 – 400MHz at the click of a button, all at a fraction of the cost of Replacement solution for conventional power meter and sensor combination 10ps pulse resolution with 4ns transition time (3ns typical) Optional A2LA Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Compliant Calibration alternative solutions. They are the most accurate phase noise and ADEV Simple USB connection to laptop or PC test sets in the industry providing phase noise measurement accuracy down 32Vpp into open circuit with programmable output impedance to previously impossible levels of ±1.0 dB. Use multiple sensors on one laptop or PC Internal PWM modulation and External Width control 10 T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E T +44 1256 81 22 22 F +44 1256 81 26 66 E 11
  7. 7. Making Waves...Sematron UK Ltd.Sandpiper House, Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8GXT +44 (0) 1256 812 222 F +44 (0) 1256 812 666 E